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C1983 the rage

Frightened, Ji Tingyan and Cheng Yue slept restlessly this night. At six o'clock in the morning, Wang Cheng called Cheng Yue directly. He was very depressed about how they slept so hard last night.

Cheng Yue directly scolded Li Jingwen who had secretly drugged her on the phone. It's no wonder that Wang Cheng's sleep quality is so good. I dare to say that he was drugged. Wang Cheng immediately came to knock at the door with his bodyguard.

Cheng Yue opens the door and looks at him: "xiaonai has decided to go back. Please pack up your things."

"Is Li Jingwen still here? I'll take someone to see her. I'll get her back and let Miss Ji deal with it. " Wang Cheng is also very angry.

"Come on, she must have escaped. She has been guarding against us in the dark. How could it be so easy to catch her? You should report this matter to your boss quickly. It's because of him that xiaonai suffered this crime." Cheng Yue said with a serious face.

"Of course, I'll tell the boss about it. Is Miss Ji OK?" Wang Cheng is very nervous.

"It's OK. I'm scared." Cheng Yue finishes, closes the door, and Ji Tingyan sits beside the bed in low spirits.

"Xiaonai, I've packed my things. Now go and pack your things and have some breakfast, and we'll leave." At present, the most important thing for Cheng Yue is Ji Tingyan's safety, and Li Jingwen's business. I believe that Wang Cheng will not let go of her after reporting to feting.

"Well, it's hard for you." Ji Tingyan knows that Cheng Yue hasn't closed her eyes for most of the night. Now there is a dark shadow under her eyelids.

"That's what I should do." Cheng Yueyang smiles.

Pack up. Ji Tingyan's cell phone rings. It's bondage that calls her.

She picked up her cell phone to answer, and the man's voice was worried: "are you ok? What did Li Jingwen tell you? "

"You left midway. She thought we broke up. Maybe she wanted to do something to me, but when she heard about our break up, she let me go." Ji Tingyan wants to come now, but she is still scared. Li Jingwen must hate her. She feels that she is a third party and robbed her man.

"You're doing a good job, protecting yourself." Tie Ting is not angry, but gratified.

"I was also in a hurry to think of such a way, can only cheat her once, next time may not be able to cheat." Ji Tingyan laughed at herself.

"I'll send someone to look for her now. I'm sure she won't have the chance to hurt people next time. Go back to the company now. It's the safest place at present." Tie Ting bit his teeth fiercely. Li Jingwen's brain was full of water. She dared to take the opportunity to hurt his people.

"Well, we're leaving now. When will you be back?" Ji Tingyan asked him in a low voice. The expectation in her tone was very exciting.

Tie Ting just got off the plane. He could hear that Ji Tingyan wanted to see her, but he couldn't go back to see her right away.

"I haven't dealt with the matter here. I can't go back for the time being. Wang Cheng will protect you. Don't be afraid." Men's voice is also a lot of gentle, words and sentences, showing reluctant to give up.

Ji Tingyan nodded: "OK, I'll be careful and hang up first."

Missing is like an invisible line, no matter where the other party is, it will always be led, and no one will cut it.

Ji Tingyan and her party left the hotel quickly and drove back.

Li Jingwen stood behind a forgotten curtain, staring at the fast-moving vehicle, holding her cell phone in hate.

She installed a bug in Ji Tingyan's room. She heard Ji Tingyan's conversation with her husband. She suddenly regretted that she believed Ji Tingyan's words. This woman dared to cheat her. It was her last kindness. She was completely destroyed by Ji Tingyan. Next time she saw Ji Tingyan, she would make her pay for her despair ten times and a hundred times Taste.

Li Jingwen doesn't dare to stay here for a long time. They didn't break up. After feting knew the truth, she would definitely come to her. Li Jingwen once worked as a foreign agent for a period of time. She has a strong anti detection ability. Although a girl, if she wants to, she can be an extremely dangerous person and a very destructive force.

Looking back, Ji Tingyan found that the town was quiet and peaceful in the snow, but the experience of last night made her afraid to go deep into the land. She hoped that she would choose the season when spring is warm and flowers are blooming next time.

This time, there was no pause along the way. At noon, they arrived at the company. Ji Tingyan and Cheng Yue finally got a good sleep. When Wang Cheng came back, they had to start to deal with the company's affairs.

Tie Ting is abroad, but the company's business, he a decline, remote office orders, let Wang Cheng quickly organize people to find Li Jingwen's whereabouts, must not let her have the chance to escape.

Wang Cheng did not dare to neglect. He immediately organized three teams of people and horses to go directly to the destination. However, when their personnel arrived, it was too late. Li Jingwen had already followed their team by car, left the town, went to the airport and left.

At last, Wang Cheng got the news that Li Jingwen left by air, and her destination was a small neighboring country. If she fled far away, she would not be so successful in handling the matter.

Ji Tingyan is worried when she hears that Li Jingwen has escaped. However, she is busy with something important. She can't distract him any more. She decides to go home and discuss it with her elder brother.

Li Jingwen is not an ordinary woman. She has a grudge in her heart. She has a way to find her in the hotel. She is silent, which proves that she is a terrible person. She has a lot of means. She has to remind her family not to be involved because of her.

Cheng Yue naturally wants to leave with Ji Tingyan. Before walking, Wang Cheng comes to her room with his hands on his back.

Cheng Yue glanced at him and saw that his face was red. He immediately asked, "do you have a cold, a red face, and you need to take medicine if you are ill?"

Wang Cheng quickly reached out and touched his face: "is it red? No way. I'm normal. "

Cheng Yue raised her eyebrows and joked, "you're not sick, are you blushing? Which beauty did you see? It makes you feel like this. "

Wang orange sees Cheng Yue running on him. He is a little sad and complains: "I didn't see the beauty, sister. Will you come here to play later?"

"Why? Like me? " Cheng Yue is an easy-going woman with a straightforward voice.

Wang Cheng's eyes widened and he hesitated for a long time. He nodded shyly: "yes..."

"What?" Cheng Yue turns to look at him. His shy expression makes Cheng Yue surprised: "you don't really like me, do you? Look up and look me in the eye

Wang Cheng suddenly feels embarrassed. He is a man. How can he wriggle like a little daughter-in-law? He has no respect.

So, he summoned up his courage and looked up at Cheng Yue: "yes, I like you very much. I think you are very beautiful and have good temperament."

Cheng yuetou was praised once. She was stunned for a while. Her friends used to call her man and woman. She always felt like a fake man.

"What did you say? Say it again? " Cheng Yue couldn't help laughing and asked him.

"And I like it." Wang orange said stiffly.

"Not this, the last two."

"You are beautiful and have good temperament." Wang orange repeated foolishly.