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C1751 putting the past down

LAN Yanxi wants to see Ling Mo Feng off, but Ling Mo Feng stops her. She is pregnant now and is inconvenient to walk around. He hopes that she can rest well and take care of herself and the baby in her stomach.

LAN Yanxi had to nod his head. He didn't ask any more. He got on the bus and headed for Ling's house.

The glass window reflects the man's reluctant eyes, but lanyanxi's heart is warm. It's a happy thing that someone cares about himself so much.

When she arrived at Ling's house, Ling's mother and Ling's father had already packed her room for her to check in directly.

When Ling Laozi saw her, he suddenly thought of his late friend. He was inexplicably sad. He hid himself upstairs and felt sad.

LAN Yanxi is still very clumsy. She used to have Ling Mo Feng and Ling Nuan at home. She can still find someone to talk to. But now, she can only be a good daughter-in-law and dare not ask for anything.

A few days later, Ji's villa is very busy today. Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan come to dinner with their lovely little ink.

There are children in the family. There are lots of laughter and laughter. It's hot and noisy. I'm not happy.


Ji xiaonai and Ji Xiaorui are playing the game of you chasing me, which makes Xiaomo smile. But Ji xiaonai belongs to the kind of baby who doesn't care when she's scared. Her brother chases her behind. She rushes and bumps into her. At last, she directly bumps into a nearby wall, and immediately starts a red and swollen bag on her forehead.

Ji xiaonai's ability to resist pain belongs to the third class. He immediately cried. Ji xiaonai was shocked. He walked quickly and saw that his daughter's forehead was red and swollen. He immediately looked at his son seriously.

Ji Xiaorui retreats two steps, then rolls his face and explains in a low voice: "it's her sister who has to play this game. She doesn't look at the road well."

"Daddy, hold!"

Ji xiaonai is not a child who is unreasonable. Although she is very aggrieved, it's no wonder that her brother has been inspired by her just now.

Ji Xiaohan quickly picks up his daughter, wipes her wet face with his hand, kisses her and comforts her: "stop crying, daddy will give you some medicine. Next time I play with my brother, remember to watch the road come and run, OK?"


Ji xiaonai flat mouth, obedient nod.

Tang youyou and LAN Yue are preparing dinner in the dining room. Hearing that their daughter is crying loudly, Tang youyou runs out and sees that her forehead is swollen. He immediately asks, "what's the matter?

Did Daddy hit you? "

Hearing his wife's words, Ji Xiaohan suddenly froze and looked innocent: "do you think I'm the one who can beat his daughter?"

Tang youyou is stupefied for a while, then he laughs twice and quickly finds the medicine. Ji Xiaohan squeezes out a little medicine to smear on his daughter's forehead. The little guy immediately cries out for pain. Ji Xiaohan's fingers are stiff and dare not rub them hard for a while.

"I'll do it."

Tang youyou immediately replaced him and said to his daughter, "I have to bear the pain."

The little guy stopped talking at once. When facing Mommy, Ji xiaonai was very strong.

Ji Xiaohan is crying and laughing. It seems that he really spoils his daughter. What can I do in the future?

Ji Yueze suddenly ran down the stairs, then waved to Ji Xiaohan: "brother, come here."

Ji Xiaohan looks at his brother helplessly. How can such a big man look like a child.

"What's the matter?"

Ji Xiaohan looks at him strangely.

"I want to talk about marriage with grandma. Please help me to talk about it."

Ji Yueze just ran upstairs to talk with the old lady for a while, but he didn't say he was going to get married. Now he decided to call him together.

Ji Xiaohan smiled helplessly, but he went upstairs with him.

The old lady is sitting on the balcony of the third floor. She likes to be alone more and more recently. When the family is happy together, she is inexplicably sad, thinking of her old friend and remembering the happiness, anger and sadness of her life.

"Grandma, it's almost time for dinner. Let's go down."

Season owl cold comes over, gentle mouth.

The old lady took a paper towel and wiped her eyes. She put on her glasses again. She turned to look at the handsome grandsons and nodded: "OK, I'm going downstairs for dinner."

"Grandma, wait a minute. I have something to talk to you about."

Ji Yueze hurriedly walked over, squatted in front of the old lady, looked up and began to speak seriously.

"What is it?"

The old lady looked at him and sighed.

"I I want to do the wedding with Xiaoyan, and I want to ask you to complete it. "

Ji Yueze lowered his head, afraid that the old lady would refuse as severely as before.

Ji Xiaohan stood beside him and helped him to open his mouth: "the children are so big. It's not easy to explain to the outside world if they don't have a wedding anymore. The marriage between grandma, brother and Xiaoyan can be done."

Old lady Ji looks sad. She looks at these two grandchildren. They have their father's shadow and the old lady's heart. It's even worse.

"Evil debt."

The old lady suddenly shook her head and laughed at herself: "seriously, I can't get over your father's death. Xiaoyan is good, kind, sensible and filial. But sometimes I really want to be selfish and ask her to pay for her mother."

"Grandma, it doesn't matter that Xiaoyan keeps up with her generation. We shouldn't treat her like this."

Ji Yueze couldn't help but feel hurt. Bai Yiyan was willing to follow him and gave birth to the baby without any name or share. This is enough to prove her true feelings for herself. If he can't give her a result, he is upset.

"I know. I know it's not her fault, but sometimes I just don't like it."

The old lady's eyes are red again.

Ji Xiaohan walked behind her, stooped and hugged the old lady: "grandma, you can let my brother do the marriage. Our family will live a good life from now on. This stability is hard won. We should cherish it."

Ji Yueze nodded, "yes, let it go."

When the old lady saw that the two grandchildren had put the past behind her, she nodded: "well, you've all seen it. It's time for my old lady to make progress with the times. You can do it if you want to have a wedding. When Mo grows up, you will definitely have another child in the future. The marriage can't be postponed all the time."

Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze look at each other. They know that grandma is hard spoken and soft hearted. They just need to ask her and everything will be easy.

"Thank you, grandma. Then I'll prepare for the wedding."

Ji Yueze immediately kissed the old lady on the back of her hand and went down happily.

The old lady smiled two times without words: "how can he still be a father like a child?"

Season owl cold reaches out to hold grandma, also follow smile way: "in your eyes, we are always children."