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Is this a disease?

His smiling eyes turned dark in an instant.

After Tang You You went upstairs, she opened the wardrobe and took out a set of clothes that she was going to wear, quickly changing it.

Ji Xiao Han naturally had no reason to stop her and prevent her from going out, but in his heart, he was secretly suspecting who she was going to meet.

"Brother, did Mummy go on a date?" Tang Xiao Nai did not understand the meaning of dating, but she had heard a lot of these words on television, which was why she asked him this question.

Tang Xiao Rui looked at his father and sighed deeply, "I don't know, does your father know?"

Ji Xiao Han laughed self-deprecatingly, "How would I know? It's not like she told me."

Tang Xiao Nai drank some milk and suddenly thought of something. She immediately said anxiously: "Daddy, quickly send someone to protect Mummy. Didn't you say that it would be dangerous for her to see uncle?"

Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's naive and innocent words, smiled, "I understand, Daddy will definitely send someone to go with me. You can rest assured."

"Daddy, then you must make your men be careful, don't let Mummy find out, otherwise, she will be angry with you again." Tang Xiao Rui was not that stupid anymore. He actually wished that he could get along well with the Mummy like he did on the picnic.

"Of course I know." Ji Xiao Han shot his son a glance.

Tang You You drove out and called his godmother, wanting to invite her to dinner.

Liu Xi was free, so he came over. The moment he sat down, he noticed that something was wrong with Tang You You.

"You You, you and Quarterly are at loggerheads again?" Liu Xi was concerned about her. One was her niece and the other was her boss.

However, looking at the current situation, he was afraid that things were not going well.

Tang You You nodded his head, "Yes, something bad happened between him and I. Godmother, do you think that one person will suddenly turn into another person?"

"What do you mean? Don't tell me the Quarterly is suffering from some kind of personality disorder or other. Liu Xi was shocked, then he asked with an exaggerated look.

"Personality disorder?" Tang You You repeated the words, and then she shook her head: "It doesn't seem like personality disorder, it's just that suddenly it feels like I'm stepping on his taboo, he instantly became extremely terrifying, as though he's going to eat everyone, he became extremely cold and heartless."

"Are you talking about the Quarterly or not?" Liu Xi was curious.

Tang You You nodded her head: "It's him. Last night, I didn't know where I offended him, but he suddenly became scary. I still have a shadow left."

"Wandering, I feel that even if Quarterly doesn't change, he's still quite scary." Liu Xi started laughing dryly. Indeed, from top to bottom, everyone in the company was afraid of him, even though he was not a terrifying beast. However, the feeling he gave off was still extremely afraid.

Tang You You laughed bitterly without saying a word: "That's right, who asked him to be the boss?"

"Wandering, are you interested in him?" Liu Xi began to probe her thoughts.

Tang You You was shocked, and immediately replied: "Of course not, how could I be tempted by such a terrifying man? Godmother, stop joking around."

"Ai, I'm feeling conflicted now. Didn't I remind you before to not be infatuated with him like other women? But now, I do not dare to advise you like this. With the relationship between the two of you being so special, if we were to truly be together, it would be very good for you and your child. " Liu Xi said patiently.

Tang You You lowered his head, stirred the drink in his cup, and sighed as he shook his head: "No way!"

"Wandering, I haven't asked you yet, do you have anyone you like? The friend you told me about before was the Quarterly, right? If you say you don't like him, then who exactly do you like?" "Tell your godmother that I might be able to give her some pointers."

A woman's topic, could never avoid the word "emotions". At this moment, Liu Xi naturally liked listening to these kinds of questions.

Tang You You looked a little awkward for a moment, then continued to shake her head: "I really don't, mother, don't ask me, if I really fell for someone, it would be the first time I told you. I'm not in a hurry to find someone I like, I just want to hurry and find my biological parents. That's why I sold my daughter? "Just thinking about it makes me feel sad."

Liu Xi nodded, and also sighed: "That's true, under the heavens, who would sell their own daughter to a parent? Unless they really have nowhere else to go, being so poor that they can't even raise their own child."

"If they sold me out just because of poverty, I can forgive them. After all, I can still be considered a victorious adult, but if they sold me out because they thought I was their daughter, even if I found them, I wouldn't care about them." Tang You You said in a bitter and sorrowful voice.

"Wandering, if you wanted to find them, would you be able to find any news?" Liu Xi also hoped that she would be able to find her biological parents as soon as possible. She also wanted to know the reason why they sold their daughters so ruthlessly.

Today, I looked through the box my mother left me. Other than some of her previous ornaments and old photographs, there are only a few other irrelevant things inside. Actually, my mother also has a gold jade pendant. When he thought that Tang Xue Rou might have used it as a favor, Tang You You wished that he could give her two slaps, and actually take her mother's things as a favor.