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"Mm …" It was unknown if it was because Ji Xiao Han kissed her too often, but the little guy was unhappy. Feeling that a mosquito was biting her, he reached out his little hand uncomfortably, scratched his forehead, and then flapped his little mouth twice, looking like he was about to cry.

Her small actions startled Ji Xiao Han. He thought that the position he was holding her in wasn't right, and that she wasn't well enough to sleep with the little guy.

Like a butterfly flapping its wings, those long eyelashes flapped twice, and a pair of crystal black beautiful eyes opened.

Ji Xiao Han was stunned, it can't be, what the woman said was true, her daughter was awake and she was trying to get her?

Not Dad!

"Xiao Nai, can I take you to see Mummy now? "Don't cry …" This was the first time Ji Xiao Han had ever heard the little guy cry so easily. It was a second later and once that large teardrop fell, even Ji Xiao Han's hard and cold heart was about to break as well.

Without a second word, he carried his daughter and prepared to leave Walk Outside.

Just at this time, Uncle Yuan drove his car and brought Tang You You and Tang Xiao Rui down. The four of them bumped into each other at the entrance.

"Mummy …" The moment Tang Xiao Nai saw Mummy, she immediately broke free from Ji Xiao Han's embrace.

Although Ji Xiao Han didn't want to let go of his daughter, his daughter's little strength made it impossible for him to persevere and he could only let go of the little guy. She immediately ran towards Tang You You like a puppy seeing its mother.

Tang You You crouched down and hugged the little fellow. Tang Xiao Nai, who was still unconscious, as soon as she returned to the Mummy's embrace, once again laid on the Mummy's shoulder in a listless manner. She intended to continue sleeping.

Ji Xiao Han saw that Tang You You was carrying one of them, and was holding it by the hand.

Suddenly, this feeling of loneliness enveloped him, causing his mood to turn dry and gloomy.

"Daddy, we are going back with Mummy. Come find us after you have thought it through." Tang Xiao Rui's cunning big eyes looked at Ji Xiao Han with a smile.

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders. "What are you thinking about?"

"You understand!" The little guy gave him a mysterious wink.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the mischievous little ghost, and suddenly felt that the rest of his life was not too bright.

Of course he understood what his son meant, he was just asking him to sign another guarantee with him. Little guy, when your little butt blossoms from a beating, you actually plotted against your father.

In front of Ji Xiao Han, she could not be proud anymore. Although he was holding onto the two little fellows with his hands, she still felt that it was not safe enough. He had to quickly leave this place, leave his territory, or else his nerves would not be this tight.

"I'm worried about you taking the child away like this. Coincidentally, I have something that I need to take care of. Where are you staying?" I'll send you off along the way! " Of course, Ji Xiao Han wasn't willing to part with his children like this. He immediately condescended and wanted to be the driver.

Tang You You really did not want to stay for another second, she coldly said: "You just need to ask Uncle Yuan to send us out, I won't bother you!"

He had followed Ji Xiao Han for so many years, so he had long known what temper the Young Master had. At this moment, the murderous look in his eyes caused him to shiver.

"Aiyo …" My stomach... "Sorry, I suddenly have a stomachache. I need to go to the washroom …" Uncle Yuan's talent in acting was not bad, just that it wronged an old man who was close to fifty years old.

In order to create a good opportunity for the Young Master to be attentive to him, his illustrious reputation had come to an end.

Ji Xiao Han was actually very grateful to Uncle Yuan for his ability to adapt on the spot, and looked at Tang You You provocatively.

Tang You You was so angry that her face turned completely white, this bastard, was too despicable.

Tang Xiao Rui stood at the side. His eyes however, were bright and astute as he suddenly sighed, "Aiya, dad, are you tired? If you want to send us back to Mummy, then just speak properly.

The little guy was not afraid of losing face and immediately exposed everything.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face immediately flushed red. After hearing his son speak so arrogantly, Tang You You immediately returned the gaze that he had just given him, filled with provocation, and said, "That's right, who are you putting on an act for? It's not like I'm not giving you a chance as long as you tell me properly."

The blue veins on the man's forehead began to bulge sinisterly. Very good, this woman is courting death.

"Anyway, the Uncle Yuan cannot send you out, I can only send you out!" This was the first time Ji Xiao Han felt embarrassed. He grabbed his car key and walked towards the car.

"Mummy, let's get on the carriage!" Tang Xiao Rui smiled and held onto Mummy's hand.

Although Tang Xiao Rui did not give him face, he was still very excited. After all, their family had finally reunited.

Although his father's face was smelly and Mummy's face was cold, he still … The whole family is together now.

Tang Xiao Nai lied in Mummy's embrace, so familiar that she couldn't help but continue sleeping.

Ji Xiao Han started up the engine. Usually, he drove very fiercely, but at this moment, taking into account the fact that he had two treasures on him, his driving movements became steady and gentle.

Ai, is this the journey of a man turning into a dad? He had gone through the day like a rocket, and now he couldn't find the freedom to do as he'd done yesterday.

The car steadily drove around the mountain to the entrance of the manor. The six black sedans that were waiting there saw his car coming out and followed him back and forth, protecting his car in the middle.

"Daddy, is someone trying to rob you? Why do you bring so many bodyguards with you every day? Tang Xiao Rui's face was covered with question marks, as he asked with a serious expression.