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A lengthening car appeared at the airport's entrance and the group of people got into the car. The car headed towards the most luxurious 7-Star hotel in the capital city.

"Little Rui, you should also go back and rest a bit. You'll still have some energy to play later on!" Tang You You said to his exhausted son who was beside him.

When Ji Xiao Han saw that his good friend's face no longer had that kind of smug and confident look, he couldn't help but chuckle, "I didn't think that your feelings for Pei An Xin were hidden so deeply. I asked you before, you even lied to us, and said that you didn't love her a long time ago."

"Wandering, did he confess to you?" Mu Shi Ye immediately asked Tang You You with a smile.

Tang You You's snow-white face immediately blushed, her head lowered, not saying a word.

Ji Xiao Han immediately protected her woman: "Don't ask so directly. She's thin-skinned, if you ask her that, she won't be able to take it."

Mu Shi Ye immediately acknowledged it, as he was well aware of the situation.

Tang You You glared at Ji Xiao Han. Who wanted his protection?

Arriving at the hotel, he found the penthouse suite and opened up two!

Mu Shi Ye lived in one room with his daughter, and Tang You You's family of four lived in another.

The presidential suite had one suite and two beds. When Tang You You first heard that there was only two rooms, her heart skipped a beat.

However, when he stepped into the room, he realized that he had been thinking too much.

"Let's put the children to bed and rest for a while!" Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice.

Tang You You nodded and the two of them carried a sleeping child and gently placed him on the bed.

The little guy was also really tired, even though it was Tang Xiao Nai, he was singing and dancing on the plane, making it very noisy and happy.

Now that he let her onto the bed, she didn't have much of a reaction. As soon as she touched the bed, she hugged a pillow and fell into a deep sleep.

"You go sleep on the bed beside me, I'll sleep on the sofa!" Ji Xiao Han saw that her face was also filled with exhaustion, and felt his heart ache.

Tang You You did not bother being polite with him, directly walking into the room, took off his jacket and laid down.

However, Ji Xiao Han did not immediately lie down on the sofa. Instead, he leaned on the side of the door, with a heavy gaze looking at the petite woman lying on the bed.

Even though Tang You You's eyes were closed, she could still feel a fiery gaze looking at him.

She quickly opened her eyes and met the slightly obscure gaze of the man.

"Would you like a glass of red wine?" The man's voice carried a trace of a lazy invitation.

Tang You You actually did not want to sleep at the moment, as upon hearing his suggestion, she could not help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

In fact, she didn't want to say that she actually liked red wine, but when she was abroad, she would often borrow red wine to stimulate her inspiration, causing her to feel an excessive dependence on red wine.

"Alright!" At the moment, the atmosphere was good, the man's voice had a tinge of allure, Tang You You realised that it did not seem necessary for him to reject him.

Ji Xiao Han thought that she would immediately reject him because he had been rejected by this woman too many times and he didn't dare to hold out any hope.

To his surprise, she actually agreed.

"I'm going to open a bottle of wine!" Ji Xiao Han's eyes revealed a hint of a smile. He opened the wine shelf and took out the best bottle of red wine.

Tang You You was actually very nervous. The reason she said that she wanted to go to sleep was because she didn't want to sit alone with this man and stare at each other.

At this moment, she walked out and saw the man skillfully open a bottle of red wine and pour it into two glasses.

"Come here!" Ji Xiao Han looked up, his eyes filled with gentleness and emotion. His voice was low and hoarse, exuding a bewitching charm.

Tang You You bit his lower lip, walked in front of him and accepted the bottle of red wine.

"Compensation!" Ji Xiao Han held it in his hand, but did not drink it first, but instead watched her drink.

Tang You You could only hold his cup and drink a mouthful, then softly praised: "The taste is very good!"

"Seeing how exhausted the little guy is, I'm afraid I'll have to bring him to the amusement park tomorrow morning!" Ji Xiao Han casually found a topic to talk about.

"En!" Tang You You lowered his head and replied.

"What would you like to eat tonight? I let Lu Qing go and arrange it … " At this moment, the man was totally in a pampering mode.

"Whatever! I'll eat anything! I'm not picky with my food! " Tang You You's little face inexplicably flushed red again.

Heavens, why did this man even ask her about such a small matter like eating? Was her opinion that important to him?

"If you don't choose when eating, then what about men? Do you choose? " Ji Xiao Han's eyes were deep, revealing a playful smile.

Tang You You was slightly sluggish in her actions. Her beautiful eyes met with his, and she answered with certainty: "Of course I choose. Do you think I'm a very casual woman?"

"Then do you think I can do it?" Ji Xiao Han raised his lips and intentionally lured her to answer this question.

"You … You can't! " Tang You You looked at the smug look in his eyes, purposely wanting to anger him.

"How can I not?" Ji Xiao Han was slightly disappointed, and his tone also sunk.

"Not anywhere!" Tang You You had hit him hard.

As expected, Ji Xiao Han's handsome face went deathly pale from the blow. He took a step forward, and almost stuck close to her, "You haven't tried every single time, how do you know that's not okay?"

Tang You You's eyes revealed panic. She wanted to retreat, but it was already too late.

Her slim waist had already been wrapped by a sturdy arm that the man had extended out, so Ji Xiao Han brought her over to his embrace mischievously.

"If you deny it like this, I will feel wronged. Why don't you give it a try and then give me an answer?" The man's voice was extremely low and hoarse.

Tang You You was going crazy, this man is here again!

"I did not wrongly accuse you. To me, you are indeed unsuitable. With your identity and money fiercely suppressing me, how can I be matched up with you?" When the ancients married, they said it was the right thing to do. " Tang You You's mind was blank, he had almost forgotten what he had said in the next second!