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C556 you want to meet her

When Tang youyou returned to the office, she heard the phone on the desk ring. She thought it was a colleague who called her. She picked up the phone at will and ran into her ear. It was the man's deep and sweet voice: "scolded?"

Tang youyou didn't expect that the person who called her on the internal line would be Ji Xiaohan. Her beautiful eyes were opened in a moment because of surprise.

"How do you know?" Tang youyou didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan was so far away and the news was so clever. Is there any Eyeliner of his cloth in the company?

"I know everything you do in the company!" Season owl cold a little bit complacent tone says.

Tang youyou is a little confused. What does this man know?

"Are you comforting me? It's still hitting me. Working under your nose, I really don't have any privacy. " Tang youYou can't help but turn her mouth. In front of this man, she seems to be more and more childish.

The strong and tough character she cultivated before has been wiped out by this man. Only when she falls in love with a person can she become sensitive and fragile, and become as innocent as a child. Now, Tang youyou is used to these bad habits by this man.

"Of course, I'm comforting you. Don't worry. As long as everyone who is against you, I'll kick you out. Let them know that you are the only one who decides!" Season owl cold thin lips arouse smile, pet her pet to heaven and earth not allow.

Tang youyou laughs directly. To be honest, it's really good that someone supports him.

"Then am I not too domineering? I'm afraid it will lead to more gossip. " Tang youyou said with a smile.

"Then I'll shuffle the whole game from top to bottom!" Ji Xiaohan said without caring.

Tang youyou knows that this man doesn't care about the profits of such a small company. She is more grateful than moved.

"No, I can't ask for your help in everything. I have to learn to deal with these troubles." Tang youyou's final decision, however, is not to let this man deal with the aftermath for herself. She feels that creating more value for the company by herself is the best way to stop other people's mouths.

"I can't help you!" Ji Xiaohan finds that all his decisions will be changed by one of her words.

Tang youyou laughed at himself and said, "I can't hide behind you and live a comfortable life. Since you want to break up with me this time, I found that I have the ability to stand on my own side, which is the most secure."

"Are you blaming me?" Ji Xiaohan's mood was heavy with admiration, showing several losses. "I can't tell what I feel for you now. I feel that I'm used to your existence. If you suddenly say you don't want me, I really don't know what to do. I'm very sad and desperate." Tang youyou's feelings for Ji Xiaohan are no longer just about loving him, but about hating, resenting and grieving, so she doesn't know how to define her feelings for him.

Ji Xiaohan listened to her words, inexplicable heartache, also very self reproach: "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I shouldn't hide everything from you, and finally give you such a heavy blow, later I will discuss everything with you and will not be good at making suggestions. " "I know you are good for me. You don't want me to know. If you want to hide from people all over the world, it's my stupidity. It's me who broke everything you worked hard for." When it comes to this matter, Tang youyou is very sad and regretful. At the beginning, he felt like a big detective and found out the secret, but now he is the biggest and dumbest fool in the world.

"Well, let's not talk about it. Can we have lunch together at noon?" The purpose of Ji Xiaohan's call is not only to comfort her, but also to secretly find her date.

Tang youyou was shocked for a while, and Mei Mou turned around: "at noon? Aren't you afraid to be discovered by your grandmother? "

"Don't worry, I'll keep it secret!" Season owl cold thin lips with a proud smile.

"There is no airtight wall in the world. Let's not get lucky!" Tang youyou is very uneasy. She feels that we must be more careful about this matter.

"But what can I do if I want to see you?" Ji Xiaohan immediately expressed his grievance.

"Aren't we on the phone now?" Tang youyou felt that his deep voice, like wine, would make people intoxicated.

"Just talking, how can I solve the thirst of lovesickness? You know what I want. " It's the most painful thing in the world for Ji Xiaohan to say that he feels more and more anxious to see.

"We should all be patient!" Tang youyou decides not to meet him secretly.

"You are cruel!" There are many blame in Ji Xiaohan's tone.

Tang youyou was directly teased: "I'm a little cruel to you, so you can remember me more."

"Well, since you don't agree to meet me, I'll put up with it for a while." Ji Xiaohan finally listened to her.

After hanging up the phone, Tang youyou is still a little upset. In fact, it's not her ruthlessness, but the fact is too cruel.

She didn't expect to be found by two old people. She had no place in Jijia.

For the sake of children and for the sake of his confused future, Tang youyou should stick to this bottom line.


Ji old lady sent two children to school. At the school gate, she waved goodbye to the children with a smile on her face.

Not far away, in a black car, LAN Yue's eyes are also full of joy and comfort. Looking at the two children's sensible and lovely appearance, she really seems to go down to hug them.

Unfortunately, what qualifications does she have to be the children's grandmother now?

"Mom..." Just as the old lady was going back by car, she heard a familiar voice.

Turning her head, she saw LAN Yue standing behind her. Her face, which had been eroded by the years, was filled with anger.

"Do you still have the face to call my mother? I don't have a shameless daughter-in-law like you anymore. " The old lady's anger rose in an instant. She went straight over to point at LAN Yue's face and scolded loudly, "didn't our Jijia treat you well? You have to leave two children behind and only care about your own happiness! "

LAN Yue bowed her head and could not say a single retort. She should be scolded and full of guilt.

"I know I'm not qualified to call you that again, but I'm looking for you this time. I really want to talk to you about something important, OK?" LAN Yue is serious and full of entreaties.

"Oh, who do you think you are? Why should I talk to you? " The old lady gnashed her teeth angrily and turned to leave.

"I will divorce Xia Weiwen. Please don't break up Xiao Han and Tang Youyou," Lan Yue said in a hurry The old lady stepped forward and looked back at LAN Yue. Her face was unbelievable.