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LAN Yanxi saw grandpa's messy handwriting and nearly fainted again. Grandpa's pen writing has always been very good. LAN Yanxi's words are taught by grandpa, but the paper in front of him is a manual. It can be seen that he wrote it only when there is no way.

"This damn Lanlin, I'm going to find her." Lanyanxi can't stand it anymore. She must go to find Lanlin for revenge. Even if she is the granddaughter of the blue family, she should also be severely punished for this heinous evil.

"Yan Xi, do you want to avenge your grandfather? I have a way. Can you copy your grandfather's handwriting? " Ling Mo Feng is still calm, looking at the collapse of the woman in his arms, he is distressed and worried, which quickly came up with a solution.

LAN Yanxi breathed a little fast and looked up at Ling Mo Feng. "I can, but I don't copy very much, but I know some of my grandfather's writing habits."

"It doesn't matter. You just need to write it as I said." Ling Mo Feng gently touched her long hair, blue Yan Xi brain some blank, she tried to suppress the inner anger.

Ling Mo Feng turned to Chu lie and said, "this is the user's Manual of a computer. Go and get me an identical one."

Chu lie immediately turned around and went to work. After more than an hour, he came in with an identical manual in his hand.

Ling has written several words. She handed the note to LAN Yanxi: "write it as I said, and now we can go to see LAN Lin for confrontation."

LAN Yanxi reaches for it, and then sees Ling Mo Feng writing a few pointed words on it. She is stunned, and then understands what method the man wants to use to set LAN Lin.

Yes, it's really a good way. Lanlin is not afraid, just because there is no evidence to prove her mistakes. But if the evidence is from Grandpa's self-report, Lanlin will be shocked.

LAN Yanxi closed his eyes and calmed himself for a while. Then he took the pen. He quickly copied Ling Mo Feng's words behind the manual. The old man is used to carrying a pen with him, so it only needs a black steel smile to imitate his handwriting.

After LAN Yanxi finished writing, he was in a cold sweat for fear that his imitation was not in place.

Ling Mo Feng comforted her: "don't be nervous. Lanlin must be guilty. She won't carefully identify the authenticity of these words. Besides, you imitate very much. I've seen the master's brush and ink."

LAN Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief. She suddenly found that with this man around, she was not afraid of anything, as if he could solve all the difficulties in time and avoid all her worries. Ling Mo Feng asked Chu lie and Cheng Yuan to take LAN Yanxi to ask LAN Lin. today, he still has very important state affairs to deal with, so he can't leave.

Lanlin hears a police officer come to the door to ask, she is frightened out of a cold sweat first, then, she pretended to cry all night, haggard went downstairs to accept the inquiry.

When Mrs. LAN San saw the police, she was very upset. LAN Chen didn't sleep all night, and now she was scared to wake up.

"Lan Lin, do you know who wrote these words? And this manual. Do you remember it was included when you bought the computer? " The police directly cut into the subject and handed the manual to Lanlin.

LAN Lin took it with shaking hands and saw that there was a paragraph written on it. The general content was that she cheated the old man out and took him to the cemetery. The old man wrote on it that he had a very painful heart and was about to be unable to breathe.

LAN Lin saw the manual and her brain went off with a bang. Of course, she recognized the manual. But when she was driving, she didn't pay attention to whether grandpa in the back seat had written, but she did find grandpa's pen in the car. She had already left it on the side of the road. She accidentally dropped her pen for Grandpa. Unexpectedly, he still bought a computer for her These words are written in the manual of.

"What does that say?" Lanlin immediately reached out to tear it off, but was subdued by a policewoman.

"Let go of my daughter. You don't want to catch her. She didn't commit a crime." LAN Chen and Mrs. LAN San rushed over, but they were controlled by several police officers.

Lanyanxi comes in from outside the gate. In fact, there is some evidence in her hands. It is the surveillance transferred from the hospital. It shows that a woman wearing a mask wanders in the hospital corridor many times, as if she is exploring the road. Lanyanxi is very familiar with Lanlin. Even if she covers her face, she can recognize her at a glance.

"Lan Lin, don't you admit that you have a premeditated crime? You went to the hospital several times. You didn't step into grandpa's ward, let alone go to find Grandpa. Instead, you turned back and forth in the hospital. Are you looking for an opportunity to start? " LAN Yanxi smashes the photo in her hand on LAN Lin's face.

Lanlin can't escape. She was cut by one of the photos, and a thin blood mark was cut at the temple.

Lanlin stared at the photos, and she burst out laughing like crazy.

LAN Chen and his wife were frightened, frightened and anxious. They looked at their daughter with worried faces.

"Xiao Lin, don't admit it. You can't admit what you didn't do." Blue mother immediately shouted to remind her daughter to calm down.

But Lanlin seemed to be greatly stimulated, and her laughter slowly turned to desolation. Tears came out of her eyes, and she gnawed her teeth bitterly: "I just asked him to bring back the company, but he told me what choice is different, what choice do I need? I just want money, the money belongs to our blue family. "

LAN Chen and his wife looked at their daughter's ferocious expression, and their faces turned pale with fear.

LAN Yanxi immediately asked angrily, "so, you admit that you killed grandpa? Then why can't you admit it? "

"What can I not admit? That's right. It's me. I left him and ran away. I just want him to be stimulated. Isn't he afraid to see grandma? I just want him to look at Grandma's tombstone and make him pay for what it's like to be desperate. " Lanlin is also tortured at the moment. This night, she dare not close her eyes, because as soon as she closes, she can see Grandpa reaching for her in the rain and asking her to take him away.

She thought she was tough enough and would never be afraid of anything, but she overestimated her psychological quality.

"Pa!" LAN Yanxi angrily moves forward, slaps her face hard, and it seems that she can't express her hatred. She wants to fight again. Cheng Yuan reaches out and grabs her arm beside her, and doesn't let her fight any more.

"Lan Yanxi, aren't you a filial daughter? Do you know that? Grandpa looked at me in despair. He thought I would save her, but I didn't Lanlin seems to want to provoke lanyanxi on purpose, so she can tell the numbing details.

But lanchen yelled with a black face: "Lanlin, shut up, stop talking. How can you kill your grandfather? How can you? "

"I'm sorry, mom and Dad, but I just can't accept the company being sent by him." Lanlin shook her head in pain. At this moment, she also felt that she was a terrible person. She always thought she was smarter than others, but now she found out that her cleverness hurt her.

"You fool." LAN Chen can't help but scold her.

Next to the police immediately put on handcuffs to Lanlin: "you are involved in intentional homicide, now you will be arrested."

Lanlin looks down at the handcuffs, a little sluggish.

Lanyanxi was beside him, biting his teeth with hate: "you should be ashamed of your sins in prison."

"Lan Yanxi, you don't have grandpa to support you any more. I'm sure Ling Mo Feng will soon dislike you. Please wait." Before Lanlin left, she cursed lanyanxi.

LAN Yanxi's face was white, and Cheng Yuan sneered: "you can rest assured that the president will love her and give her happiness all his life. However, you may not even have the chance to envy her. Even if you have a day to come out, you will be old and yellow, even if men don't want to look at you."

LAN Lin's face turned pale when she heard these words. Although she has not made a boyfriend officially, she understands the pain of not being noticed by men. She gave Cheng Yuan a look of hate and was unwilling to be taken away.