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C849. She's scared

Lohenen and Mu Lin hurried to the hospital. The two men immediately appeared and immediately attracted a lot of attention. Mu Lin's business suit, long black hair, loose and lazy, charming, white My skin is like snow, and my red lips are like fire, as if only stars are so charming

However, Mu Lin is a strong woman, so many people mistake her for a female star.

Lochning was standing beside her, not inferior, tall and handsome, definitely the eye-catching focus.

The two registered, and waited outside the hospital. When they called, they entered the doctor's office.

The doctor inquired about Mu Lin's situation, and Mu Lin explained her recent situation carefully.

The doctor looked up at Lochning: "Your boyfriend?"

Mu Lin nodded: "Yes!"

"Ms. Mu, I suspect you may be pregnant, take a blood test, you can be sure!"

"What? Pregnant?" Mu Lin's voice sharpened, and the beautiful little face was as pale as the thundering lightning flashed.

Luo Hening, who was standing beside her, had a complicated face.

The doctors in the entire office were taken aback by Mu Lin's scream, and it was unbelievable that a woman so long and beautiful would have such panic screaming.

Lohenen raised his fist to his lips, trying to keep Mu Lin's emotions as quiet as possible: "Mourin, don't be so excited, let's listen to the doctor's arrangement and go to the blood test."

"How can this be? Didn't we take measures every time?" Mu Lin's beautiful eyes were still panic, she murmured, but the volume was not low, so the doctors in the whole office could still hear clearly.

This time, the face of Luo Hening Jun turned red.

"Two, would you like to have a list for a blood test?" The doctor asked immediately.

Lochning answered directly, "Yes, I'm bothering the doctor."

After taking the list, Lochning gently walked out of the doctor's office with Mu Lin.

Mu Lin could not return to God for a long time. Obviously, the news shocked her too much.

"Which time? Which one exactly? The one in the bathtub? Or on the sofa ... or, the balcony ..."

Mu Lin's words stunned Luo Hening's mind, and the next second, his thin lips blocked Mu Lin's non-stop mouth.

Mu Lin's mind burst into a large blank, where can she remember anything, a pair of beautiful eyes widened in surprise.

Fortunately, Lohenen just kissed her for two seconds and then let go. Then he whispered in her ear and comforted: "It's okay, maybe the doctor misdiagnosed it, let's confirm it!"

"I'm stupid!" Mu Lin banged her head suddenly: "A pregnant person just vomits constantly. I thought at first that I was eating something wrong. Now it looks like it might be true Pregnant, Lochning, what should I do? "

Lochning stared at her beautiful eyes tightly and said, "What else can I do? Marry and have children!"

"Don't!" Mu Lin froze, and her pretty lips shook. "Don't get married, don't have children, don't all!"

"Mulin!" Lochenen didn't expect her to hear that she had gotten married and gave birth to a child, and she was so big, she pushed him away and ran down the stairs next to her.

After being shocked for a few seconds, Lohenen quickly responded, and then chased his legs.

"Mourin, don't run, don't fall, you stop now!" Lohenen saw her stepping on a pair of high heels, and then hurried down the stairs so that the scared soul would fly away in case of a fall A fall, that's okay.

"Don't follow me, Lochning, calm me down, don't follow me!" Mu Lin's voice echoed in the stairs, and Lochning had to stop.

"Okay, I won't follow you, just go slowly and don't fall!" Lochning yelled downstairs.

Mu-lin didn't answer him any more, but just accelerated to run down.

I don't know how long he ran, Mu Lin leaned weakly in a dark corner.

She was about to close her eyes to calm her breath. Suddenly, she heard a cry of a baby crying from her side, and her heart shook, and she secretly looked out from the door next to her.

I saw a lot of people standing outside the door. One of the old women was holding a newborn baby in her arms. The little guy's two small arms were waving vigorously, making a loud cry, as if causing family members' note.

A group of people gathered around them, one by one admiring the birth of a new life, one by one, sending blessings to children and parents.

I saw a man next to him moved lightly and lightly and shook the little guy's hand.

That small hand was not as big as a man's one finger, five little fingers, grabbed a man's big finger, squeezed tightly, and the man's face immediately showed joy and excitement.

"Baby, this is your father, say hello!" The old lady holding the child smiled immediately to the little baby in her arms.

The excited eyes of the man turned red. The next second, the little man opened his fingers, the man turned his back, and reached out and wiped his eyes subconsciously.

At this moment, the doctor pushed a cart with a mother who had just given birth, and the man greeted him quickly.

Immediately afterwards, several family members greeted each other with various concerns about the mother.

Mu Lin stood by the door stiffly, watching this scene, her mind was a bit blank again.

It turned out that she desperately ran down and went straight to the obstetrics and gynecology department. She stood by the door like this, and after a while, the nurse came out with a baby and shouted the name of her family, and another group greeted her. The old lady took the name with great joy. Little baby, the next of relatives are watching the cry of the baby, little life

The arrival is definitely something to be happy about.

Mu Lin finally came out directly, leaning by the door, watching one after another the newborns were taken from the nurse's hand, watching one by one the tired women collapsed, but heard the child A happy smile appeared for a moment.

Lochning walked down one staircase and one staircase down the stairs. Although he promised Mu Lin not to run, he could not rest assured, so he walked down slowly.

He walked down such a long staircase without seeing her, he was really worried.

When he reached this floor, when he heard the cry of the baby, he stopped and walked out of the door. At this moment, he saw Mu Lin standing beside Ruomuji, and Jun face was slightly surprised.