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It's going to take some process to go through the formalities. It's time to finish the important work in the daytime, and it's time to do the work in the evening.

Ji Tingyan lies on her back in bed. Her actions are very gentle. Ji Tingyan is also a person who forgets when she has been hurt. In other words, if she doesn't give up, she has to do it again. She doesn't give up until she gets the sweetness.

Tie Ting kisses her lips and listens to her breaths. Her body is boiling hot.

"Nai!" He murmured her name in a low, charming voice.

Ji Tingyan's ears echoed his breath and his low call to himself. Her brain was a little hazy. She folded her hands and put them around the man's neck.

This time, tie Ting obviously showed her skill again, Ji Tingyan did not have the initial discomfort, and gradually began to adapt.

For nearly an hour and a half, Ji Tingyan can't get up because of the pain in her waist. However, she doesn't admit defeat. If she can't get up, she will lie in bed and squint for a while first. She can always slow down.

However, this time, she narrowed to 3:30 in the morning. When she woke up with her own consciousness, the man around her hugged her, and she had already slept soundly.

"Ah..." Ji Tingyan utters a voice of not gentle surprise. The man instinctively holds her in his arms, opens his eyes sharply, and concerns: "what's the matter, xiaonai?"

"What time is it now?" Ji Tingyan's voice was quivering.

Tie Ting Jun Mou a consternation, long arm to the bedside table a stretch, press bright mobile phone, low dumb answer her: "just 3:30, it's still early, sleep again."

"No, I My father won't let me stay out for the night. " Ji Tingyan quickly sat up. Her long hair is scattered, which makes her look beautiful and lustful. It's like a rose stained with dew. It's bewitching.

Tie Ting saw that she turned on the light, then heard her words, he also suddenly turned over and sat up: "won't it?"

Tie Ting's brain is empty. Will father-in-law break his third leg in the future?

Ji Tingyan wants to put on clothes casually, and tie Ting is also busy putting on clothes. They are very hurried and flustered, just like the early love students, they are afraid of their parents.

Ji Tingyan takes a look at her cell phone, and after a dozen missed calls, she forcefully presses her head. Just now, in order not to quarrel with two people, she specially turns her cell phone to mute, which makes her panic.

"Nai, I'll go back with you. I can explain it to my uncle and aunt." Tie Ting can't let her go back alone to be scolded. If she wants to scold, she should also scold him. After dinner, Ji Tingyan would have to go back. He lured, abducted and tricked her into the hotel.

Ji Tingyan stops, looks at him angrily and says with a smile: "you still need to explain, how to explain? Explain what we did at the hotel? "

Tie Ting: "..."

Ji Tingyan said quickly, "don't go back with me. I'll go back myself. My parents can't help me."

"At least let me take you home. I'm not sure you're alone at this late hour." Tie Ting is a little helpless. Indeed, how can he explain it?

"Well." Ji Tingyan has no objection to this.

The newly purchased car of feting has already gone through the formalities and license plate, and it is parked in the parking lot downstairs. Ji Tingyan drives her car here. So on the way back, two people and two cars, one before and one after, take care of each other, and go all the way to Jijia villa.

Tie Ting clenched the steering wheel with one hand and bit his finger clip subconsciously. He has always been calm in his work. He has never been in such a mess as tonight. He has never been afraid of anything, but he is afraid of his future father-in-law.

In the middle of the night, there were few vehicles on the road, and both of them drove very fast, so they arrived at Jijia gate very soon.

Ji Tingyan pulls down the car window and waves to the man. With the lights of the car, she looks ahead. Until the woman's car enters the gate of the manor, he turns his head and drives away quickly.

After Ji Tingyan parks her car in the garage, she tiptoes to the elevator.

The garage is on the elevator to the second floor. Ji Tingyan is very happy. Her family is asleep.

When the elevator door opened, the light in the corridor lit up with a loud bang.

Ji Tingyan leaps to her feet in fright. Turning around, she sees her father's serious expression and her mother's lazy figure.

"Mom and Dad, why haven't you slept?" Ji Tingyan asked with a dry smile.

Ji Xiaohan looks down at his cell phone and says, "it's three o'clock in the morning, so I'll go home. Xiaonai, don't you watch the time?"

Ji Tingyan felt guilty about being arrested for making mistakes. She had to go over to explain: "I didn't mean to come back so late. I went to see the house with him today. I was so tired, so I narrowed down in the hotel. Unexpectedly, it was so late."

"Have you seen the house?" Ji Xiaohan heard that his daughter fell asleep because of overwork, and her face looked a little better.

"Look, it's the same community as brother. It's an independent villa on the hillside." Ji Tingyan mentioned it, and her face overflowed with a happy and happy smile.

Tang youyou tugged at her husband's arm: "I told you, my daughter will not come back late for no reason. She must have something to do."

Season owl cold gentle look to wife: "sleep."

Tang youyou looks back at her daughter, and Ji Tingyan is thrilled. Why does it feel like she's seen through by her mother?

Tang Youyou, who is also a woman, naturally sees that her daughter is full of lies. Of course, she can understand. After all, she is with the man she likes. If she can still abide by the rules and keep her mind, it's definitely not true love. She understands her daughter's mood, but Ji Xiaohan is worried too much, so she has to not break through her daughter's caution.

Ji Tingyan can't cry or laugh. Her mother hasn't seen her so shrewd in ordinary days. It seems that she has to have a chat with her tomorrow.

The next morning, Ji Tingyan ran into her mother's bedroom in a flattering way. Tang youyou was sitting in front of the dressing table. Ji Tingyan took the comb and said with a smile, "Mom, let me comb your hair for you."

Tang youyou nodded, "OK, I'll pull up my hair by the way."

Ji Tingyan is smart and handy. She has made a noble and decent hair style for her mother. Tang youyou is as old as this year. Her temperament is more and more dignified and elegant. There are traces of years between her eyebrows and eyes, but her skin is still smooth and delicate, which is closely related to her daily maintenance. In addition, her heart has always been good, her mind is young, and her appearance is getting younger and younger.

"Mom, do you know anything?" Ji Tingyan looks at the beautiful lady in the mirror and whispers.

"You're already with him?" Tang youyou asked casually.

"What kind of togetherness do you mean?" Ji Tingyan's face is blushing with shame.

"Well, my mother won't scold you. I want you to be in a hurry. My mother just wants you to take good care of yourself. If you don't want children for the time being, you should take good measures. It's not good to be unmarried and pregnant first." Tang youyou said to his daughter gently.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Ji Tingyan is childish only when she is in front of her parents.