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"Who's anxious?" Tang You You pushed him away in embarrassment and went into the bathroom again.

Ji Xiao Han immediately followed his to the bathroom door, and leaned on the door shamelessly, looking at Tang You You who was about to throw some water to bathe.

Tang You You was stunned, her whole body felt as though it had been electrocuted.

Tang You You could not resist chuckling. "If I make you wait a long time, will you also wait?"

Ji Xiao Han pursed his lips, and then, he said self-deprecatingly: "I've already been waiting for you for five years, and if it's any longer, I still won't be able to visit you!"

"What if there's another five years?" Tang You You purposely provoked him.

"That can only mean that you did not obediently cooperate with the doctor's treatment. The problem is not with me, it is with you." Ji Xiao Han knew that she was saying those words on purpose, so he replied with an evil tone.

"You don't have the heart to treat it, and …" You may not love me! " As Ji Xiao Han said till here, his tone carried a tinge of injury.

Tang You You raised her head from his embrace, her beautiful eyes were as bright as stars. Looking into the man's eyes that were as deep as the ocean, she couldn't help but laugh: "My heart already told me that I kind of like you. Otherwise, I wouldn't agree to see a doctor, I only hope that you could give me some time."

Seeing that he was so sincere with a face full of grievance and injury, Tang You You actually wasn't willing to attack him again. Sigh, when did she become so soft-hearted?

"Can I kiss you?" Ji Xiao Han looked at her lips that were as tender as cherry petals, and only felt a burst of heat in his heart.

However, he was not the same as before. He was as domineering as a monarch who didn't listen to any opinions of others.

At this moment, he gradually learned to respect her opinion. Because, after knowing that she had such a potential illness, he felt that every moment he was with her, he had to be a bit slower.

"En!" Tang You You's gaze also stopped at the man's extremely beautiful and thin lips. She never knew that a man's lips could actually be so beautiful and enchanting.

Ji Xiao Han moved closer and very gently sucked her lips …

"Daddy, Mummy … What are you all doing!? " Just when Ji Xiao Han felt that his soul was about to be sucked away by this woman.

A childish voice sounded from behind them.

Both of them were startled at the same time. After they moved away, they looked over.

Tang Xiao Nai was constantly rubbing her large, sleeping eyes and stood behind the two of them barefooted.

Tang You You hurriedly turned around to hide the panic in her heart.

Ji Xiao Han saw that his daughter's eyes were still shut and quickly explained, "There was sand in your Mummy's eyes, Daddy is blowing on them for her."

"Oh, Mummy, I have to pee!" Tang Xiao Nai finally believed it.

Tang You You quickly walked over and hugged her daughter, giving her two glances.

Ji Xiao Han tactfully turned around and left, but he was still a bit worried.

He had once reminded himself that he could not do anything overboard in front of Tang You You in front of the children.

I wish my daughter had seen nothing.

After Tang You You finished peeing with his daughter, he saw the little guy crawl onto the bed very sleepily, shrinking back into her small blanket, and falling asleep.

Tang You You secretly sighed, her two cheeks burning hot. Her daughter should have believed Ji Xiao Han's lies just now.

She should have rejected him just now.

Next time, do not have any intimate behavior with him in front of the children. Otherwise, the two little fellows will be taught to be naughty.

The next morning!

Tang You You felt a little embarrassed to look at Ji Xiao Han's eyes, as he had been tensed up. He hoped that his daughter would not think back to what happened last night at the dining table.

A daughter may be naive, but a son should know something.

"Brother, do you know? When Mummy went shopping yesterday, her eyes were filled with sand. Fortunately, her father helped her blow her eyes, otherwise, her eyes would have been blind. " Once Tang Xiao Nai sat on the chair, she immediately started to exaggerate and recount what happened yesterday.

Ji Xiao Han's hand that was holding the coffee cup suddenly froze!

Tang You You's hands also trembled.

Tang Xiao Rui's pair of large black eyes flashed twice: "Mummy, are your eyes alright now?"

Tang You You quickly blinked her eyes at her son: "It's alright, I'm much better now!"

Tang Xiao Rui was concerned: "Mummy, the next time you go out, just wear sunglasses. It's definitely cool, and there won't be sand in your eyes anymore."

Both Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han's expression looked as though they wanted to laugh.

"Thank you for your concern, Mummy will remember this in the future."

Tang Xiao Rui was successfully convinced by Tang Xiao Nai's exaggeration.

On the other side, Tang Xue Rou took out two photos from her phone and printed them out.

Then, with the aura of a victor, he arrogantly decided to personally speak with Ji Xiao Han about this matter.

She really wanted to see how Ji Xiao Han would react to these two photos.

He would definitely be angry from embarrassment, feeling that he had been deceived, and then, he would immediately investigate Tang You You's background.

Maybe, the daughter of Tang You You, was a bastard who had given birth to someone whose private life abroad was too chaotic.

Tang Xue Rou seemed to have seen Tang You You being kicked away mercilessly by Ji Xiao Han.

Tang Xue Rou drove to the main hall of the group headquarters. She used to hold a forbidden gate card, but today, after swiping it, she realized … Disabled!

Tang Xue Rou walked to the front desk somewhat angrily and asked: "Why is my card no longer valid? No one informed me either. "


The front desk could be said to be extremely familiar with Tang Xue Rou, because in these past few years, Tang Xue Rou had come here many times.

Every time she came here, she would be as arrogant as a peac.o.c.k, walking down the hall haughtily.

"That's right, there's no use in trying to get us to release our energy. We don't have any authority."

A receptionist still helped her get off the phone. A few minutes later, a receptionist stood up with an access control card: "Quarterly says that he wants to see you!"

Tang Xue Rou's eyes lit up. She knew that Ji Xiao Han definitely did not want to be a fool who was kept in the dark.

Tang Xue Rou's footsteps became a little lighter, as she floated into the elevator.

The elevator went up!

Tang Xue Rou was familiar with the building as she stood outside the door of the CEO's office.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door!

With permission, she pushed the door open and entered.

Behind the domineering and imposing desk, Ji Xiao Han was sitting on a large black chair with slightly cold eyes.

Tang Xue Rou was stunned for a moment as she looked at this man. In these past five years, every time she came to see him, she felt even more moved.

As the man continued to improve over time, his mature temperament also became more prominent.

Yet when Ji Xiao Han saw her, five years had pa.s.sed like a day.

"You said you knew about Tang You You's past? "What's her past?" Ji Xiao Han coldly asked her, his gaze like lightning.

Tang Xue Rou never thought that the first words that a man would say would include Tang You You's name, which made her really sad.

It seemed that there was absolutely no woman who could compare to Ji Xiao Han's degree of care, it was truly envious.

"Quarterly, it looks like you really love her a lot." Tang Xue Rou laughed self-deprecatingly, then said sorrowfully: "Can I ask you something, in your heart, has there ever been a moment that moved you?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at the woman in front of him. Even if she was depressed and depressed, she couldn't hide the greed and ambition in her eyes.

It turned out that people were truly different from one another.

"If you're here to talk to me about the old days, then you can leave!" Ji Xiao Han was too lazy to answer her question, so there was no meaning in it.

Tang Xue Rou felt even more sorrowful in her heart. However, she knew clearly that her purpose for coming here today was indeed not to find Ji Xiao Han to reminisce about the old days.

There was no such thing as old age between her and him.

She came here to ruin Tang You You's blissful dream.

She wanted her to fall from heaven to h.e.l.l. She heard that the higher she climbed, the heavier she fell. This time, Tang You You would probably die from the pain.

"I'll show you two photos!" Tang Xue Rou hurriedly took out the photo from her bag and lightly placed it on the table. "When Tang You You was dating you, did she not tell you that she actually had a daughter?"

When Ji Xiao Han heard the words' daughter ', a cold glint instantly flashed in his eyes.

However, he still reached out and picked up the photo. Inside the photo, Tang You You was fixing the sleeves of her precious daughter.

"She didn't tell me!" Ji Xiao Han frowned, but he did not sound angry at all.

When Tang Xue Rou heard his calm voice, her entire body froze. She quickly said, "Quarterly, Tang You You lied to you and she already has a child. She actually dares to interact with you."

"Why are you telling me this?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt that although Tang Xue Rou's face was beautiful, in her heart, he was truly ugly.

Tang Xue Rou's expression froze, and in the next second, she immediately said tenderly: "Because I love you, I don't want to see you being deceived by her. Quarterly, the reason I'm doing this, is all because I like you."

"She really didn't tell me about the baby, but I still know about the baby. Do you want to know why I'm not angry at all?" Ji Xiao Han stood up, the aura around his body was extremely terrifying.

When Tang Xue Rou heard him speak of this so calmly, her entire person went blank, completely in disbelief.

No, no, no, this was definitely not the result she wanted to see.

"Do you know why I'm not angry?" Ji Xiao Han was already in front of her, holding the two photos in his hands, in the next second, he threw them heavily onto the table: "Because that's my daughter!"

Tang Xue Rou felt her legs go weak, and her whole body became unsteady. Jealousy, wild jealousy, it was going to flood over her.

"Quarterly, what did you say?" Tang Xue Rou's voice was shaking now, completely devoid of the earlier momentum.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze was as cold as ice, as he warned his heavily: "If the next time I find out that you have people following them, and get someone to take a picture of my daughter and advertise her, Tang Xue Rou, I will kill you, will you remember? Get out! "

Tang Xue Rou's entire body s.h.i.+vered. In the next second, she suddenly felt that she was in a very sorry state, she did not dare say a word, and turned to leave.

After walking out of the office, she seemed to come back to life as she turned her head to look at the tightly shut door in panic.

What did Ji Xiao Han say just now?

The little girl Tang You You was leading, was she his daughter?

Could it be that Tang You You had a child on that night five years ago?

Tang Xue Rou walked into the elevator in a daze and leaned against the wall of the elevator. Her entire body seemed to have been struck hard, there was no longer any expression of happiness on her face.

Her actions just now were truly asking for humiliation, and all of this was caused by Tang You You. This woman had actually concealed it from him for five years, to the point of concealing any news about that child.

Tang Xue Rou blamed all the humiliation she had suffered today on Tang You You.

She really wanted to tear this scheming woman apart. No wonder it was difficult for her to attract Ji Xiao Han's attention once she returned to the country. She had come prepared.

She purposely picked the best time to bring her child back to her homeland. Then, she let her child recognize Ji Xiao Han as her father, and her mother would then be able to take the opportunity to ascend to the next rank.