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C1244 angers the man

Let a big man rub for himself? This is absolutely impossible. Lanyanxi still has a moral bottom line. Although today at work, she overheard a girl saying she wanted to ask her boyfriend to help her knead, and she secretly tried to make Ling Mo Feng do his best. However, if such a picture is to be staged now, lanyanxi's heart still resists it.

"Come out, don't be shy!" Ling Mo Feng saw her face red, directly regarded her as embarrassed, and said in a low voice seriously.

"I really don't have to. I can do it myself. You've been busy with your government affairs for a day, and you must be tired. Hurry to take a bath and go to bed. Leave me alone!" LAN Yanxi looks at his handsome face with the color of tiredness, and also loves him, so he wants to go to rest quickly.

"Don't you trust me?" Ling Mo Feng could not help but sink his face, and directly regarded the woman's refusal as unhappiness.

"No, I'm just afraid of troubling you!" Blue Yan Xi dry smile two, in the man that pair of sincere eyes stare down, or gently move a leg out of the quilt. Ling

Mo Feng didn't dislike it. He reached out and grabbed her foot. He put his hand on LAN Yanxi's calf and pressed it gently.

"Ah, lighten up!" That kind of sour, numb and painful feeling, just don't be too sour, blue words Xigen can't help but plead with his small face. Ling

Mo Feng's serious expression didn't hold back for a moment, so he laughed directly, because the woman's delicate appearance really made him feel uneasy.

"What are you laughing at? My mother said that my whole body is rich and noble disease, I can't carry it when I was young, and I can't carry it with my hands. My mother said that I must suffer a lot of crimes in the future, so that I can really become strong and independent. Now it seems that she said it right, and I have to pay for the rich and noble disease I fell down when I was a child! " Blue Yan Xi a small mouth broken read, a pair of beautiful eyes resentful look at him.

"You're a woman. It's nothing to be coquettish. What you lack is not a strong and independent character. What you lack is a man who loves you so much. Understand?" Lingmo Feng listened to her so much, and finally he gave her the most standard and perfect answer. "

it makes sense to think carefully. Ling Mo Feng, are you the man I lack in my life?" LAN Yanxi doesn't know how to be modest and shy at all. Since Ling Mo Feng mentioned the key point, of course, she would like to make it clear.

Ling Mo Feng holds her calf's big palm slightly stiff, even the thin lips are tight three points. "

if you want me to be, I am!" After a few seconds of silence, the man replied cautiously.

LAN Yanxi saw his tense expression, and suddenly he couldn't beat his hand on the bed and smile: "Ling Mo Feng, are you shy? God, it's such a shy vice president. It's rare to see him! "

"Lan Yanxi, pay attention to your words!" As soon as Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were pulled out, his fingers pressed on her calf twice.

"No, no, no, please. I dare not laugh at you. Please let me go." Lanyanxi was so hurt that she would burst into tears. She was really fed up with that feeling. Ling

Mo Feng saw that she was in real pain, so he had to stop teasing her. He reached out and opened the bottle of medicinal wine, daubed it on the palm of his hand first, and then he pasted it on her thin white leg. "

there will be some pain at the beginning, because your muscles may be strained here. Did you not wear high heels before?" Ling Mo Feng rubbed and pressed for her with a little force, while distracting her attention.

"Well, I used to wear flat shoes. Now I go to work, I can't help but wear high-heeled shoes. Alas, women are really suffering. Why must women wear high-heeled shoes? Why don't you guys pay for us? " Blue Yan Ran is biting the root of his teeth to bear the pain, and he is whining and complaining. "

starting tomorrow, I'll ask someone to change this rule. How many centimeters of high heels are you wearing now?" Hearing her complaint, Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought about what it would be like for a man to wear high-heeled shoes to work. Then he decided to let her go.

"Seven centimeters?" Blue Yanxi blinked at him.

"I'll have the heel cut by two centimeters tomorrow. It'll be more comfortable to wear!" Ling Mo Feng said very humanized.

"Really?" Lanyanxi couldn't believe that his complaint would make him change the rules. "

is true!" Ling Mo Feng didn't joke with her at all. He nodded seriously. Blue

Yanxi's smile spread to the bottom of her eyes. She suddenly jumped forward and held Ling Mo Feng directly. She said happily, "thank you, Ling Mo Feng. You are so nice. You will definitely be a good leader in the future!" Ling

Mo Feng was suddenly hugged by her, and his whole body became a string. After listening to her praise, he felt that the hug was too official, not like his feeling of holding for love. "

let go!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi obediently let go of his hand, smile on his face, a pair of beautiful eyes also secretly aimed at his expression: "are you doing this for me? Is it? " "

no!" Ling didn't know which tendon was wrong, just didn't want her to be too proud.

"Well, even if it's not for me, for all our female sisters, I still want to thank you, so I decided to grant you a request!" LAN Yanxi complains.

Ling Mo Feng expressed helplessness and speechlessness to her idea. Does this woman represent others? He is happy enough that she can appreciate him.

"What do you want? Think about it or I'll buy you a present tomorrow. " Lanyanxi immediately offered.

"Don't buy any more. Don't spend any more money for me!" Lingmo Feng thought of the suit and shirt she gave him last time. The price was not cheap. Even if she had money, he didn't want her to spend so much money on him. "

I'd love to!" LAN Yanxi hears him say no, in the heart blocked up for a while, he does not want, is to prove that he does not have the position in his mind? Ling

Mo Feng's fingers are still gently rubbing and pressing on her legs and abdomen. The warm feeling is introduced into LAN Yanxi's body from the palm of his hand. She feels very comfortable and wants to fall back to sleep.

"Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi's head is still clear, she stares at the ceiling, shouting his name. "

MM!" The man answered lightly, indicating that he was listening. "

you said Can we really get married? " Blue Yan Xi blinked and asked expectantly. "

Why do you ask?" Ling Mo Feng was also stunned. His fingers stopped. "

it's nothing but curiosity. I used to think that men were creatures that I couldn't understand. My father left early. My grandfather was very good to me. He helped me with everything. I just need to enjoy and have it happily. I think my grandfather dotes on me so much that my requirements for men are improving every day. Sometimes I think that in the world, I will never again No one will hurt me like my grandfather, even if there is, it can't be true, it must be for my money Ouch! " Blue

before Yan Xi's emotion was published, she felt a pain in her calf. She cried from her heart, jumped up like a fish, and stared at Ling Mo Feng angrily: "why do you twist me? Do you know how painful it is?" "

is to make you hurt, you just know what you just said!" Ling Mo Feng's face was gloomy. "

What did I say?" LAN Yanxi is really a forgetful person. "

you say that a man is good to you for your money?" Ling Mo Feng is going to spit blood because of this sentence. Is his sincerity really so worthless?

LAN Yanxi saw that he was angry, or because of what he said, he couldn't help chucking and laughing: "are you angry? I didn't say you, I am most of the men You are the minority! " "

no matter how much money you have, I won't ask for it. Just rest assured!" Ling Mo Feng is still angry, who let this woman's words, let him not like to listen to it?

"Come on, if we get married in the future, I will share half of my property with you!" "

I don't want it!" Ling Mo Feng heard that she dared to continue to talk about this topic, and Jun's face grew darker and ugly. "

you don't want to waste money. It's stipulated by law. Property between husband and wife..." "

LAN Yanxi, who do you think I am Lingmo Feng?" Ling Mo Feng was so angry that he vomited blood.