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Would he like it?

Ji Yue Ze directly carried Tang Xiao Rui and seized his position, causing Tang Xiao Rui to glare at him in dissatisfaction.

Ji Yue Ze lowered his head, and fiercely kissed his small face. "Little fellow, what are you staring at? "I won't let uncle carry me."

Yang Chu Chu couldn't help but turn around and look at the mature man sitting beside her.

As if he had felt her gaze, Luo Jin Yu very cooperatively turned around to look at her and immediately revealed a slight smile.

"You still want to perform?" Luo Jin Yu was clearly a little surprised.

Yang Chu Chu laughed awkwardly: "Yes!"

The color in Luo Jin Yu's eyes deepened a little, and didn't say anything more. Yang Chu Chu quickly stood up, intending to go backstage to change her clothes.

Walking into the backstage, when Tang You You saw her, he immediately greeted her with a smile. "Miss Yang, are you prepared to perform on stage?"

"Yes sir!" Yang Chu Chu's expression was a little divided as her eyes flashed with nervousness and uneasiness.

Seeing her expression, Tang You You couldn't help but ask with concern: "Miss Yang, you seem to be very nervous. Do you need to drink something?"

"There's no need. Big Sister Tang, let me ask you something. Tell me, how would you feel when you run around dancing in front of someone you like?" Yang Chu Chu was so anxious that she needed to find someone to chat with to release her pressure. Otherwise, she would faint on the spot.

Hearing her question, Tang You You could not help but burst out laughing, "The person you like is Ji Yue Ze, I think he would not think so much!"

"It's not him!" Yang Chu Chu didn't think that Tang You You would actually think that she liked Ji Yue Ze. She hurriedly explained: "He's my boss, but I don't like him.

Tang You You was extremely shocked, pointing at herself: "Blame me? What's wrong? Did I do something to embarrass you? "

"You invited Luo Jin Yu without even telling me beforehand." Yang Chu Chu was young, and at this moment, she was so nervous that she wanted to cry.

Tang You You was shocked, she asked in disbelief: "The person you like, is him!"

Seeing that she was so nervous about the people she liked, Tang You You couldn't help but comfort her: "Miss Tang, don't be nervous, I believe he won't let his thoughts run wild. As long as you show him your beauty, maybe he will like you even more."

"Really?" Yang Chu Chu needed this kind of encouragement and comfort right now.

"It's true, but does he know that you like him?" Tang You You asked curiously.

"He definitely doesn't know, I've never told him that I've always been secretly in love with him. You don't even know how hard it is for me to secretly love him, I can't even meet him a few times throughout the year." Yang Chu Chu felt that she was really going to be tortured to the point of insanity.

Tang You You understood her heart very well. He embraced her and patted her back: "You are young and beautiful, filled with vitality. I believe that all the guests below the stage will like you.

"Big sister Tang, thank you for your consolation, I don't have enough time left, I need to change my clothes, and I hope you can keep my word. But, when I said that I was blaming you just now, it wasn't really your fault, on the contrary, I didn't know how grateful I was. If you didn't invite him over, how could I have gotten so close to him?" After Yang Chu Chu finished speaking, she left with a gentle smile.

Tang You You was startled, but after that he was amused by her. In her youth, there was a man whom she had fallen madly in love with.

Seeing Yang Chu Chu smiling so happily just now, Tang You You felt that she had done the right thing again.

The rhythm of movement sounded out, and her slender and soft body danced along with it. Accompanied by the flickering lights, the youthful and beautiful girl on the stage gave off a feeling as if her heart was beating faster.

Below the stage, Luo Jin Yu's gaze was fixated on the leading girl. Her clothes were a little revealing, but it exposed her youthful and beautiful side without a doubt.

Behind him, his female assistant disdainfully said, "Dancing like this at such a young age makes you look dishonest. Of all the girls in the entertainment circle, there really aren't many that are clean."

Hearing his assistant's words, Luo Jin Yu's face immediately became gloomy.

Actually, her assistant An Ni had purposely said it for her own boss to hear. As a woman's sixth sense, she felt that her boss had paid more attention to Yang Chu Chu.

An Ni understood Luo Jin Yu's personality. If it wasn't for the fact that he had a good impression of her, he wouldn't have paid too much attention to her.

An Ni thought about the fact that she had been by his side for more than three years, but the owner had only regarded her as her wife, and had never really looked at her. A woman's jealousy was extremely scary, thus, she truly hated Yang Chu Chu's existence at this moment.

On the stage, although Yang Chu Chu endured her gaze and did not look at the mature man, she could not control herself either. When she hooked her fingers at the stage, her passionate gaze was still only fixed on Luo Jin Yu.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face stiffened, there had never been a woman who dared to take the initiative to do this to him.

Yang Chu Chu looked at his expressionless face, her heart was in turmoil, but she still had to follow her movements.

How embarrassing!