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C753. He's angry

Yang ChuChu's heart suddenly jerked, instinctively galloped to the past, holding on to the tall body that the man was shaking to pull, and his small face was full of worry and uneasiness: "Luo Jinyu, are you OK, do you want to be tight?"

Luo Jinyu reached out his hand and still wrung his eyebrows. Jun's face flashed a sad color. Then he said calmly, "I'm ok. Go to dinner, leave me alone!"

"How can I ignore you?" Yang ChuChu is embarrassed to think in his heart, you become like this, it's all my fault, if I don't care about you, then can I?

"I'll help you upstairs!" After Yang ChuChu finished, he forced his body to pull, with her delicate body, supporting the man step by step to the stairs.

Luo Jinyu didn't seem to think of anything until this time. He suddenly murmured: "I can't drink so much, how can I? Do you know that? "

"Ah I don't know. I don't know anything. " At this moment, Yang ChuChu, a pretty face full of red, lowered his head, covered his expression with long hair, and cried bitterly.

It's over. Luo Jinyu doesn't really doubt that she did it. Is he angry? Will you be disappointed?

No matter what, Yang chujue, Luo Jinyu loves her so much. Even if he really knows that he has done this, he will never be angry. She is very confident in each other's feelings. "Clear!" After going up the stairs, Yang ChuChu directly supported him to enter the bedroom. However, when he entered the door, the man suddenly woke up, clasped her slender wrist with big palms, and her red eyes seemed to burn like a fire. Looking at her, they seemed to burn her.

"Ah!" Yang ChuChu didn't expect that he would suddenly seize his wrist and frighten her. A pair of beautiful eyes flustered his handsome face and asked in a low voice: "what's the matter with you? Why are you staring at me like this? "

"Well, I want to sleep. Go out!" Luo Jin's sense at that moment was not clear because of the heat in his body. Now he feels like his blood is boiling. He must keep the woman away from him and keep a safe distance.

"Oh, if you want to sleep, you can sleep!" Yang ChuChu looked at his face carefully, and found that his handsome face was swollen and red. It can be seen that the effect was working. She said something in her mouth, but her big eyes were still on his face.

"Clear, get out!" Luo Jin used his last sense to drive her out. Unfortunately, Yang ChuChu didn't dare to leave. She remembered that if she took the medicine, she had to do something. If she didn't do it, she would be in danger.

Yang ChuChu is very clear about what to do, and she has done enough psychological preparation. Isn't it OK to lie down there?

Well, Yang ChuChu doesn't know much about it, and she is naive to think about it. At this moment, she is waiting for Luo Jinyu to feel very sad for a while, so she can help him.

Anyway, the door is locked and the bath is clean. Let's wait for the good play.

Yang ChuChu raised a happy smile at the corner of her mouth, but soon, her smile froze.

Just now, Luo Jinyu, who was shouting to sleep, suddenly turned around and pressed her directly.

"Well..." Although Yang ChuChu had psychological preparation for a long time, he didn't expect that he would be so wild. Her head made a thud on the back wall, and she cried out in pain.

"Clear!" Luo Jinyu is looking at the delicate and beautiful girl in his arms at the moment. He only feels as if there is an active volcano about to erupt in his body. The feeling that even the blood is boiling makes him very uncomfortable.

"I'm here!" Yang ChuChu's head just hurt a bit, but soon she calmed down and answered him softly.

"Delicate..." Luo Jinyu's fingers suddenly reached her cheek. It seemed that there was no fingertip. He scratched it across her face. He murmured her name and called it into her soul.

Yang chuchujue, she likes to hear him call his own name so much. She feels that she is loved by him tenderly.

"You are so beautiful!" Finally, the man didn't just call her name. The intoxicated and dark eyes seemed to catch a fire, looking at her cautiously, firmly locked. With his praise, the next second, the thin lips came close to her mouth.

And Jude's thin lips, with the smell of wine, took her breath in the next second.

Yang ChuChu's brain booms. It's blank.

However, it's hard for Yang ChuChu to calm down at the moment. The kiss of a man is as gentle as rain. She thought to herself that she had always taken the initiative before. Now it's his turn to take the initiative. This feeling is really good.

In the past, men were always dragonfly skimming the water and left at a good point of mouth. The gentleman restrained himself.

But at the moment, Yang ChuChu found that the end of the medicine was indeed useful. After the thin lips of men left her lips, they attacked her neck

This process, I don't know how long, Yang ChuChu from the first like to later pain to the soul out of the body, then like in the storm, and then She's dizzy!

It's true. It doesn't have the beautiful and gentle picture that Yang Chu imagined at all.

She cried and begged, but the man turned a deaf ear.

No way, she did it herself!

Even if the pain, but also to endure, and finally found that bear to endure on the bear too much, directly dizzy.

Wake up!

It's early morning!

It was Luo Jinyu who woke up earlier than Yang ChuChu.

Therefore, when Yang ChuChu woke up, he opened his eyes and saw the men's concerned and remorseful eyes.

"Delicate..." Luo Jinyu reached over and wanted to touch her. Yang ChuChu instinctively shuddered and hid for a while. However, soon, she gave him a weak smile: "is it over?"

Luo Jinyu was guilty of a great sin, but when he saw the smile on the corner of her mouth, he was stunned.

"Well, what did you do?" Luo Jinyu is not stupid. On the contrary, he is smarter than many people. Therefore, he believes that yesterday, he lost control of himself and lost his mind. It's not that he was really drunk, but that someone moved his hand and foot in his wine.

Yang ChuChu trembled for a while, her white face flashed a bit of panic. She forcibly pulled one of the outer robes beside her and blocked her body which was already tossed and could not be seen: "I I am... "

"Yang ChuChu!" Luo Jin roars!

Yang ChuChu covers his ears with fear, his face is more flustered, whiter, and his petite body is more agile.

"Luo Jinyu, I was wrong. I didn't expect Oh, no, I've always wanted to! " "How can you reckon with me?" Luo Jin Yujun's face was gloomy and ugly. He was angry.