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C1247. His romance is real

Yang He's words made LAN Yanxi's mouth turn up slightly. Unexpectedly, Ling Mo Feng issued this regulation so quickly. He was really calculating his words. Just as they were waiting for the end of the meeting, a woman and a famous iron lady of the Ministry of foreign affairs came over. Yang He and LAN Yanxi were shocked by her. They were going to be lazy just now. Now they stood up straight. "

please come to the office with me. My assistant is off duty. I want to have a coffee to refresh myself. Please help me to make a cup." The woman opened her mouth and looked at LAN Yanxi. "

OK!" How dare LAN Yanxi refuse? This is the superior. Yang

he throws a sympathetic look at her. Chu Yun, the iron lady, is famous for her sensitivity. LAN Yanxi goes to work for her. I'm afraid that she will reprimand her severely. If the circumstances are serious, she may ruin the work.

LAN Yanxi also cried bitterly. Who did he provoke today? Add a class, but also meet such a serious request from the higher authorities.

LAN Yanxi secretly loses a look for help to Yang He. Yang He only pretends not to see her. She doesn't want to offend this woman and lose her job.

LAN Yanxi knows that Yang He may not be able to help himself. Alas, forget it. If there is any difficulty, it will be better to go there by himself. Don't involve others. LAN

Yanxi follows the powerful woman nervously, just a few steps away, the woman suddenly stops, turns around, looks at lanyanxi's face for several seconds, finally, she smiles lightly: "don't be nervous, I'm Lingmo Feng's aunt, he came to me to call you."

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi's face was flattered, and he looked at Chu Yun incredulously. "

turn left to the second reception room, go!" Chu Yun has no superfluous words, just pointed out a direction to her. "

that Thank you LAN Yanxi just had a tight breath. Seeing Chu Yun's relaxed look at the moment, he immediately bent down and thanked him. Then he turned around and ran towards the second meeting room in a little hurry. Chu

cloud looked at her impatient appearance and couldn't help bending her lips and laughing. The girl looked young and lovely, and the nephew who accompanied her was not bad.

There is a big change in the plot. LAN Yanxi has not been relieved from the fear. As soon as he pushes the door open, he immediately becomes a surprise. "

Ling Mo Feng, what are you doing! I'm scared to death! " LAN Yanxi pushes the door in and sees the man standing in front of the floor to floor window, looking out of the window with deep eyes. She can't help complaining about him. Listening to her voice, Ling Mo Feng turned around with a smile, gathering the cold light from the bottom of her eyes and becoming extremely gentle. "

How did it scare you? You've made another mistake, you're guilty? " Ling Mo Feng asked in a low voice with a smile as he walked up to her and looked at her pretty face, which was still a little white. He reached out and touched her head like a pacifier: "I can't come out to see you by myself, call you over, just want to ask you, did you have dinner?"

"I ate two steamed buns in a hurry in the canteen. You are not going to ask someone to bring me delicious ones, are you?" LAN Yanxi hears that the man is asking her about her meal again. Her heart is sweet. Although she feels that Ling Mo Feng has no romantic feelings, but this kind of real concern can also make people feel uncomfortable. Alas, it must be because he is good-looking, so even if his romance is just tianguanxin's daily business of dressing and eating, it can also confuse the world.

"It's not delicious either. Someone gave me these biscuits and chocolates. If you don't have enough, you can have some more snacks!" Ling Mo Feng said, turning around to bring a blue packaging bag, which is filled with beautifully packaged biscuits and chocolate.

"How could someone give you these things? It must be a woman, isn't it? " LAN Yanxi's first glance was not to eat in her stomach immediately, but to squint at her beautiful big eyes and question him with sour words. Ling

Mo Feng couldn't help chuckling: "you guessed it. Yes, it was given to me by a diplomat's wife yesterday, and it was sent by someone before, but I confiscated it. Yesterday she was in a bad mood, and now there is a you in her family, so she reached out and took it. I won't eat it. You will surely eat it."

LAN Yanxi snorted: "you just want to say that you accept this gift for me and explain so much!"

"Are you jealous?" Ling Mo Feng saw a small mouth of her and asked with a smile. Blue

Yan Xi trembled and was excited. Then, he raised his eyes and stared at him shamefully: "I'm not jealous. If there are women who give you these things later, you can take them all. Just in time, I like snacks!" When Yan Xi finished, he sat down, took apart a biscuit and smelled: "it's the fragrance of osmanthus. It's delicious when you look at it!" Ling

Mo Feng saw that she was so fastidious about eating a biscuit. He couldn't help but sit on her side, and Jun leaned over: "you pay first. Do you like it or not?"

LAN Yanxi opened her mouth and bit a piece of biscuit. The biscuit made a sound between her white teeth. It tasted good.

"Good food, you pay for it!" LAN Yanxi said, and handed the biscuit he had bitten to his thin lips: "it's really delicious!" "

I I seldom eat sweets! " Ling looked at the biscuit that she had bitten and rolled her Adam's apple. "

dislike me?" LAN Yanxi just found out that he was a little bit in a dilemma. What he bit was too insincere for others to eat. Yu

Yes, she quickly started to tear down another piece, but unexpectedly, the piece in her hand was taken away by the man's hand, and then, the biscuit was eaten by him. Blue

Yan Xi's pretty face was swollen and slightly red. Then, she quickly lowered her head, pretended to be OK, and took a chocolate. After unpacking it absently, she silently put it into her mouth. "

are you tired of working overtime?" The man next to her cared for her in a low voice.

"Well, what time is it now? I have to go back on duty..." LAN Yanxi suddenly thought that he was still working overtime. How could he come here to talk with Ling Mo Feng?

"A little longer!" As soon as she stood up, her wrist was firmly held by the man. Next second, she was forcibly pulled back to the sofa. Her body inadvertently collided with him, and she could feel the man's hard shoulder. "

does the vice president care about being lazy at work?" LAN Yanxi was ashamed and cried in a low voice. "

if it's you, I'm afraid I can't manage it!" Ling Mo Feng's charming answer with a smile. Blue

Yan Xi was hit by his words in the soft part of her heart, and she couldn't help laughing: "why can't I care? Am I so terrible?" "

you are not terrible, I just don't care about you!" Ling Mo Feng said, the long arm suddenly extended, her slender body tightly into the arms.

This is the reception room. Usually, it's a very strict place. At the moment, lanyanxi is embraced by this man. She suddenly feels guilty. She quickly reaches out and pushes him away: "OK, OK, I know you miss me, like me, what you want to express. I already know. I have to go!"

"Wait a minute, you can bring these things to eat!" Ling Mo Feng was in a hurry. He got up and carried the box to catch up with her. "

you'll take it home later. It's mine?" The moment LAN Yanxi opened the door, he looked back and blinked an eye at him. The lovely appearance of the spirit made Ling Mo Feng shake all over. Until she closed it, it was hard to slow down for a while.

Lingmo Feng was completely occupied this time. He didn't expect that when a woman broke into his life, she would bring him so many completely strange and joyful feelings. LAN

Yanxi escapes back to where Yang He is. Yang He looks at her and runs over and immediately asks, "what's the matter? Have you been scolded? " Blue

Yan Xi, who dares to tell the truth, shakes his head: "no, it is..."

"You don't steal coffee, do you?" Yang he glanced across her face and immediately asked again.

"No!" LAN Yanxi answers quickly.

"Then what's this on your lips? Wipe it quickly and steal what you eat!" Yang He kindly took a tissue from his pocket and gave it to her. Blue

Yanxi quickly took it up and wiped it. He saw that there were chocolate chips on the corner of his mouth.

"I'll go!" LAN Yanxi cried in his heart. Why didn't Ling Mo Feng remind her just now?