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Lan Yanxi ran to the hospital again. This time, she saw her grandfather, with the help of Uncle Yu, trying to get out of the wheelchair and walk on her own.

Lan Yanxi stood in the distance and looked inexplicably wet. His uncle seemed to be persuading him, but the old man insisted. He pushed the wheelchair alone and walked for a while, then stopped to rest.

Lan Yanxi bowed her head and couldn't help tears. Grandpa was getting better. She should be happy.

"Grandpa!" Just when Lan Yanxi was about to pass, she saw Lan Lin rushing over from another run, and she was carrying a fruit basket in her hand.

Lan Yanxi and Cheng Yuan around looked at each other, why would Lan Lin still come here?

On the day her two uncles were donated by the company, she had let go of her ruthlessness, and wanted to break the father-son relationship with the old man, and he would never come to the hospital to see him. Yes, but she came.

The old man heard Lan Lin calling her, and turned to look at her with a smile: "It's Xiao Lin, it's rare that you still have the heart to visit my useless old man."

"Grandpa, what are you talking about, you are my grandpa, how can I remember you?" Lan Lin came over, handed the fruit basket to Uncle Yu, and reached out to help the old man go forward: "Grandpa, don't you I was angry with my dad and uncle. They just didn't figure it out. Grandpa has a big mind. I actually admire you for making this decision. If I were to change it, I wouldn't be able to do it. "

"Xiao Lin, you can think so, Grandpa is relieved." The old man nodded with a smile.

Lan Lin's eyes went down under a tree not far away. She saw Lan Yanxi and her female bodyguard standing there for a while, but she didn't come. Maybe she didn't want to meet her.

"Grandpa, I am here to apologize to you. I have done many wrong things before, all because I am young and savvy. I will work hard to be a good person in the future. Will Grandpa forgive me?" Lan Linyi The expression of sincerity confessed wrongly and whispered to Grandpa.

The grandfather looked ahead and sighed, "Which young man can't make mistakes? When everyone has gone the wrong way, grandfather was also young. No matter what, you are all my granddaughters. I won't remember you. I just hope that you can find your own way of life after experiencing right and wrong. "

"I've found it, grandpa, when will you be discharged from the hospital? Where are you going to stay? I want to take care of you." Lanlin asked immediately with concern.

"I don't want to leave the hospital right now. When I recover better, I will find a quiet place to take care of the elderly." The old man thought for a while and answered.

"Would you let me choose that place? Grandpa, just give me a chance to admit it to you. I will definitely pick a place that is very suitable for your retirement. I will also plant flowers for you and pile a few in the pool. Fish, you are not so boring. "Lan Lin immediately said happily.

"No, I asked you Uncle Yu to arrange a place for me. If you want to see me, come straight." The old man rejected Lan Lin's proposal.

Lan Yanxi walked to the other side, just happened to meet her with her father, and she smiled and shouted, "Grandpa!"

Lan Lin thought Lan Yanxi was hiding from her. Unexpectedly, Lan Yanxi came over to say hello, and the resentment flashed on her face.

Cheng Yuan's eyes are very sharp. Because she has been alert to everyone in the hospital, observing each person's subtle expressions is her professional habit. She found that when Lan Lin looked at Lan Yanxi, her eyes were full of resentment. She was startled inside.

"Yanxi, it's not that you don't want to come every day, you're really disobedient." The old man was very happy to see her, but he couldn't help criticizing her.

Lan Yanxi held up the insulated box in his hand: "I just give you something to eat. If grandpa doesn't want to see me, then I'll just go."

"Don't go, come back." The old man knew she was joking, and immediately stopped her again.

Lan Yanxi came up with a smile and said, "Grandpa, it's great that you can stand up and walk."

Lan Lin hates Lan Yanxi too much, so she can't even put on a smile now, she can only turn her eyes coldly.

"Grandpa, I'm leaving now." Lan Lin said, then she bowed her head and left quickly.

Lan Yanxi looked at her with a glance, and sighed, "Grandpa, it's not the right time for me to come, I'm letting her go."

"Yanxi, Grandpa hopes that you and Xiaolin can shake hands and make peace. After all, you are the granddaughter of the Lan family. I really don't want to see you look cold every day like an enemy." The old man was also very heartbroken.

Lan Yanxi nodded: "Grandpa rest assured, if she is willing to talk to me, of course I will not ignore her."

"Forget it, some things are inevitable, let's go and accompany me back to the ward." The old man couldn't force anything anymore, but let the young man solve it himself.

After dinner with the old man, Lan Yanxi and Cheng Yuan left by car.

Cheng Yuan found an opportunity to tell her thoughts: "Yanxi, I think your cousin hates you very much, and she looks a little unfriendly at you."

"I know." Lan Yanxi was sad. "She must hate me, not only her, but everyone in the Lan family hates me."

"Is it because your grandpa donated the company for charity? Will it help you a lot?" Cheng Yuan asked curiously.

"Dialects, not only this, there are many. Family conflicts are sometimes more helpless than social entanglements. If it is an outsider, he hates me. I just ignore it, but my family is different. They hate You still have all kinds of intersections. "Lan Yanxi said with a low head and laughed, feeling very heavy.

Cheng Yuan could feel her despair, but she couldn't comfort her, and she was different. Many words of comfort could not be said.

It was night, and the early summer had already come. After the weather had been cold for a while, it gradually became warm.

After Lan Yanxi took a bath, she was sitting on a rocking chair in front of the door, lit by a mosquito coil next to her, and the aroma surrounded her. She closed her eyes and nourished her.

In the distance, the lights came over, her eyes slowly opened, and she saw a black car standing in front of her. The middle door opened and Ling Mofeng stepped towards her at night.

Chu Kun led a group of people away with interest, Ling Mofeng walked to her side, squatted down, held her little hand with a warm big palm, and rushed to his thin lips: "Wait for me?"

Lan Yanxi nodded: "You said you would come back sooner, I'm waiting for you."

"Fool!" The man whispered, but it was full of petting: "Don't wait outside in the future, so many mosquitoes, do you want to feed them?"

"I ordered some mosquito coils. No mosquitoes dared to bite me." Lan Yanxi said slightly proudly.

Ling Mofeng hugged her directly from the rocking chair, holding Lan Yan in shock. Two little hands tightly wrapped around his neck. A pair of beautiful eyes were smiling: "Don't be like this, be careful People saw it. "

"What about seeing it? Can't I hug my wife yet?" Ling Mofeng's voice sounded proud.

"I'm not your wife right now, at most there's only one fiancée." Lan Yanxi turned back to him with a small mouth.

"It will be right away. Tomorrow, we will go to collect the permit, and we will hold the banquet after receiving the permit. We will tell the world that you Lan Yanxi is my Ling Mofeng's wife. We must get married quickly." Ling Mofeng smiled lowly, her thin lips were on her Kissed his face twice.

"Why hurry to get married? I want to enjoy more single life, I want to keep in love." Lan Yanxi immediately looked like a disobedient child, he said one thing, and she refuted three sentences.

"The position of the First Lady is vacant. Don't underestimate this status. There are many important things waiting for you to do. I want a virtuous help." Ling Mofeng whispered.

"What am I going to do?" Lan Yanxi looked surprised.

"I'll let me sort out a copy of your work, and I won't let you idle." Ling Mofeng looked at her clear eyes, and suddenly felt bad for her, afraid she would be too busy and tired.

"Oh, okay, I'll do my best." Lan Yanxi didn't escape and just nodded seriously.

Ling Mofeng likes her reasonableness. It makes him feel easy to get along with her. When he just heard that he was going to get engaged to her, he was afraid that she would behave arbitrarily and unreasonably. Now, she is not willful, nor Will be quite unreasonable, the man really feels lucky and picks up treasure.