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C1117 the taste of love

Fang Kexin was so mad that he somehow transferred her to another post. Moreover, the floors of the two people were different. It was really more difficult for her to see Luo Jinyu later. Moreover, Luo Jinyu obviously deliberately avoided her. "

it must be Yang ChuChu, this terrible scheming girl. She doesn't want me to see him. Hum, who do you think you are?" When Fang Kexin came home, he smashed his handbag on the bed and twisted his angry face.

Now her immediate supervisor is lohnin. All she has to do is report to lohnin.

"I'm so angry, Yang ChuChu. This is what you forced me to do. Are you happy to mess with me?" Fang Kexin has never been so angry since she was a child. Of course, she would not admit defeat like this.

If she concedes defeat, doesn't it mean she admits that she is not as good as a actor? Fang

Kexin immediately called out. "

you send someone to help me stare at Yang ChuChu. As long as she has met any man, you will take a picture for me." "

don't worry, you can do me a favor."

"Of course she offended me. She was robbing the man I liked." "

we have been friends for so many years, don't you know me? What I want, I will get it by any means. " Fang Kexin said triumphantly, his face was full of youth. "

by the way, I heard that Yang ChuChu is an illegitimate girl. You can dig deeper for me to see whose wild seed she is. Since I stare at her, I will never let her be better." Fang Kexin is also angry at the moment. He has no sense at all. He only feels that he must fight with Yang ChuChu, even if it is a life or death. Hang up the phone, Fang Kexin is still angry.

She was thinking, would you like to call Tang Qi and tell her about her transfer.

But later, after her astute analysis, she felt that she should not rely too much on Tang Qi, so as not to arouse Luo Jinyu's antipathy to her. A fire in a hurry will burn the minds of both of them.

"I really have to go back!" Yang ChuChu's weak breath carries a touch of warmth. "

MM!" The man kissed her forehead contentedly and ended all this.

After finishing the clothes, both of them are a little unnatural. Yang ChuChu is the one who keeps combing her long hair with her fingers. The blush on her pretty face hasn't disappeared, and the beauty is very attractive. Luo

Jin Yu looks at her so charming, and really wants to secretly turn her home.

Unfortunately, all of this needs to be rational. Luo

Jin Yu sent Yang ChuChu to the door of his home. Yang ChuChu hurriedly pushed the door and got off the car. He turned around and told the man, "if you are tired, I suggest you find a hotel to sleep in for one night. You can go back tomorrow morning. It's dangerous to drive the night bus."

"I know. You go up!" Luo Jinyu's thin lips are slightly raised. Her concern makes him in a good mood. Yang gave him a good look, which made him heartless and turned to leave quickly.

Luo Jinyu looks at her figure disappearing under the street lamp, which is hard to calm down for a long time. Yang

ChuChu returns home. Cheng Ying is taking a bath. Yang ChuChu is relieved. He enters the room, combs his hair and changes his clothes.

When Cheng Ying came out, he saw her coming back. He frowned and asked, "Luo Jinyu has gone back?" "

MM!" Yang ChuChu nodded.

"Did he tell you anything?" Cheng Ying asked lightly.

"What can he tell me?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes were stunned. Then, she stared at her mother: "did you tell her anything? I'm afraid I know?" "

it's nothing, is it for me? I'm just hungry. Go to the bath, too! " Cheng Ying chuckles. It seems that Luo Jinyu is pretty good. She will not put pressure on her daughter.

Yang ChuChu lowered his head and said, "OK, I'll recite the script in the evening. I'm in the room."

The sound of water splashed down from the top of his head, Yang ChuChu closed his eyes and leaned against the arm of the wall, savoring the chaotic picture just now.

I really don't know who took the initiative and who was passive. Everything happened too fast but too slowly. "

what to do? I don't seem to forget him." Yang ChuChu thought that he was still that free and easy himself, but only found out after he was deeply involved, she was not that she long ago.

"Damn it!" Yang ChuChu laughs at himself and shakes his long hair. He dare not think about it any more. Luo didn't sleep in the hotel all night, so he drove directly back to the city. Recently, Rong Rong Rong was a bit troubled. She always felt that she had no chance to be a man. But now, God made a joke to her and pushed a fatal and dangerous man to her.

Her life was suddenly disturbed, and she could hardly grasp the focus. Lu

xuanchen always looks for a chat worker as a reason. He comes to see her in the evening. Moreover, the chat is not serious. Mao Rongrong feels that he has a sense of being in a dream. The case of Lu

xuanchen hasn't been heard, because it seems that the other party has proposed to make a settlement and don't want Lu xuanchen to make compensation. However, Mao Rongrong still doesn't know about this matter, and Lu xuanchen intentionally hides it from her, because he needs a reason to find her.

At noon, Mao Rongrong and several colleagues went to the canteen to have lunch. Didn't

think of it, just as she left the office, she received a phone call. "

have you eaten?" Men's low voice, like a thunder, rings in maorongrong's ear.

This lawyer, who has low EQ since childhood and has no experience in love affairs, is really shocked by Lu xuanchen's words.

"You're back?" Mao Rongrong glanced at his colleague and asked him in a low voice. "

well, just back, where are you? In the office? " Lu xuanchen asked lazily. "

I'm already eating!" Mao Rongrong didn't want to see him, because she didn't know why and was afraid to see him.

"In your company? All right, I'll come now! " Lu xuanchen's voice sounded disappointed.

"What are you doing here?" When Mao Rongrong heard that he was coming, his heart beat faster.

"Come to your office and have a coffee!" Lu xuanchen laughs, bad.

"Come on, don't come here. Where are you? I'll see you. " Mao Rongrong's work is really not suitable for Lu xuanchen to come here. The office atmosphere here is always serious. When Lu xuanchen comes here, it's not a big mess.

"I'm downstairs of your company. Come down." Lu xuanchen's tone was smiling, even a little complacent. Mao

Rong Rong said hello to his colleagues and went downstairs quickly. Big

outside the hall, a sports car in royal blue is still eye-catching.

Mao Rongrong goes to the side of the car. Lu xuanchen pulls down the window and smiles at her. Rong Rong was killed by the ghost of his smile hook, and his whole body was stiff. "

what else are you doing? Get in the car! " Lu xuanchen is in a better mood when she sees her stupefied appearance.