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C1802. He seems to know her

Mu Yun asked the man to hold the chopsticks and look up at her: "I intend to send her to her mother's side to live, which may take a process. She has no objection to my girlfriend."


Has she figured it out? "

Muren replied faintly.

"She's grown up, thirteen years old, and it's time to be sensible."

This is what Nangong Yao thinks. Girls at the age of 13 get good scores and bad scores.

"Nangongyao, I also have a brother who dotes on me since childhood. I have never suffered any grievances since I was a child. I am not strong in pressure resistance. If I have suffered any grievances during my communication with you, I may turn around and leave."

Muyun put down his chopsticks and looked at him seriously.

Nangong Yaojun looks at her in surprise.

"I can't help it. I'm old and I just want to eat sugar instead of suffering."

Mu Yun chuckles. The bright light in his clear and divine eyes makes Nangong Yao tremble. He knows that he is not in love with a little white rabbit. He may be a little fox. There will be many opportunities to fight for wisdom and courage in the future.

"I'll make it up to you."

The man chuckled, confident.

Mu Yunzhi said so clearly because she knew that nangongyao's feelings for her were not necessarily all-around. There was a niece who was more vulnerable and sensitive than her to take care of him. If this relationship needed her to lower her posture and seek perfection, she would not agree. As a human being, who wouldn't want to have a few good days? Besides, she now lives She had a good time. Except for men, she had nothing to lose. She even thought that if the elder brother had children in the future, she would give all the extra love to her little nephew.

Red wine came, Nangong Yao poured half a cup for her, Mu Yun paid a mouthful: "sweet."

"Isn't that right for you?"

Man's mouth is up.

Mu Yun drinks more than half of the bottle in a row. The man looks at her face and starts to blush. His eyes turn dark.

"Moyun, how do you drink?

Don't get drunk? "

The man asked her softly.

"I can drink."

Mu Yun is drunk and confused at the moment. She doesn't know whether it's alcohol that makes trouble in her body or the crystal lamp on her head. She looks at the facial features of the man opposite, and finds that he looks very good. He cuts the axe like facial features, which is full of the fierce feeling of men.

Nangong Yao saw that as she was delivering wine to her mouth, she was squinting at him. That kind of feeling made him feel like he was waiting for the man she had chosen. And she was like a high-ranking queen. She was looking at whether all his things were in line with her mind.

Nangong Yao's heart trembled. She was not a fox, but a fox demon who became a demon?

Why does he have a sense of frustration that he won't be an opponent in the future.

Muyun's temperament is very unique. She is not a girl who is in the mood of spring. She is not like a sweet and salt loving and pitiful woman. Her temperament is very complex. When she tilts her head, she has a feminine charm. When she looks straight, her eyes are sharp and indifferent. When she looks down, she gives a quiet and soft look.

Mu Yun doesn't mean to attract his attention, but she has the charm of a mature woman, which is her subconscious appearance.

"What time is it?"

Mu Yun has almost eaten. She decides to withdraw.

The man took a look at his watch and answered her in a low voice, "it's about half past eight. It's still early."

"I have to go back."

Moyun said, and stood up.

"I'll give it to you. I didn't drink."

Most of the bottles of wine nangongyao just called in were from Muyun. He had been drinking tea so that he could take her home.

"No, I'll take a taxi. My house is not far from here."

Moyun gives no chance.

"I don't trust you."

The man frowned. Didn't he just promise to have a look?

Why don't you recognize people when you turn around?

"Can I rest assured of your seeing me off?"

Moyun smiled.

Nangong Yao's expression is stiff. Well, he also has a bad intention.

"May I come to your house?"

Nangong Yao is no longer tempted. In order to get to know her, he has suffered enough. Since he wants to go home with her, he will ask directly.

Mu Yun is stunned. It's too direct.

"Well, you take me."

Mu Yun thought about it carefully. Just now, it seems that she promised to associate with him. She must give her a chance.

Nangong's eyes brightened.

Muyun lives in a high-end community, on the 28th floor, which is a high-rise building. Nangong Yao follows her. Seeing that her ears are a little red, she is drunk.

Mu Yun is not very drunk. She just drinks wine on her face. Maybe her skin is too white. A little red will appear.

Mu Yun opens the room. Suddenly, a white dog jumps out of the room.

Mu Yun instinctively stoops and embraces it.

"And you have a little dog."

Nangong Yao looks as if she has a good relationship with the dog. He can't help bending his lips and chuckling.

"My friend gave it to me for a few months, not mine."

Mu Yun teases the dog with a smile, and then puts it down. Soon, the little thing comes to have dinner with his small bowl.

Muyun feeds it with the feed. Nangong Yao looks at her home. It has three rooms and two halls, plus a big balcony. It's very warm.

Nangong Yao walks to the balcony. Suddenly, he sees a man's suit hanging on her hanger. His expression is frozen.

How could her family have men's clothes?

Muyun has fed the dog, stands up, cleans his hands, and comes out to see the man's tall body standing at the balcony door.

"Moyun, will you bring your male friends to play at home?"

It has to be said that Nangong Yao is really jealous. He can't control the sour feeling. When he thinks of other men ahead of him, even if it's not a relationship, just a heterosexual friend, his heart will be jealous.

Hearing this, Muyun looked up and saw the coat hanging: "that's my brother's. last time I left my car, I took it back to wash your hands."

Nangong Yao's heart seemed to circle the roller coaster for several times, and finally stopped safely.

"Ah, it's your brother's, I thought..." "Why?

Who do you think I am? "

Murunami squinted and stared at his embarrassed expression.

"Maybe I think too much."

Nangong Yao also felt that his expression was out of control just now.

"Nangong Yao, men and women kiss What does it feel like? "

Seeing the way he looked and smiled, Muyun was damned charming. She immediately approached him, and Nangong Yao's heart was shaking. The next second, he found that Muyun had stood in front of him, pulled up his neck and blocked his thin lips.