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C810 needs her heart

Tang youYou can only hear the tiredness in Ji Xiaohan's voice on the phone, but when she opens the door and sees him, she looks stunned. Then she rushes to him and asks, "what's wrong with your forehead? How did you get hurt? "

Ji Xiaohan looks at her hand, but it's frozen in the air. He doesn't seem to dare to touch his wound, but he's extremely worried. This kind of emotion, written on her beautiful face, gives people an indescribable sense of peace and warmth.

The big palm lifted up, gently grasped her tiny trembling hand, gently pulled her into her own arms, pressed, and the thin lip also touched her forehead, whispered: "nothing, it's skin injury."

"Who did it?" Tang Youmei's eyes were inexplicably swollen with acid. She knew that he must have been hurt by someone else. Thinking of this, Tang youyou's heart was pulled into a ball. Then she said in a muffled voice: "don't you take the security guard out every day? How can I get hurt? "

Ji Xiaohan knows that she loves herself very much. It's her tenderness that makes him feel that his forehead is not hurt at all.

"It's the family of the deceased who smashed me with something out of anger. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter!" Ji Xiaohan tells her truthfully, and the tone doesn't sound turbulent.

Hearing that it was the victim's family member who was injured, Tang youyou suddenly stopped talking, just two slender arms, around the man's healthy waist, holding tightly, and his small face tightly.

"Does it hurt?" For a long time, the woman in her arms asked him softly.

Ji Xiaohan likes the feeling of being held so tightly by her. It's so nice to be loved and concerned.

"It hurt just now, not now!" Season owl cold smile finish saying, thin lips stick in her white pure forehead again.

Tang youyou sat up straight from his arms and went to see where he was hurt again.

"You ask the driver to find a drugstore. I'll buy you a Chuang Ke tie. You can't go out like this. You need to disinfect!" Tang youyou said with a serious face.

"Good!" Ji Xiaohan nods, then tells the driver to pay attention to the drugstore.

Unexpectedly, just walked out not far, the driver big brother's voice spread: "boss, there is a drugstore nearby!"

"I'll get the medicine!" Tang youyou said directly. When the car stopped, she hurried to buy medicine.

Looking at the slim and beautiful figure, the cold and thin lips of the season owl hook up.

It seems that he has become more and more dependent on her. Before, this kind of minor injury had not been suffered less. Generally, he has to endure it. Unless uncle yuan keeps talking in his ear, he will go to get some medicine for peace.

Now that I've just been hurt, the first thing I think about is that she wants her care, her care and the pain in her eyes.

Season owl cold inexplicably want to laugh, but laugh at their own this point of hidden caution.

When Tang youyou came out again, he was carrying a bag containing all the medicines she had bought.

When I got into the car, the driver didn't immediately drive, but was waiting for Tang youyou to give medicine to Ji Xiao.

"If you can't bear it, I'll disinfect it for you first. Your wound is bleeding. If the disinfecting water touches it later, it may hurt a little. If you can't bear it, please call it out. I won't laugh at you!" At the moment, Tang youyou looks serious, which makes Ji Xiaohan want to pinch her face.

"I'm a big man, do you want to call it out? What a shame! " Season owl cold is a strong expression.

Tang youyou looks up at him, smiles and says, "you are not a God. If you can't stand the pain, there is no shame."

"I don't want to lose face in front of you!" Ji Xiaohan told the truth.

Tang youyou chuckled, took the cotton swab, touched the disinfectant, and daubed it gently on his forehead.

"Well!" Ji Xiaohan sends out a note intentionally or unintentionally. It doesn't seem that he can't bear the pain, but it seems that he intentionally asked her to listen.

As expected, Tang youyou's hands are stiff, and Mei Mou looks at him at once.

Who said it just now, without saying a word? Afraid of losing face?

I forgot what I just said.

"All right?" Seeing her dull appearance, Ji Xiaohan smiled again.

Tang youyou shook his head and was amused by him inexplicably: "not yet!"

So, she went on to smear it again. After removing the poison, she put a band aid on him.

"All right!" Tang youyou said softly, putting all the medicines aside.

Season owl cold reached out to touch, low voice asked: "not ugly!"

Tang youyou Li shook his head and said, "no!"

Season owl cold mood this just slightly relaxed down.

Tang youyou whispered, "isn't it handled very well?"

She saw that he was hurt, so she thought so. Xiaolian was more nervous and worried. "It's nothing for me to suffer from this injury. After all, the family members of the deceased are in a bad mood at the moment. I'm still dealing with this kind of thing for the first time. However, the death of the deceased feels more like a conspiracy. The police have been involved in the investigation. I believe there will be a result." Ji Xiaohan sighed with a sigh. He was very angry and annoyed when this happened. If Ji Lin did it, it would be insane.

"Well, I'm sure you can handle it!" Tang youyou leaned gently into his arms, slightly closed his eyes, felt the warmth in his arms, and her mood was safe.

At this moment, the car has also driven up the avenue, and soon arrived at the headquarters building of jixiaohan, the emperor building. Tang youyou accompanied Ji Xiaohan to his office. As soon as he entered the office, he saw that the documents on his desk seemed to pile up higher. Tang youyou sighed secretly. He imagined that this man was processing these documents from morning to night, which must be very hard. Unfortunately, she was unable to help him share them.

"Stare at my desk, what are you doing?" Ji Xiaohan takes off his coat and puts it on the sofa. As soon as he turns around, he sees Tang youyou's dull appearance. His thin lips show a touch of gentleness, and his healthy body sticks up from behind her. He asks in a low voice.

Tang youyou shook his head and sighed, "do you feel tired when you have to deal with so many things every day?"

"I'm tired, too, but it's my job and I should have done it!" Season owl cold but not a trace of the resentment, not a trace of the air of the floating dry, but calm and indifferent answer.

Tang youyou turned around and Mei Mou looked closely at his dark eyes. "You should have made a lot of money, too. Don't be so tired. Relax and have a rest."

"You don't think you have much money?" Season owl cold don't answer the question, deep you Mou bottom also dye smile.

"When Of course not! " Tang youyou shouts, and feels that he is blushed by his words and bites his lips. "Since I don't think I have enough, I have to work harder to earn it!" Ji Xiaohan flicks her face and walks to his office chair.