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C1536. He's in love

As soon as LAN Yanxi finished speaking, she heard a gunshot outside the door. She quickly covered her ears with fear. Unfortunately, the door was reinforced and special treatment was made. The bullet could not be pierced. The man went crazy and took a chair beside him and smashed it hard. However, as soon as he raised the chair, his back was shot by the bodyguard outside the door.

"Put down the chair." He got another shot in his arm, and the bodyguard shouted in a cold voice.

"Oh, the damned woman is not dead, but I can't live. Anyway, I'm going to die." That man finish saying, took his gun directly, to own head, is a gun directly.

The blood spattered, and he fell stiff.

At this time, there was a rush of footsteps in the corridor outside the door. Soon, Ling Mo Feng, with a group of people, stood at the door.

"Hope!" He gave a flustered shout.

At this time, the door of the rest room was opened and a little body rushed out.

"Yan Xi." The man passes through the crowd, hugs her tightly in the bosom, the thin lip arrives at her forehead dead, for a while, the heartbeat just calms down.

Chu lie has been protected. He squats down to check, and then exchanges a look with Ling Mo Feng.

"Clean this place up." The murderer has committed suicide on the spot. Ling Mo Feng wants to investigate, but he can't ask anything from the mouth of a dead man. However, he came here with the determination to die, which will certainly not show his flaws. The back finger messenger may have grasped his weakness and let him die.

People's hearts are dangerous, but human nature is fragile. When the lives of loved ones are held up and exchanged for their safety, it is the most helpless and helpless choice, but often, some people are willing to choose this way. Ling Mo Feng hugged LAN Yanxi and covered the cold body with a tall body. He didn't want her to have a look.

"Yan Xi, how did you escape in?" Ling Mo Feng's voice was low, still shaking.

LAN Yanxi said angrily, "when he was just outside, I doubted him, but when I wanted to talk, he came in, and I was scared to death."

"How do you suspect him?" Ling asked her admiringly, with a surprise in her eyes.

LAN Yanxi took a sip at the corner of his mouth: "he said you asked him to send me coffee, but you know I don't drink coffee. I'm allergic to coffee and can't stand the bitter taste. Last time you wanted to drink it for me, I didn't drink it. How could you ask him to send this to me?"

"Yan Xi, it's a good habit for you to observe the subtlety and save your life at the critical moment. You should also get along with strangers with this skeptical attitude in the future, you know?" Ling Mo Feng had just heard her request for help, and his heart almost stopped. Fortunately, his conference room is not far from here, so he can come here in time.

"To be honest, I'm really scared." Lanyanxi's body was still shaking. The sound of the man's gun just now made her crouch in the corner and shiver.

"It's OK. Don't be afraid." Ling Mo Feng's thin lips kissed her forehead again, and she was comforted.

LAN Yanxi knew the horrors of the war and understood why Ling Mo Feng didn't want to have a public relationship with her at the beginning, because there were too many people who wanted to get Ling Mo Feng's weakness.

"Ling Mo Feng, is it disturbing you? Is your meeting over?" Lanyanxi blamed herself and suffered a lot. She didn't expect that someone would break in and kill her. Moreover, she would commit suicide without killing her. This kind of person who is so cruel to himself is really terrible.

"It's OK. Your safety is the most important thing. The meeting is almost over. I'll let someone else speak for me." Ling Mo Feng reached out and straightened her long hair: "let's go back."

"Well." Lanyanxi still reached out and hugged him, buried his face deeply in his arms, and coveted his sense of security.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her frightened look and was very distressed.

Back in the car, LAN Yanxi didn't speak, he was holding his arm in a daze.

Ling didn't know what to say to comfort her. He could only lean his head against her and let each other be closer.

"The staff around you are also bought by them. You should be more careful in the future." Towards home, LAN Yanxi reminded him in a low voice.

"I know that, to be honest, this person will betray me. I'm not surprised. At the beginning, I felt that he was a bit untrustworthy. So I haven't let him participate in the core work in recent period, but I didn't expect that he would be bribed." Ling Mo Feng's words are full of helplessness and bitterness.

"What's the point of his death, taking more benefits and being afraid of dying?" LAN Yanxi can't understand the purpose of this man.

"Yan Xi, you can't predict the terrible degree of people's hearts. Is it a pity that the man you think is dead? But the reason why he might have to die, let's not guess, shall we? You think today is a nightmare. When you wake up, you forget it. " Ling didn't want to explain to her so clearly, because those things are too cruel.

"Well, I'll forget, and I'll make my heart stronger. I won't panic in the face of anything in the future, and I won't let you worry for me." LAN Yanxi smiled and nodded.

"I don't know what will happen at our engagement dinner tomorrow, but I've done my best to protect it." Ling Mo Feng frowned. He was still uneasy about the unknown tomorrow.

"We invite all our relatives and friends. No one we don't know has been invited in. We should No problem. " LAN Yanxi is naive to think so.

Because it's a wedding banquet, so there are not many people to invite. There are only ten tables, five tables for each of the two families and friends, and they are the most intimate one. Their friends are also the most iron. Although Ling Mo Feng is the vice president, he advocates low-key, and the place he chooses for the banquet is also very secret and will not be disturbed by outsiders.

Apart from the biggest problem in terms of safety, there is no need to be extravagant.

"I hope that the people we invite are all sincere to bless us." Ling Mo Feng smiles and nods, not wanting to add psychological pressure to her.

"By the way, did you deal with the resignation of bluefiber?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"It's not me. I haven't informed the personnel yet. Has she quit?" Lingmo Feng mentioned this woman, handsome face is ugly.

"Well, she didn't come. My little cousin helped her. She also said that Lan Xianxian was going to marry." Said blue Yanxi softly