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Two beautiful women were standing against the wall. In the door of the unclosed lounge, the voice of night was still loud.

"Ann and I have decided that we will get married before the end of the year, and we have decided to have another child!" At night, a little proud voice came out. Pei Anxin and Tang youyou looked at each other. "

at night, you should have caught Anxin's heart. I think you've had a sweet time recently." Lohnin, as today's bridegroom, has been dressed neatly. Now, he is waiting for the wedding. "

of course, I don't want to see who I am. Although reassurance is always on guard for me, I have my daughter's small contribution. As long as she is there, I have many ways to make that Anxin like me, hehe!" Mu shiye is more and more addicted, because the picture that he was attacked and tortured by love before is like yesterday. Of course, he will lose face for his lost soul at that time and pull back a little bit.

"Mommy!" Just as Tang youyou and Pei Anxin were about to listen to the corner more, a small pink figure walked out of the door. It was the little orange. She was over two years old. Her speech developed well and she could speak many words.

A mummy, immediately silence inside. Luo

in the evening, a pair of quiet eyes immediately swept all the men in the audience, then stretched out a finger and pasted it on his thin lips, indicating that we should never talk about their emotional life in front of Pei Anxin.

"Mommy, hug!" Today, little orange is dressed as a little princess, with a small pink face and a pink and tender princess skirt. It's cute and cute. People can't help but want to pinch her little face. Pei

Anxin walked in with her daughter, and Tang youyou followed her. Among a group of men, she saw Ji Xiaohan at a glance. He was wearing a tailored black suit, leaning lazily on the back of the sofa, his long legs overlapping, and his eyes looked at Tang youyou with a smile.

Tang youyou seems to be guilty of his penetrating eyes. She didn't want to eavesdrop on them just now. Although he was a little embarrassed, Tang youyou came to him and sat down. Ji Xiaohan immediately held out his big hand and patted her at the waist trace. It was a kind of intimacy between close lovers. Although he had no idea, the significance was extraordinary, which showed that he was doting on her. When mu

saw Pei Anxin holding her daughter in a nearby position at night, he immediately asked her with a smile, "Anxin, is my sister OK?" "

not yet, we have to wait a little longer!" Pei Anxin takes a biscuit that doesn't burn and feeds it to the little orange. The little orange blinks with black eyes and moves its mouth. It's very sweet.

"You Just came! " Mu shiye knows Pei Anxin's expression like the palm of his hand. He always feels that Pei Anxin looks at his eyes with a little examination, and he is secretly shocked.

Tang youyou looks a little nervous and hears Pei Anxin's faint way: "no, we have been standing outside for a long time! Because listening to you have been chatting, afraid to disturb your atmosphere. " “

……” All the men's faces on the scene were full of joking smile. When they were admiring, a handsome face turned red. So, did Pei Anxin hear some of his boastful words just now?

Mu shiye immediately wants to ask for help from all the men present, hoping that they can lend a helping hand and make an explanation for themselves. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be busy all of a sudden and doesn't have eye contact with him. I sigh at night when I admire you. It's not enough for these friends to lose their chains at the critical moment. Fortunately

well, it's almost time. Lanrona comes in, symbolically walks to the front of the little orange, and reaches out to the little orange: "grandma hug, do you want to?"

"No!" The little guy immediately put out his little hand, hugged mommy's arm and shook his little head. It's not the reality of small orange, but children's hearts are bright and transparent. They know who is good to her and who is worthy of her dependence.

Besides, Pei Anxin is giving her biscuits again. Of course, she will follow Mommy.

Lanruona laughed a few times immediately, inexplicably embarrassed. All the people present were young people. She was really embarrassed.

Mu Shi quietly watched his mother's performance at night, and then lightly said: "Mom, what are you doing? Aren't you greeting the guests? "

"I just want you to help me, don't just chat, come out to help, there are many guests, I can't help!" Lanrona said to him quickly.

Luo Jinyu also followed and stood up: "I'll go with you!"

Today's guests are from Luo family and Mu family, so Luo Jinyu can still help. Mu

went out to help Luo Jinyu in the evening. Pei Anxin also took a small orange to play with her family members. If there was a big rest room, only Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan were left. Luo Henning, as the bridegroom, also went to make final preparations.

"I suddenly found out that I was really busy when I got married!" Tang youyou smiles with emotion. "

Yes!" Seeing that no one was around, Ji Xiaohan quickly reached out and pulled her to his arms.

Tang youyou also enjoys leaning on his solid arms and closing his eyes: "I can't believe that we actually got married."

"What can't you believe? Don't you always insist on not marrying me? " Ji Xiao can't help but smile, and the big palm moves around her waist again. If her answer doesn't satisfy him so much, he will definitely pinch her at her waist. "

Why do I have to marry you? I don't know you when I dream of marrying. " Tang youyou immediately replied cleverly. Xiao Han chuckled. It seems that this woman has become smart.

"When did you dream of marrying?" Asked Ji Xiaohan with interest. "

I'm 15 or 16 years old!" Tang youyou's honest answer. "

who do you think you will marry at that time?" Season owl cold brain suddenly flashed Lu xuanchen three words, handsome face inexplicably black heavy. Don

youyoumei's eyes flickered twice, and immediately looked up at his face: "are you thinking about someone?"

"Is it him?" Season owl cold God's sentiment changed more ugly.

Tang youyou laughed at himself: "where did I dare to dream to marry you then? If I do have such a dream, it must be that my brain is not normal and I am in a state of fantasy. "

"Throw away all your previous dreams. Later, you can only have my existence in your dreams. Remember!" Someone's very aggressive request.