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Across the screen, lanyanxi could feel that a man wanted to bite herself. She immediately stopped the topic, pretended to be all kinds of catons with bad screen signals, and then hurriedly said: "here I am The signal is not good, or Talk about it tomorrow... "

"Lan Yanxi, put down my cell phone. You can't turn it off without my permission!" How sharp is Ling Mo Feng? Can't you see through her little tricks?

LAN Yanxi had to put his cell phone back and chuckled, "you are really hard to cheat. I used to cheat my grandfather many times in this way."

Ling Mo Feng stared at her speechless. She smiled sweetly. She was so cute that his mind swayed.

"When your grandfather is old, are you willing to cheat others?" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but reprimand her.

"My grandfather often urged me to find my boyfriend at that time. If I don't cheat him, what else can I do for you?" LAN Yan hoped to turn his mouth away, but he didn't think so.

Someone's language!

LAN Yan hopes to see his expression is a little stiff, and he immediately has more fun: "Ling Mo Feng, why are you silent? Do you feel that if you miss me, your life will be incomplete

"Beautiful you!" Ling Mo Feng is such a strict man, who is not serious because of her naughtiness.

Blue words and beautiful eyes curved into crescent moon. Seeing the man staring at herself without blinking, she deliberately pulled her collar and asked in a low voice, "do you want to have a look?"

"What are you looking at?" Ling Mo Feng's brain has been confused by this woman at the moment. She has occupied her heart where she wants to get a job. What does she say.

"Work benefits for you!" Blue words hope thief Xi's smile, reach out and gently pull off their neckline, showing a small piece of white skin

"Yanxi, what are you doing?" The man only felt a sluggish breath, and his voice suddenly became hoarse. At last, he knew what her so-called welfare was, and Jun's face was blushing.

"Show it to you secretly." LAN Yanxi hurriedly pulled back, also a face blush, oneself do so, is too not Jin hold?

"Then why just show me that?" The man's deep voice is not satisfied with the dye.

"Ah!" Lanyanxi thought that the man would blame himself for not being polite enough. Unexpectedly, he wanted to see more. She suddenly laughed and became a fool.

LAN Yanxi is trying to give him a big benefit. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the door from the man's side. Her hands are stiff with fear. She quickly recovers her formal appearance: "are you going to work again?"

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was dark and ugly for a few seconds, and he was helpless. "Yes, I'm going to work. Yan Xi, you should have a rest earlier."

"Well, I'm off today!" Said LAN Yanxi in a low voice.

"Why? Is something wrong? " Ling Mo Feng's face was taut and his tone tightened.

"Nothing, just a little uncomfortable. I have a cold. It's much better now. Don't worry. Wait for you to come back!" When LAN Yanxi said the last few words, his face was hot.

"Well, take care of yourself. If you are not comfortable, don't go to work these two days. I'll ask someone to say hello to Wang Xinyi." Ling Mo Feng gently advised her.

"No, don't say hello. I can go to work tomorrow." Lanyanxi shook his head to ask him for help.

"Well, pay attention to yourself. It's important for your health!" Although the man cares, he still respects her own decision.

LAN Yanxi nodded, even though he didn't give up, he still pressed the screen.

Ling Mo Feng felt a sense of loss.

In the president's office of Roche Group, Luo Jinyu is busy with the work at hand. Suddenly, he hears a knock on the door. He agrees, and sees the opened office door, and pokes in a funny face.

"Clear!" Luo Jinyu saw her, as if he saw the sun. His face was gloomy, and he immediately dyed a gentle color. He stood up and walked towards her. "How are you coming?"

"I just went to give a gift to my boss. I'll come and see you on the way!" Yang ChuChu walked in, smiling.

The man's expression is a little stiff, and his brow is slightly twisted: "what gift do you give to your boss? Is there anything good for him? "

"He has just given birth to a daughter. I have been under his care for many years. Of course, I have to send a congratulatory gift." Yang ChuChu, with his hands on his back, said as he walked up to the man and looked up at him: "that child is so beautiful. She must be a little beauty in the future."

Luo Jinyu saw that her eyes seemed to fall into the stars. They were shining. She couldn't help lifting her chin and kissing the corners of her mouth: "do you envy them?"

Yang ChuChu nodded: "well, who doesn't envy ah, as long as there is a loved one, it will naturally like children, because, I have been thinking about, if we have children, what will look like."

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face was stunned, and her eyes became deeper, and her eyes were more gentle: "you are only nineteen years old. It's still early to mention the child. Don't think about it any more!"

"I've been an adult since I was 19 years old. Some friends I know and others still have children. It's good for women to have children earlier." Yang ChuChu said solemnly.

"That's not good, I don't agree. At present, you can develop your own business well." Luo Jinyu vetoed her idea directly.

Yang ChuChu Dudu said: "Oh, come on, when I went to the boss just now, he just said that he would give me a good script. It's said that it's the most popular IP drama this year. He asked me to audition tomorrow. If I could, the heroine is mine!"

"You really flatter. Have you been watching this show for a long time, so you are so active in giving gifts?" Luo Jinyu looks at her uneasy little eyes and immediately guesses her mind.

Yang ChuChu blushed at once and stared at him angrily: "I'm the idea. You have a opinion."

"Of course not. I just want to ask you how much the gift cost. I'll double supply you!" Seeing that she was angry, Luo Jinyu immediately made amends.

"Really?" As expected, Yang ChuChu was coaxed to be happy, and asked for: "I sent more than one million, you hurry to comfort me!"

Luo Jinyu reached into her arms, took out his wallet, opened it, and put a bank card in her hand: "there are 50 million in it!"

"Wow, Luo is always so generous. How can I feel that you want to sell me? Then I don't want it. It's too expensive. I'm afraid I'll sell myself! " Yang ChuChu is not greedy and asks for a little favor. She will take it, but every time Luo Jinyu gives her a lot of money, she is uneasy.

Luo Jinyu saw that she refused to be so straightforward, and Junlian smiled helplessly: "you are my man. You can only take what I give you if you talk about selling or not!"

"I won't take it, my mother said. I'm only in love with you. I can't use your money." Yang ChuChu turned his back and shook his head.

"Why does your mother educate you like this?" Luo Jinyu's eyes are slightly open and surprised.

Yang ChuChu sighed: "if you have a daughter in the future, will you let your daughter spend the money of a man?"

Luo Jin was speechless in an instant.

"My mother also considers for me. If I depend too much on you, I will become lazy and not go forward. My mother makes me be strong and independent, because she says that in this world, except family relationship is the most stable emotion, friendship and love are not stable." Yang ChuChu is sad to say what his mother said. Luo Jinyu is stupid.

"Does your mother still distrust me? Even you're guarding against me? " Luo Jinyu's heart was crushed by the strangulation, and he asked himself ironically and sadly.

"Of course not, Luo Jinyu. I love your heart. You can't feel it. If the person I'm going to marry is not you, I'd rather be single all the time. I don't take your money, I don't love you, but I love you too much. I'm afraid that I have money disputes with you. Keep your money, don't give it to me, keep it for our children!" Seeing the man's injured eyes, Yang ChuChu immediately raised a smile to comfort him.

"In my opinion, you are no different from my children I want to give you the best! " Luo Jin said with a laugh.

"You really plan to raise me as a daughter. That's not good. Who do you think I am? You have to treat me like a woman, so I won't lose my charm. " Yang ChuChu immediately corrected his idea, and said earnestly.