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Heart, Enron is uneasy, season Yue Ze is fretful to walk back and forth in place two times, press the key of the elevator hard again, feel this elevator diffuse exceed his patience.

When the elevator door opened, he quickly stepped in and pressed Bai Yiyan's floor. No

continue to take out her cell phone and call her, but the tone is still the cell phone is off.

"Bai Yiyan, what are you playing?" Ji Yueze's heart suddenly tightened, and even his breath began to falter. Suddenly, he thought of the nightmare last night, and his heart sank. After arriving at the floor,

Ji Yueze rushed out of the elevator, rushed across the corridor and gasped for air outside Bai Yiyan's door. Lift the

hand and press the doorbell.

Five seconds later, Ji Yueze directly knocked on the door with his hands. The challenge was very strong. He didn't believe Bai Yiyan could not hear him. "

What's going on?" Ji Yueze's heart rose in vain uneasiness and filled his whole heart cavity in an instant.

Ji Yueze's eyes are fixed on the door. Bai Yiyan is not at home. Where is she?

The first thing Ji Yueze thought of was her mother No, it's her little aunt now.

No longer has the burden, season Yueze turns around to leave quickly, drives the car, rushes toward the direction which Bai Wanqing lives. When he arrived at Pei's house, he also took sunglasses to cover his face and hurriedly knocked at the door.

Pei Ying came down to open the door. She complained with dissatisfaction: "here, who is going to knock the door out?" When

she opens the door, the beautiful man standing outside makes her unbelievably open her eyes. "

season Ji Yueze, oh, no, boss, how did you come here early in the morning? " Pei Ying is going to work. Suddenly she sees Ji Yueze coming from the sky. She thinks she is dreaming and stutters to him.

"Is Bai Yiyan here?" Ji Yueze was still panting and worried.

"She's not here Oh, boss, she's really not here. " Pei Ying didn't expect him to break in directly, so she ran towards the living room. Bai

Wan Qing heard Ji Yueze's voice on the second floor. Her expression was stiff and she was inexplicably anxious.

It's still here! White

married Qing thought of Bai Yiyan's request when she left. She couldn't help sighing. She didn't know how to hold on to an anxious person. "

Where is aunt?" Ji Yueze took a look in the living room, but did not see Bai Wanqing. He immediately turned to Pei Ying. "

she She's still upstairs! " Pei Ying has never seen Ji Yueze so anxious. In addition to the TV, she has a feeling of crossing into his urban romance drama. At that time, she saw in the movie and TV that he was so anxious and uneasy to find the heroine. At that time, she was infatuated with such a look on the screen. She even thought about if there was any woman in reality It's worth his anxiety. That woman must be very happy.

Now, she saw such a side of him, but found that the person who could make him anxious was Bai Yiyan, who was the most annoying to her, which would almost make her depressed to death.

Ji Yueze is going upstairs immediately, but he just stepped on the second stair, and feels it's not right.

"Can you help me get her down?" Ji Yueze turns around and asks Pei Ying. Of course, Ying is willing to serve him, showing a sweet smile: "of course, you can wait a moment!" Pei walked up the stairs quickly, but his heart was blocked again. He hated Bai Yiyan when he thought that he was looking for her. Bai

Wan Qing goes downstairs. When Ji Yueze sees her, he immediately walks up to her and asks, "aunt, do you know where Bai Yiyan has gone? I can't get through to her cell phone. I can't find her. Where is she? "

Bai Wanqing of course knows that Bai Yiyan has gone abroad, but she can't tell him directly. "

is she missing? Strange, where can she go? " Bai Wanqing said with a surprised expression. "

don't you know where she went? Has she told you where you're going lately? " Ji Yueze's heart sank again, and he always felt something was wrong.

"She didn't say, oh, by the way, she told me before that she wanted to go back home and see my mother." Bai Wanqing was in a hurry just now, and suddenly came up with a way to delay.

"Where is your hometown? Do you have a phone, can you call and ask? " Ji Yueze frowned. Did the woman really go back to her hometown? But why don't you say hello to him?

"I know where, boss, if you want to go, I can show you the way!" Pei Ying suddenly felt that he had room to play, and he interjected excitedly.

Bai Wanqing had to shake his head: "my mother is old and doesn't use a mobile phone. If Xiaoyan's mobile phone doesn't work, maybe she forgot to power it up, or you can wait a second!"

"I don't want to wait. I'm going to find her!" Ji Yueze must be sure of her safety, otherwise, he can't settle down to do anything else. "

well, if you want to go, I'll show you the way!" Bai Wanqing nodded her head, but she was afraid of shame. It was not her intention to play with Ji Yueze. "

Bai Yi, you don't need to point out the way. I know the way. Otherwise, let me take the boss to find her." Cheng Ying is in a hurry immediately. He feels that Bai Wan's innocence is not reasonable at all. He wants to go with Ji Yueze. Bai

although Wan Qing is good to Pei Ying on weekdays, now she still doesn't want her to go with Ji Yueze. Maybe it's selfish. Knowing what Pei Ying is thinking, Bai Wanqing just doesn't want her to have this chance. "

Xiaoying, you went to my former home, not my mother's home. If you don't know the route, don't go!" Bai Wanqing urged.

Cheng Ying's face turns green when he listens to her. You Bai Wanqing knows that she wants to be with Ji Yueze, but she stops her. She won't want to hang out with Pei's family in the future.

Ji Yueze didn't want to go with Pei Ying either. He just looked at Bai Wanqing anxiously: "please write me the route and address, and I'll go to find her now."

"All right!" Bai Wanqing finished, went upstairs to write the address. Pei's heart is about to blow up.

After Bai Wanqing gives the address to Ji Yueze, Ji Yueze leaves quickly.

Pei Ying suddenly gets angry at her and points to her face and asks, "Bai Wanqing, did you mean it?"

Bai Wanqing pretends not to understand her meaning: "Xiaoying, what's wrong with you?"

"What's the matter? Your daughter is with him. You know he's my God. Why can't you let me go with him? You're worried about me taking him, aren't you? Your heart is black. " Pei Ying is going mad with rage. I hate to sweep Bai Wanqing out of the house immediately. Wan Qing's face also changed, frowning: "Xiaoying, you know that he is Xiaoyan's boyfriend. It's not appropriate for you to follow him like this."