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Yang Chuchu was like a little kitten when she saw Mi Fei Er, her entire body tensed up as she grabbed onto Tang Youyou's arm tightly, as if Tang Youyou was able to give her sufficient strength.

Tang Youyou's clear eyes also sized up Mi Fei Er. Her height advantage was already enough to suppress the two of them.

Mi Fei Er was obviously very curious about Tang Youyou's identity as well. However, she had just returned to her hometown, so she did not know anything about the news of him coming here. She felt that Tang Youyou was probably a good friend of Yang Chuchu.

Miss Yang, I'm sorry, I came in a hurry and didn't prepare a present. Here is my name card, you can pick out any gift you like from any of my brands." She took out a blue business card from her bag and handed it to Angele.

Yang Chuchu looked at the name card, completely dumbfounded. It was because she did not expect Mi Fei Er to use such a method to strike a blow at her.

Tang Youyou lightly pushed the stunned Yang Chuchu.

"Sister Long …" Yang Chuchu was obviously unsure if he should take her name card.

Tang Youyou knew that she was in a state of panic now. Sigh, he really doubted how she became an actor, how could she be serious at this point, he could just treat it as an act.

"Thank you. I'll take it for Chuchu. What brands do you have in your hands? Can you tell me in detail?" Tang Youyou immediately revealed a smile, and then, gave Mi Fei Er a difficult problem.

The corner of Mi Fei Er's mouth lifted slightly, as he proudly stated the names of some of the brands under his banner.

Tang Youyou had actually heard of these brands before, but at this moment, in order to protect Yang Chuchu's face, she immediately said indifferently: "Miss, I am so sorry, but the brands that you mentioned, I have actually never heard of them before. Chuchu is my friend, and I know about her preferences, she might not be suitable to use these products of yours.

Mi Fei Er's gentle and elegant face instantly changed. There was a trace of contempt in her eyes as she looked at Tang Youyou. "My brand has already reached the scope of the entire world, you can't possibly not know about it. Unless, you can't afford to use my things, so it's a different story."

Hearing Tang Youyou's words, Yang Chuchu's anger was secretly lifted. Suddenly, hearing that Mi Fei Er was going to stab Tang Youyou again, she did not want to be a coward anymore, and immediately imitated Tang Youyou's bland tone: "Miss Mi, I think you do not know her identity. Would she not be able to use your brands? She just disdained it. She has a brand that even you might not have. "

Tang Youyou's heart skipped a beat, she turned to look at Tang Youyou who was retaliating, and laughed uncontrollably.

Mi Fei Er immediately sized Tang Youyou up. Looking at her body, he saw that she was only a luxury item for the masses. He raised his eyebrows: "Oh, is that so? Then would you please introduce yourself so that I can broaden my horizons? "

Just as Yang Chuchu was about to speak, Ji Yueze's indifferent voice came from behind him: "Mi Fei Er, do you have anything against my sister-in-law?"

Mi Fei Er immediately turned around and was shocked when she saw Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze had already stood beside Tang Youyou, and revealed a trace of displeasure towards Mi Fei Er: "Chuchu's birthday, why did you come over to watch the show? You guys don't seem to be friends either. "

Mi Fei Er looked at Tang Youyou in shock, his eyes filled with disbelief: "Ji Yueze, you called her Sister-in-law, could it be that... This is the one who's going to marry your big brother? "

In truth, Mi Fei Er knew about Tang Youyou's name, she had at least heard of it. However, she had never seen it before.

Tang Youyou was also surprised, he never thought that Ji Yueze would actually come over and help.

"Boss, you're right. I don't actually know her, and I don't know why she's here either. Since the boss knows her, then please entertain her for me." Yang Chuchu was not afraid of troubling Ji Yueze at all.

This was because she knew that Luo Jinyu had already informed Ji Yueze that he would take good care of her.

Mi Fei Er immediately knew that he had failed miserably this time. He originally wanted to show off, but he hadn't thought that he would actually bump into Ji Xiaohan's woman. One must know that the wealth in Ji Xiaohan's hands was enough to make Mi Fei Er's brand disappear from this world.

"Sorry, I might really have come to the wrong place!" Mi Fei Er did not dare to continue chatting, and immediately grabbed his handbag, lowered his head, and quickly walked towards the door.

Seeing that she had left with her tail between her legs, Yang Chuchu immediately hugged Tang Youyou happily. "Sis Qu Qu, thank you so much.

Ji Yueze said blandly: I should have contributed a bit too, if there's a day that your family member can invest more in us!

Yang Chuchu immediately laughed and looked at Ji Yueze: "Rest assured, if I really become his woman in the future, I will definitely repay you!"

"Heh, if I still have to wait for you to become his woman, then I will definitely have to wait a long time. Perhaps... It's the next life! " Ji Yueze shrugged his shoulders and said jokingly.

"What did you say …" Yang Chuchu was so angry that her face immediately flushed red.

Tang Youyou also thought that Ji Yueze should not be making such a joke and lightly rebuked him: "Chuchu is already sad enough, stop teasing her."

Yang Chuchu was immediately dragged away by a beauty who ran over, and when she left, she was still glaring at Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze immediately laughed lowly: "It's just a joke, you don't have to take it seriously, right?"

Yang Chuchu stuck out his tongue and made a face at him.

Seeing Yang Chuchu's childish behavior, Tang Youyou could not help but laugh at her.

Ji Yueze unintentionally turned his head, and saw the smirk on her face. To be honest, it made his heart beat wildly.

"Mi Fei Er didn't bully you, right?" Ji Yueze asked her in a low voice.

Tang Youyou hurriedly shook her head. "No, she didn't do anything to me?"

"It's good that you don't have any!" Ji Yueze said softly.

Seeing that Yang Chuchu's problem had been resolved, she decided to leave. Therefore, she said to Ji Yueze: "I will be going back first, you should play around!"

"Alright!" Ji Yueze wanted to stay, but he didn't dare!

Tang Youyou went over to say his farewells to Yang Chuchu, then turned and left.

When Tang Youyou drove back to Ji Family, she saw that the light in the living room had dimmed. She lightly walked up the stairs and pushed open her son's room.

Tang Youyou was stunned, and for some reason, he felt an incomparably warm feeling in his heart.