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Sitting and enjoying herself is like slapping LAN Yanxi in the face. Her pretty face is blue and white, and her beautiful eyes flash with shame and indignation and stare at Ling Moheng: "since you see my grandfather's purpose, why don't you directly refuse to marry me? Do you think everyone wants to be the president's wife? "

Ling Mo Feng looked at her angry look and smiled lightly: "don't get excited. I didn't despise you. I'm just telling you the truth. Since we are bound together, why don't we open our hearts to each other?" "

I can't be honest with you!" LAN Yanxi was still very ashamed and angry. She stood up abruptly, but because of sitting for a long time, her legs and feet were numb, she fell down again for a while, but directly fell to the man's side.

Ling Mo Feng reached over to help her in time and whispered, "are you ok?" "

don't touch me!" LAN Yanxi flings his arm away and looks disgusted.

Ling Mo Feng immediately let go and put his hand behind him. His eyes were complex and she ran away.

This blue Yan Xi, and some of his imagination is not the same, thought she was a delicate and delicate flower, but did not think, all over with thorns.

Ling Mo Feng's brow is wrinkled tightly, and the rose with thorns is stubborn. How can we take it off? Look at

come here, he has to ask Ji Xiaohan for some scriptures to read and see what he can do to make girls happy. Xiao Han is shocked when he hears Ling Mo Feng's question.

"How can I please women? Did you find the wrong person? I don't have much experience in that. " Season owl cold extremely modest said.

"How do you get married and have children without experience? Tell me about it. I really don't have a clue now. Besides, I can't ask others for help in this kind of personal affairs. Otherwise, if it's spread out, I can't even get a woman to know. How can I face the challenge of being president again? " Ling Mo Feng is also helpless. He feels that his identity is limited. Otherwise, he will not seek the help of his friends in such matters.

Ji Xiaohan smiled unkindly on the phone for a while, and suddenly the friend was very interesting.

"Give gifts, flowers, expensive sachets, sports cars, take her to dinner more often, say sweet words more often, ask for warmth in the cold, think about women's mood changes, and comfort in time. It should be OK." Ji Xiaohan can only take out his heart and lungs to say all the means he used, hoping to help him.

"That's how you got your wife?" Lingmo Feng had to admire him. I didn't expect that he was such a strict person, and he had so many ingenious thoughts. As expected, people can't look good. "

it's almost the same, but my situation is much more complicated than yours. Of course, I have more advantages than you. Don't forget that I have two small help skills. I can catch up with you. My two children are very important." Season owl cold is a little proud, think of the child, and feel the peace of mind. "

you've made enough money. You can not only get beauty, but also buy one for free. God really treats you well!" Ling Mo Feng is really envious of him. "

OK, let me ask you a serious question. How do you feel about this blue lady?" Season owl feels cold. If a man wants to conquer a woman's heart, it is absolutely not enough to rely on means alone. He must also be sincere. Women are sensitive creatures. They can't be deceived as pets. If they can't feel your sincerity, it's common for them to turn around and leave in minutes. "

at present, when I get along with her, I feel that she is quite interesting and has a personality, unlike those women I think." Ling Mo Feng is honest.

"That is to say, she gives you a feeling that you want to conquer her? Is that so? " This is how Ji Xiaohan understood it. "

almost. At least, she has aroused my interest in her. I want to know more about her." Ling Mo Feng laughed at himself. "

when you get to know her, you should be interested in her. OK, you still have a good start. I wish you a beautiful girl as soon as possible. Then, please have a drink!" Ji Xiaohan, as a good brother and partner, of course, sincerely wishes Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi have a result as soon as possible. "

as you say, I hope this is a good thing." Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing. Hang up

the phone, Ling Mo Feng will season Xiao Han just said that the long channeling words silently in the bottom of his heart.

Does it really start with a gift to please a woman?

Ling Mo Feng frowned. He took out his mobile phone and made a phone call. LAN

Yanxi is sitting on the bed. She is also on the phone with her grandfather. Blue

the old man asked her over there: "Yan Xi, what's the matter? How are you getting along with the vice president? I heard that he is a very gentleman man. He should take good care of you. " "

Grandpa, can we cancel our marriage? I don't think we will get happiness if we are tied together like this." LAN Yanxi is in a low mood and very sad at the moment.

"Fool, you are young. Do you know what happiness is? If a woman can't marry a good husband, it's out of luck with happiness! " The old blue man's tone suddenly picked up. "

but Grandpa, you can definitely exchange other benefits with him. You don't have to let me marry him." LAN Yanxi also heard from Ling Mo Feng that Grandpa actually had other choices, so he asked. Blue

when the old man heard this, he was silent for a long time. He said seriously: "Yan Xi, can't you really understand grandpa's pains? Grandpa really thinks for you. If Grandpa dies one day, how do you deal with yourself? Who will become your dependence? Do you think the two uncles will not drive you to the end? Your father has gone, and your mother has no right to speak. Do you really feel that you can still enjoy this kind of comfortable life? " After listening to Yan Xi, the whole person was a little bit stunned. She never thought about what the future would be like. She only lived in the present. "

girl, grandpa loves you. He is laying a way for you to rely on in the future. You hold 20% of your father's equity in your hand. After my death, your two uncles will have to fight for the company's management right. The equity in your hand is what they will fight for. Are you sure that you don't have a strong dependence to fight against your two uncles?" The blue old man's tone was heavy and with a hint of irony. Family fighting is not new. He only thinks about the way out for the only granddaughter because he knows too much about the characters of his two sons. Blue

Yan Xi's mind is blank. She never thought about these things, nor did she know that they would be so serious.