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C814 the truth was revealed

Son's words, make season owl cold Mou color tiny Zheng, immediately look to lie on the bed, face weak pale old man: "Grandpa!"

Although the old man was suffering from illness and lost a lot of weight, he looked at this big one and small two figures at the moment, his expression was still very calm, and he was very pleased: "Xiaorui and xiaonai are the best gifts you give me, I am very happy, with them, I also went to a big thing."

"Grandpa, you Why do you say that! " Ji Xiaohan's heart broke down, but he tried to hold back his sadness and asked in a slightly stiff voice.

"Nothing, it's just a moment of feeling that Xiaorui and xiaonai are the future and hope of our family. I decided to divide my equity into five parts, with Xiaorui and xiaonai accounting for 40%. Let the two grandchildren and your grandmother share the rest equally." The old man spoke softly.

"Grandpa, Xiaorui and xiaonai are still young. You don't have to..."

"Yes, it's a part of my heart for them. It must be." The old man's eyes lovingly looked at the little man next to him. The delicate and beautiful face made him feel like he was back in middle age. At that time, he was surrounded by three small figures.

"Xiaorui, go downstairs to find grandma first. I have something to say to my great grandfather." Ji Xiaohan said to the little guy with a little seriousness.

Ji Xiaorui is very obedient to the old man Yang Xiaoshou, ran out.

In fact, although the old man told him just now that he wanted to give him a lot of money and buy him a lot of interesting and delicious food, the little guy is not so mature at the moment. He still can't understand what the concept of a lot of money means.

After his son left, Ji Xiaohan took a chair and sat down. He looked at his grandfather painfully: "Grandpa, if you do this, my uncle will be angry."

"It's useless for him to be angry. It's my decision. My equity should be distributed by me." The old man didn't have the angry expression before, he just said calmly.

"I know, but I hope grandpa can think it over again!"

"Xiaohan, did your uncle do anything else..."

"No, uncle, he's very calm recently!" Ji Xiaohan answers immediately.

The old man seemed to take a big sigh of relief: "as long as he won't do stupid things any more, I'll rest assured. To be honest, I'm most worried about your uncle and nephew's old resentment. You don't remember it, but I'm afraid he will die and never let go."

"Uncle should have figured it out." Said season owl coldly.

"Also, no matter how sharp the stab is, after five years in prison, it should be polished. He is not young, and he should not have so much ambition." The old man smiled helplessly, as if he would like to see this picture of peaceful coexistence.

Ji Xiaohan knows that grandpa is most worried about the grudges between him and Ji Lin. it's absolutely the saddest thing in the world. Grandpa should not want to see it in his life.

However, the tragedy of close relatives' mutual mutilation has been on all the time. Ji Lin killed his father, and he suffered a lot from his poisonous hands. Fortunately, he escaped a disaster and sent him to prison on the back hand. This has only been in exchange for five years of peace. Now, I'm afraid that this peace will be broken.

"Bird cold, one thing, Grandpa I want to talk to you! " The old man suddenly hesitated.

Season owl cold eyebrow heart a Lin, looking at grandfather, waiting for her to speak.

The old man suddenly put out his hand to cover one side of his face and eyes. He didn't seem to want to think about it, and he didn't seem to have the face to say it.

"It's about your father!" After the old man said it, he looked more self mocking: "your father really disappoints me. I put so much hope on him."

"Grandpa, whatever it is, I can bear it." Ji Xiaohan has a premonition that what grandpa said will be very helpful to him. "The doctor told me the cause of your father's car accident, but after I heard it, I was very disappointed. The doctor took some medicine from your father's blood, which is a kind of sex aid drug used between men and women. On the day of your father's car accident, he could go outside again

to find that woman, just..."

Ji Xiaohan listened to these words, but his face was frozen. He looked at the way grandpa didn't want to go on, and there was a kind of unspeakable pain in his heart.

"Your father is good at everything, but he has dealt with the relationship so much that I am disappointed." The more the old man said, the more sad he was. Obviously, he might have been more desperate and sad that year.

"Grandpa, did my father get the medicine or did he take it himself, which led to this result!" Season owl cold can't help but ask.

"I asked that woman. She said that your father let her take the wine. The medicine in the wine was also the one your father sent her a message to add." The more the old man said, the more pale he was. Obviously, he didn't expect his son would do such a thing.

Ji Xiaohan's heart was shocked. So it's not an accident that his father died. It's because he added something to his wine.

Grandpa said that the woman gave Dad's cell phone information as evidence, but is that information really sent by dad? Or did someone falsify the evidence? Escaped the charge. "I hate this kind of thing very much, so when I know that your uncle has also put medicine in your wine, I will be angry and directly lock him in. I have lost a son. I don't want to lose another grandson. I know that your uncle must blame me for being cruel, but I really don't allow such a tragedy to happen again." The old man said the excitement, and can not help coughing up.

"Grandpa, are you ok?" asked Ji Xiaohan

"I'm fine. I just want you to know about this. When you do things in the future, you must be careful. Besides, you should be nice to youYou. She gave birth to two children for you. It's really not easy. You can't do anything that disappoints me any more, you know?" Season old son admonishes a way.

Ji Xiaohan nods and agrees: "Grandpa, don't worry, I will never do this kind of thing. I'm also serious about youyou. I know it's not easy for her to give birth to a child, and I will be double good to her and live up to it."

His promise, let the old man very happy, nodded and praised: "well, I know you and your father are different, you are much better than him!"

Season owl cold listens to these praise, not happy, but still sad.

He finally knew why Grandpa would be furious and merciless to his uncle. It turned out that Dad's death had something to do with those drugs.

This matter, can only find white true, can really dig out the truth of the matter. Season owl cold just won't because take care of father's face, don't pursue go down.