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The old blue man stayed in the hospital. The two brothers took turns to take care of him. Uncle Yu also came to take care of him. In a flash, everyone in the blue family was waiting for the news from the old man. Good and bad.

LAN Yanxi leans uneasily on Ling Mo Feng's shoulder and arm, looking out of the window at the streamers and fireflies, confused.

Although she had been ready for her mind for a long time, she also understood that gathering and scattering were sometimes done, but when she really wanted to accept such a fact, she was vulnerable and did not dare to face it.

"Don't think about it. Just let it go." The man suddenly reached over and gently covered her staring eyes, so that she would not be immersed in sadness again.

The vision was blocked, and the brain seemed to stop working. Bai Qingyue had to close his eyes, roll the long eyelashes across the palm of the man's hand, bringing a bit of numbness and itching. The man took back his hand, and when he looked at her, he found that she closed her eyes, like sleeping.

He took her hand painfully. Before, he hoped that she could be weaker, so that he could protect her all the time and let her rely on himself. At this moment, he hoped that she could be strong and not easily defeated by sadness.


When Ji Xiaohan came back from the company, he found that two little guys were hiding in the children's room to discuss something big. He couldn't help being stunned and immediately asked with concern, "what are you talking about hiding here?"

"Dad, you go out first. We haven't finished talking. We'll talk about it when we've settled." The two little guys looked at him unhappily at once.

Ji Xiaohan had to come out of the children's room, open the bedroom door, and found that Tang youyou was not in it. He took off his coat and walked to the gym on the third floor.

Before two people said about having children, Tang youyou made a set of fitness plan for herself, so at this moment, she may stay in the gym.

The man's lips are thin and light. He walked quickly to the gym. Sure enough, he saw the beautiful figure of the woman on the treadmill. She was walking fast. Her long hair was tied behind her head. She was wearing a tight sports suit, showing her slim little waist and a pair of long white jade legs.

She was listening to the music while walking fast. Naturally, she did not find the appearance of season owl cold behind her.

The man took a bottle of water from the cabinet next to him, unscrewed it, drank it slowly, and looked at the beautiful figure without blinking as if enjoying a beautiful scenery.

Tang youyou has been walking for nearly half an hour, and now she has been sweating a lot. Her tight clothes are glued, and she has a wonderful figure.

She took a towel to wipe her sweat, turned off the music, turned around, and saw the man sitting on the massage chair with his legs folded behind her.

On the big black chair, the man's body is strong, legs are slender and full of momentum.

"When did you come?" Tang youyou suddenly feels shy. God, how long has this man been sitting here?

Ji Xiaohan shakes the bottle in his hand as if to tell her that he has finished drinking a bottle of water here.

Tang Youyou, a little embarrassed, went over and said, "why didn't you remind me?"

"If I remind you, I won't hear your singing?" The man laughs especially not flat.

God, did he hear that?

Tang Youjian's intuitive blood surged up her head, and her heart exploded. She was itching to beat him.

"It's a good singing." Ji Xiaohan is telling the truth. Tang youyou was humming a song just now. Although he didn't sing, his voice was clear and pleasant.

Tang youyou still didn't control his fist, whirring and waving to his chest, but the man pulled her into his arms with a bad hand. Where could Tang youyou's delicate body be his opponent, the whole person fell into his arms.

"Would you like a massage?" The man asked suddenly.

"No!" Tang youyou tried hard to stand up from his arms, but a man's arm was tightly around her waist.

"Let go of me. I'm all sweaty." Tang youyou's discontented protest.

"I don't dislike it." The man said, he reached out to her forehead, pulled out her strands of sticky hair, revealing her delicate face after exercise: "why do you work so hard? You are tired."

Hearing this, Tang youyou stopped struggling. Instead, he leaned lazily in his arms and grabbed his big hand to play: "I just want to improve my physical fitness, so that the chance of pregnancy will be greater."

"Are you questioning my ability?" Ji Xiaohan immediately blacked his handsome face. What he didn't like most was that he was suspected of his male ability by her.

"Where do you want to go? I mean, I'm in good health and my children will be healthier. What does that have to do with your ability? " Seeing that he was angry, Tang youyou couldn't help but smile and answer him.

"It's only a long time since we don't take measures. Don't worry about it." Season owl cold thin lips kissed on her soft face, chuckled to comfort her.

"I'm not in a hurry." Tang youyou doesn't think so.

Just when two people rarely enjoy the time of tender attachment, suddenly there is a sound of footsteps outside the door, rushing towards here.

"Here come the children. Help me up." Tang youyou knows that it's the little guy who runs here. Seeing her posture, she blushes and asks the man to help her.

Although Ji Xiaohan didn't want to let her leave his arms, he helped Tang youyou to stand up for the sake of the little guy's mental health.

"Daddy, Mommy, our school has arranged an assignment." Before Ji xiaonai ran in, the voice was heard.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other, both curious.

"Xiaonai, what homework does your school assign?" Ji Xiaohan asked her curiously.

"The teacher said that on this weekend, each of our classmates should do an independent shopping assignment. Daddy, can you and Mommy take us to the mall tomorrow? My brother and I are going shopping separately. Besides, you adults can't get too close. " Ji xiaonai is five-and-a-half years old this year. He has grown up a lot, and his expression ability is getting better and better. Instead of talking with milk and milk, he looks like a little adult, with serious expression.

Ji Xiaorui came in with him. His height is much higher than that of a normal age boy at the moment. When he goes out, you will surely feel that he is six or seven years old.

"Don't let adults follow? It's dangerous. " Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are surprised.

"We're going to be old, we're not young." Ji xiaonai said solemnly.

Ji Xiaorui also nodded: "that is to say, other students in our class have finished this assignment, just before xiaonai and I have finished it, daddy and Mommy, can you rest assured that we can go out for a stroll, we promise not to run around, come back to you after shopping, we don't want to be the most special two students in our class."

"Well, people think we're very different. They say our family is too rich." Ji xiaonai's mouth is small, with a very aggrieved expression.

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou can't laugh or cry again.

For the first time, too much money is a big trouble for children.

"Well, since you want to finish your homework seriously, of course, daddy and Mommy will make it up to you. Tomorrow, on weekends, daddy will not go to work. We will take you to the mall for shopping, but you must listen to our arrangement. You can't walk around casually?" In order to fulfill the children's wishes, Ji Xiaohan decided to cooperate with the children well once.

"Yeah, daddy's great. Thank you daddy." Ji xiaonai immediately pounces over, kisses on the handsome face of Ji Xiaohan, then turns around happily and leaves with his brother.

Tang youyou is stunned. He doesn't expect that Ji Xiaohan will agree to the children's request.

"Don't you say it's not good to let the children out?" Tang youyou is still worried about safety.

"The situation is much better now. Ling is looking forward to it. The old president is exhausted. His people should not be able to turn over the sky. The children are too bored at home for a long time. It's time to release their nature." Ji Xiaohan smiles to appease his little wife.

"Can I go to work, too?" Tang youyou's beautiful eyes brighten instantly.

"Are you sure you want to go back to work? With our little baby? " Season owl cold eyebrow tiny pick, the vision does not have the good intention coagulates her smile.

Tang youyou shuddered: "I'm not pregnant now. Besides, pregnancy doesn't conflict with work. I don't care. If there's security, I have to go to work."

Ji Xiaohan sighs helplessly: "I really can't help you. Well, I'll support you in whatever you want to do after the election."

"That's what you said." Tang youyou's mood blossomed in a flash.