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C565 Is There Hope for Marriage?

Tang youyou sits in the office, playing with a pencil between his fingers. He turns it back and forth for a long time.

The brain is still a mess. Ji Yueze said he would deal with it, but what would he do? Has he found a way?

Tang youYou can't help but get bored. He really wants to make a phone call and ask about it, but he's afraid that Ji Xiaohan will intercept her number. Isn't that a no brainer?

Thinking of this, Tang youyou's heart and mouth are in a mess. She is really afraid, uneasy and even afraid of this thing.

How she hoped that Ji Yueze had not said those words to her, those words that went beyond friendship and trampled on morality.

If there is no such thing as Dad, she and Ji Xiaohan have already married, and she is Ji Yueze's just sister-in-law.

Although the marriage has turned yellow now, her relationship with Ji Xiaohan has not changed, but it has been heated up a lot because of this incident.

Tang youyou still enjoys this kind of indistinct feeling. Although she doesn't see each other for a day, she can see his deep love for herself from the man's eyes as soon as she sees each other. This feeling is too good. She doesn't want to lose it one day.

Now, in addition to the fact that the children are important to her, Ji Xiaohan has become the indispensable person in her life.

Without him, her life, even her soul, would not be complete.

When Tang youyou was nervous, suddenly, his cell phone rang, like a message pushed out.

Tang youyou takes a look at it and sees the three words of Ji Yueze.

With a slight shock in his heart, Tang youyou hurriedly picked up his mobile phone, clicked on the news, and saw Ji Yueze and a young and beautiful girl appear at the door of a restaurant. They seemed to be very close and close.

Tang youyou's face was stunned. He couldn't believe it. Ji Yueze found a girlfriend so soon.

Is the solution he says is to find a woman to fall in love quickly?

Tang youYou can't help but smile bitterly. She has been worried about it all night and has been afraid that Ji Yueze won't face it.

Now it seems that her worry is superfluous. Ji Yueze is faster than her. She has found a girlfriend.

As soon as the news about Ji Yueze's love affair became public, the Internet suddenly exploded.

Thousands of pink girl's heart suddenly broke like a balloon.

So handsome and outstanding Ji Yueze, even open the love.

Tang youYou can't help but open those messages, a whimpering voice, everyone scolded the girl.

"Who is this woman? Why does she hold my God's hand? Last time I went to see his film conference, I only got his finger. It's too much. Let go of my God and I will curse you. "

"Is this a net red? It's so long. What's wrong with Ji Yueze's vision? How can I find an airport woman like her who wants to be beautiful and has no body? I am so sad and disappointed. "

"My God, I wish you to break up tomorrow..."

"No, I absolutely don't believe it's true. It must be this woman who is speculating with the popularity of my God of men. It's very clever!"

Tang youyou looks at this big scolding and can't help but make a cold sweat for Ji Yueze and that girl.

Sure enough, as a big star, Ji Yueze needs to be careful in opening up his love. If he is not careful, he can paralyze the whole network.

The news of Ji Yueze's love affair kept fermenting. When Tang youyou went to see it again in the afternoon, someone actually gave the heroine in the picture to the human flesh.

Soon, all the news about the girl was published on the Internet. It turns out that he is just an unknown little journalist. He wants to have no family background and background. He is just a fresh graduate of an ordinary Media University. However, there are several clear photos of her on the Internet. Tang youyou feels that she is very beautiful and has a good figure, not as bad as the netizens scold.

Bai Yiyan, who used to be a female model in an online shop, has heard all kinds of news about her being a hot face on the Internet.

Others may not understand why Ji Yueze suddenly announced his relationship, but Tang youyou knows why.

She is in a complicated mood, and feels that Ji Yueze is actually a very good person. He is responsible for what he does, and he is also very positive.

At least, as he said before, he would not affect her. He just buried the feelings in his heart.

This kind of love, in fact, is very bitter, and may not be able to see light for a lifetime.

Tang youyou really hopes that Ji Yueze can quickly put down his feelings for himself, even if he doesn't be a relative or a friend, but he can't be a lover.

I want him to let go because I don't want him to bear the pain.

In the evening, when Tang youyou came back to Ji's house, she was still called by the old lady to have dinner on the hillside.

Although the old lady's attitude towards her was not cold or hot, at least she did not stop her from getting along with Ji Xiaohan.

At the dinner table, the old lady smiled: "Xiao Han, you are sure. Yueze has been in public love so soon. I heard that the other side is a small reporter. Alas, no matter what, as long as he likes it, I have no problem."

Season owl cold smiled and nodded: "yes, he finally wants to settle down."

"Whether we can talk about marriage depends on their fate, but at least he's enlightened. I've been worried that he doesn't like women." Said the old lady with emotion.

When Ji Xiaohan heard grandma's words, he laughed directly.

Tang youyou has been listening to their conversation nervously. Seeing that the old lady seems to be very happy about Ji Yueze's making a girlfriend, she is finally relieved.

"Mommy, can't you eat again?" Tang xiaonai suddenly opens his mouth, his soft voice makes everyone's eyes fall on Tang youyou.

Only then did Tang youyou find that she was eating slowly again. Everyone else was about to finish eating. Half of her bowl of rice was still in the bowl.

Ji Xiaohan immediately looked over with concern: "what's the matter? Are you not feeling well? "

Tang youyou had to make up a little lie: "yes, a little cold!"

"It's getting cold now. You remember to cover up at night, or it will freeze easily." Season owl cold low voice admonishes her.

The old lady said lightly: "you are also the mother of two children. How could you be so careless? Are you still worried about you and Xiaohan? At present, don't think about marriage. Cultivate your feelings slowly. When the right time comes, I'll consider whether to promise you or not! " When Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan heard the old lady's words, their eyes were very happy.