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C1162 objects of suspicion

Knowing that Yang ChuChu is waiting for him to return home at the moment, Luo Jinyu left an hour ahead of time, and left the rest of the work to his younger brother, Luo Henning, who was sitting at his desk in agony, looked at the elder brother anxiously: "you just handed over three branches to me for management. Now I have spent my eyes reading documents every day, and you let me help you with your work, Would you please feel sorry for my brother? " "

these files are in a hurry. Take a look first and sign for me if you have nothing to do. It won't take you a lot of time." Of course, Luo Jinyu wants to train his younger brother. The company has expanded its business volume several times in the past two years. Luo Jinyu hopes that in the near future, his younger brother will be able to hold up half of the sky, so that he can easily solve his personal feelings. "

well, you're in such a hurry to leave. Go to see Yang ChuChu." Lohnin gave him a white look.

"How do you know?" Luo Jinyu looks surprised. "

look at your face, I know!" Lohnin said, with thin lips. Luo

Jin Yu quickly straightened his face and coughed twice: "yes Is it so obvious? " Luo

Henning directly chuckled out: "brother, you are nervous. How old are you? You are still shy. Go if you want to. You are waiting for you." "

boring!" Luo Jin's face was red with anger. He scolded him and turned around. Luo

Henning is still laughing happily. In his rigorous work, he should also learn to work hard and have fun. He is the only one who takes big brother as a joke, even if he is afraid of going up and down in the whole company. Luo

Jin Yu sat in the car and couldn't help but look at his expression in the rearview mirror. It's normal. Where is spring.

However, his face didn't show it, but his heart was full of ripples.

Recently, he and Yang ChuChu have been busy in their work. Yang ChuChu is also a big city flying around the country. They haven't seen each other for several days. Now they have a chance to meet again. How can Luo Jinyu not cherish it?

Luo Jin yuhen can't drive a car as an airplane and fly it home directly.

But the traffic jam still made him upset. It was about half past five when he got home. He took a bunch of flowers and walked quickly to the elevator.

Just passing by a flower shop, he picked a bunch of red roses. Although the flowers are not valuable, they can show his mind. After eating the fruit, Yang lolls on the sofa and watches TV programs. She saw the program that she publicized for the new play. She constantly despised her clothes and hairstyles, regretted why she didn't wear a high point shoes, and was pressured by several other supporting women.

Maybe women's mind is so much, only the clothes and clothes on their body are calculated, but this is just a normal girl's mental state.

Behind him came the sound of opening the door. Yang chumeng got up from the sofa and raised his eyes. He saw that the man came in with his hands on his back. His eyes were deep and full of laughter.

"What are you holding? Why hide it? " Yang ChuChu didn't wear shoes, so he ran off the sofa barefoot, curious to see what he was holding. Luo

Jin Yu found this in an instant, and could not help but scold softly: "it's still cold now, why don't you run down without shoes, don't freeze!"

"It's a flower, is it for me?" Yang ChuChu saw that bunch of fresh roses, immediately opened his little mouth and asked with a smile.

"Yes, by the way. Do you like it?" Asked Luo Jin. Yang

holding this bunch of flowers carefully, he could not help taking a breath of fragrance and suddenly hugged it in his arms and sighed: "fortunately, I'm in a better mood today after receiving your bunch of flowers!" "

What's the matter? Who makes you unhappy again? " Luo Jinyu goes to the shoe cabinet next to her, reaches for a pair of slippers and puts them down in front of her. Yang

put on the shoes carefully and obediently. This tacit agreement that can be reached without words has penetrated into their love. Maybe many subconscious warm actions will be ignored, but if one day they lose this warm care, they will suddenly not be used to it and will miss it.

"When I finished the interview today, someone gave me a bunch of white chrysanthemums and a black-and-white picture scratched by a knife." Yang ChuChu Duqi mouth, grievance said. "

what? Who has done anything vicious? " Luojin Yujun's face changed, and he was suddenly cold and angry.

"I'm depressed just because I don't know who sent it." Yang ChuChu takes an empty bottle to collect water, then raises the flower in the water bottle, turns around, the man stands behind her, she stretches out two small hands, hooks his neck, weighs the toe, and prints on the man's beautiful thin lips: "someone is cursing me, that must be to harm me, Luo Jinyu, will you protect me?"

"This matter must be investigated clearly. You can't wait for the other party to harm you, so it's too late. Think about who has offended recently, and one by one to eliminate and investigate!" Luo Jinyu attaches great importance to this matter, which is a very serious hidden danger and cannot be despised.

"I just thought about it. Those supporting women in our play are hostile to me. However, they are unwilling to choose their roles. They will greet me when they meet. Then I really can't remember. I don't think I've offended anyone. " Yang ChuChu holds his head in anguish. "

since you can't think of it, don't think about it. You should not go out these days. I will find some bodyguards for you to protect your safety." Luo Jinyu could not bear to see her depressed appearance, so he had to tell her.

"No, I'm going to promote my new play tomorrow. The director said that the main character can't be absent." When Yang ChuChu heard that he couldn't go out, he immediately became a fool again. "

but now someone is sending you this threat, which is to warn you that you need to run around?" Luo Jinyu hugs her and sits on the sofa. Junlian is worried and helpless. "

actually, I feel that if someone knows the truth, she may not be able to hold me!" Yang ChuChu leaned into his arms and murmured to himself. "

who is it?" Luo Jin frowns and asks urgently. "

Fang Kexin, Fang Yang came to me before. I don't know if Fang Kexin knows my relationship with Fang Yang now. If she does, she will be very angry." As soon as Yang ChuChu thought of Fang Kexin staring at her, his back became cold.

"Do you think it's her? Then I'll find someone to stare at her! " Luo Jinyu will not let go of any suspicious person. Even if this person is Fang Kexin, he will also monitor him. "

well, it's possible!" Yang ChuChu doubted.