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C647 happy family of four

Ji Xiaohan's words made Tang youyou feel happy. Unexpectedly, this man also has a cute personality like a cat. It's really rare to see him.

Ji Xiaohan wants to go around to wipe her face, but is stopped by Tang youyou. She blushes and says, "I'll do it myself. I'm still not suitable for you to help me!"

Season owl cold didn't ask, wet the towel, wring the water slightly, and handed it to her.

Tang youYou can't care about shyness at the moment, so he quickly wipes it.

Season owl cold hands ring in front of the chest, lazily lean against the wall, looking at her white back, thin lips deliberately picked: "why don't you wonder what I said to my brother!"

Tang youyou had been scrubbing carefully. His words directly shocked her. Her movement was sluggish. Looking back, Mei Mou hurriedly coagulated him: "what did you say to him?"

"I didn't beat around the Bush and told him to respect you as a sister-in-law." Ji Xiaohan tells her the truth.

After hearing this, Tang youyou chuckled: "it's really like what you can say. It's so direct that people don't even have room to think."

"I've always been open to people close to me." Season owl cold hook lips a smile.

Tang youyou knows his confession very well, because this man was very frank with her.

However, she gradually also likes his character. Unlike some people, she likes to show off mysteries and tighten up people's spirits. Ji Xiaohan, who has a direct saying, is very suitable for getting along.

If he wants to have a cold war with him, he will speak clearly and solve all the problems.

"I hope we can all confess a little in the future! In this way, there will be less trouble, and I won't be as scared as this time. I'm afraid that you know, it's not right. " Tang youyou said with a smile.

"Well, in the future, you have the opposite sex to send you ambiguous messages. You should show them to me as soon as possible and let me repair them as soon as possible!" Ji Xiaohan looked at her jokingly and said.

Tang youyou couldn't help laughing again: "don't worry, as long as we have the wedding, everyone knows that I am your wife, which man will send me ambiguous messages, they must not provoke me again."

"If a wedding can solve all the enemies, well, let's get married at the end of this month!" Ji Xiaohan finished, suddenly stepped forward, raised her chin and kissed her with thin lips.

Tang youyou was surprised by his words, but was shocked by his lips again.

Fortunately, Ji Xiaohan just kissed him and didn't do anything else. However, those dark eyes represent the suffering he suffered at the moment.

Loved ones stand in front of themselves, peeling so clean, as long as they are normal men, can not bear such torture.

Tang youyou's breath finally calms down. The beautiful eyes are filled with bright lights, which are dazzling and charming.

However, the next thing, Tang youyou is embarrassed to do in front of this man, so she looks at him with a little pleading: "you go out, I'll come myself!"

Season owl cold also dare not tease her at this time, although very want, but also have to gentleman's nod: "good, what matter call me, I am at the door!"

Tang youyou nods with shame. Even if there is something wrong, she dare not bother him any more. She just has not got all the head injuries. All the other wounds on her body have healed. In a few days, she can take a bath by herself.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her uneasily, sees her firm face, a smile on her thin lips, opens the bathroom door and goes out.

Tang youyou came out after washing, and saw the man sitting on the sofa with a heavy mind, as if he was thinking something.

Tang youyou knows Ji Xiaohan more and more. Looking at the way he is wringing his eyebrows, it seems that he has met something annoying.

Most of the time, he almost moved his office to her ward. Several waves of people were coming in a day. Piles of documents were sent to him to look over and sign. Ji Xiaohan had to take care of her while he was struggling to cope with the heavy work. Tang youyou was moved and hurt him. Man is not steel. Even though Ji Xiaohan has the iron and steel willpower, he is also a flesh and blood man. In those days, he has lost a lot of weight. Tang youYou can see it in his eyes and remember it in his heart. He is so affectionate to himself. What reason does she not love this man wholeheartedly?

"What's the matter? Is something wrong? " Tang youyou came to his side and sat down. His soft fingers touched his big palm and asked.

Ji Xiaohan looks over at her. Originally, he didn't want to tell her what happened at work, for fear of causing psychological pressure on her.

"Nothing, I'll call the children in and have a rest earlier." Ji Xiaohan holds her small hand on the back and pinches it twice in her palm.

Tang youYou can see that he is trying to hide from her. Since he doesn't want to tell her, she is not easy to ask.

After all, she knew nothing about his work. Even if he told himself, he could not help.

She can only secretly hope that his work will win.

Ji Xiaohan sees two little guys in the toy room. They are doing manual work. It seems that the school has given them homework again.

It's almost ten o'clock now, and the two little guys are already sleepy. Seeing daddy come to call them to sleep, they quickly put down the things at hand, ran to him cleverly, and walked to the bedroom with one hand holding him.

"Daddy, are we going to sleep together tonight?" Tang xiaonai asked happily, a pair of bright big eyes, full of expectation.

Season owl cold nodded: "yes, you sleep with daddy and mummy tonight, anyway, that bed is spacious enough."

"Yeah, I'm so happy!" Tang xiaonai's simple character makes her happy and angry. She is more innocent.

Although Tang Xiaorui is not as happy as his sister, his beautiful little mouth also rises.

This family of four, for various reasons, has not been together for a long time, so the two little guys are happy, and the two adults are also happy from the bottom of their hearts.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou lie on both sides of the bed respectively, and the middle position is left to the children. The two little guys have grown a lot in recent half a year, lying on the bed, rolling and rolling, some can't sleep.

"Mommy, do you like me?" Tang xiaonai's daily quest.

Tang youyou kisses her tender little face: "yes, mommy likes you best!"

Tang xiaonai immediately turned around and made a face at Tang Xiaorui: "do you hear, mommy likes me best!" Tang Xiaorui looks at her scornfully: "what a fool!"