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Mao Rongrong took a white look at him, pushed his arm off his shoulder, pretended to go to the kitchen to boil water as if nothing had happened, and replied by the way, "I dare not bother you to explain for me. You are my biggest trouble."

"Trouble?" Lu xuanchen immediately followed him to the kitchen and said: "Rongrong, am I really a big trouble for you? It's sad. " Mao

Rong Rong turns around and looks at him. His melancholy eyes, somehow, easily touch her heart and make her whole person more uneasy.

"What is our relationship now?" Mao Rongrong lowered his eyes and asked softly. "

of course it's a relationship between men and women, isn't it?" Lu xuanchen looked at her beautiful side face, with the little woman's coyness, let him inexplicably want to bully her. "

Lu xuanchen, your joke is really too big, we are not suitable, our profession is different, the people we contact are different, you are like the stars hanging in the sky, and I I'm also quietly fighting for my own life. We can't fight together on eight poles. How much pressure do we have to bear together? Have you ever thought about it? " Mao Rongrong's expression flashed over a bit of anxiety. She was also a calm person. She would not act impulsively since she was a child. When she did everything, she would think clearly about the causes and consequences. Moreover, she had no spirit of adventure, and she was down-to-earth, rigorous and prudent step by step.

"If you don't try, how can you know it's not appropriate? Rongrong, I I really like you, although in the eyes of outsiders, I have been successful, and the scenery is infinite, but in my heart, I am just an ordinary man, the feelings I need are also very ordinary, I just want to have a warm home to come back after work, maybe you think I should like women of the same occupation as me, we are the best match when we go out and in, I really do I don't like you. I like you quiet woman. " Lu xuanchen's tone was also slightly excited, because he was really afraid that she would say no, because he knew that this woman would think about every problem rationally, so he became more and more upset. Once the woman became rational, all the results would not be too romantic. When Rong Rong heard that he liked two words, he raised his eyes. Through the glass lens, the man's beautiful and delicate face was more and more enlarged in front of her, and she heard the heart beating. I don't know where the love starts, but at the moment, she has an idea to go with him, crazy and impulsive.

"Rongrong, I just want to ask you one thing, you Do you like me too? " Lu xuanchen is not sure. There is anxiety in his deep eyes. If Mao Rongrong doesn't like him, it's really a sad thing.

Mao Rongrong quickly turned away. She was an introverted and conservative woman. She was really embarrassed to let her confess her mind so boldly. "

you are silent, so you Don't like me, do you? " Lu xuanchen's whole body is shocked, and his heart is like falling into the deep sea, flustered and uneasy. Rongrong bit her lips slightly. In fact, she didn't know how she felt at the moment, so she felt that she didn't hate him anymore. When she saw him at home, she even felt a surprise.

"Then I won't bother! " Lu xuanchen looks at her delicate figure, inexplicably sad. If the other side doesn't love him, the only thing he can do is not disturb him. Listening to the footsteps of the man turning around and leaving, Mao Rongrong suddenly became anxious.

She turned back abruptly, but she didn't have the courage to chase him until she heard his footsteps reaching the gate. She didn't know where the courage came from. She walked out of the kitchen quickly and shouted: "Lu xuanchen!"

Lu xuanchen took his coat and put on his mask. He was about to leave when he heard that she called out his name. He was shocked. Mao

Rongrong panted and walked to him step by step. When she came to him, her white face suddenly turned red and swollen. Under the lens, her big eyes twinkled and her teeth bit her lips. She said nervously and boldly: "no, I'm actually a little happy with you, but I'm born slow and hot. We haven't known each other for a long time. Now you are Suddenly I was asked to say "like". I'm really embarrassed. Can you Give me a little more time. I think I might really like you. " Lu

xuanchen heard that she was like a young girl falling in love. Her nervous words were incoherent, which made people feel extremely lovely. "

really? How do you know you like me? " Lu xuanchen's heart just fell to the bottom of the sea. Now, it's floating up again. Suddenly, it's in the middle of the air. Joy has occupied his heart. He can't help but lower his voice and ask her. "

I just love to pay attention to your works and news. I used to think it's a waste of time, but now I have a look at it at noon. It's very interesting." Mao Rongrong was even more ashamed. He wriggled his hands and did not know how to place his eyes.

Lu xuanchen's thin lips slightly raised. Seeing her drooping head, he reached out and took off her glasses. "

you What are you doing? " Nearsighted people, the most indispensable is glasses, now, she did not have glasses, suddenly no sense of security, blurred eyes quickly looked at the man. Lu

xuanchen's face flashed a charming smile, and his voice deliberately lowered: "can you see me clearly? Do you want to beat it up a little bit! " What does this man do?

Lu xuanchen saw her stupefied, his smile deepened, his tall body leaned forward a little, his voice is still full of sexy: "for example, like this!" Lu's handsome face suddenly enlarges. Next second, his thin lips kiss Mao Rongrong's lips, which are slightly opened by surprise. After the explosion of the brain, Mao Rongrong, who has never been treated like this, felt that his whole body was roasted by the electric current, and his soul was trembling in his heart. Every time she looks at Lu xuanchen's appearance in the play in front of the computer screen, she will think about what it would be like to be kissed by him. For example,

now, when she gets this taste, she is so beautiful. This

thought deepened with this sweet kiss! Lu

xuanchen, with one hand around her waist and one hand gently holding her pretty face, can't imagine how a weak woman like her shoulders the mission of so many people, petitions for them and somehow wants to be her umbrella. No matter what happens in the future, he will stand beside her and give her a rest.