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Sure enough, hearing Xia shuran's name, he Jiaxuan's face suddenly turned gloomy.

"Xinnian, when I did something that I'm sorry for you, now I want to mend you. Don't you even give me this chance?"

He Jiaxuan's face was sad and self reproachful.

At the moment, it's the rush hour of work. He Jiaxuan looks handsome and has elegant temperament. In the eyes of outsiders, he is definitely a charming man. Now, he is entangled with Xia Xinnian here, which naturally makes people think.

Fortunately, not many people know the real identity of he Jiaxuan. Therefore, Xia Xinnian is so happy that he is so obsessed by such an excellent and noble man. That must be true love.

"Mi Bu?

Forget it, everything about you is terrible to me. I don't want to have any more relationship with you! "

Xia Xinnian said coldly, turned around and left.

This time, he Jiaxuan didn't have the courage to catch up with her again. Seeing her disappear into the crowd and squeeze into the crowded elevator, he was petrified.

I didn't expect Xia Xinnian to hate him so much. Didn't he really get a chance?

When he Jiaxuan turned around and left, he felt reluctant to come back.

Just now, a glimpse of Xia Xinnian still lingers in his mind. Her change has impressed him. Even for her dead heart, he Jiaxuan can't ignore the feeling of awakening again.

If we have had it before, we may not be so eager now. But when he Jiaxuan and Xia Xinnian first contacted, they didn't even kiss her lips and only held her hand. So, if we want to come now, we will feel that we will lose it if we don't get it, which will be a shocking thing.

No matter what, he Jiaxuan will try again. Now Xia Xinnian makes him reluctant to let go.

At this time, he Jiaxuan's phone rang. He saw Xia shuran's name, and his face suddenly turned ugly.

I don't know if men will be tired of the old and the new. At the beginning, Xia shuran was the perfect person for his wife. But now, when he saw her phone, he had an impulse to throw it away. He didn't want to answer it, let alone hear her voice.

The degree of this antipathy, with he Jiaxuan's desire for Xia Xinnian more and more strong.

"Hello, shuran!"

He Jiaxuan can't completely ignore Xia shuran. After all, she still holds 20% of the company's equity, plus 25% of his father's equity. If their father and daughter really disagree with him, the position of president of his company will be shaken.

Thinking of this, he Jiaxuan can't help biting his teeth. It seems that he has to find a way to transfer Xia shuran's shares to his own name first, so that he doesn't have to be afraid of the father and daughter anymore.

"Jiaxuan, let's have lunch together at noon. I'll book a seat!"

The beautiful voice of Xia shuran came.

"At noon I have an appointment with a client for dinner. Maybe I don't have time! "

Almost instinctively, he Jiaxuan was shocked when he refused her.

"Which client did you have an appointment with?

I want to go too! "

Xia shuran is not so easy to pass, immediately and Jiao didi asked.

He Jiaxuan calmed down immediately. He knew that he could not refuse all the time. She is still his wife now.

"Well, I'll pick you up at twelve!"

He Jiaxuan promised to come down.

Xia shuran was immediately happy: "Jiaxuan, let's contact later, love you!"

After hanging up the phone, Xia shuran lost most of her resentment. What she felt was that she was worried about. He Jiaxuan couldn't deliberately ignore her. He was just too busy with his work. As his wife, she should understand him.

In order to solve the lie, he Jiaxuan invited several customers to have dinner together at noon. At half past eleven, he asked the driver to walk around the door of his home and pick up Xia shuran and go to the restaurant together.

Xia shuran dressed up carefully at home. She wore a rose red waist skirt to make her look charming. She also wore their wedding diamond rings on her ring finger and sprayed her favorite perfume of he Jiaxuan.

"Jiaxuan, you haven't had a good rest recently. You look tired. It's really hard for you to run for this family. I feel so sorry that you are so drunk every day!"

Xia shuran, like a considerate and virtuous wife, warms up to he Jiaxuan's virtual cold.

He Jiaxuan had a mask like smile on his face: "of course, I will work hard to give you the best life, for you, I am not tired!"

"Jiaxuan, you are so nice. I knew that I was the most right to choose you. Jiaxuan, I love you!"

Xia shuran said as he approached his thin lips and offered a kiss.

"Cough..." Looking at her lips, he Jiaxuan turned away and coughed.

"Sorry, I have a cold!"

He Jiaxuan looks apologetic.

Xia shuran was stupefied and had to sit up straight. He asked with concern, "have you seen the doctor?

Do you want to get some medicine! "

"It's OK, just a moment later!"

He Jiaxuan shook his head, not worried.

The sixth sense of a woman is the most accurate. Xia shuran always felt that he had just deliberately avoided her lips.

I hope it's not that she thinks too much. If he Jiaxuan really dare to empathize, she will never let him go easily.

After the merger of he group and Xia group, each holds half of the shares. Xia shuran is not afraid that he Jiaxuan will betray himself, because the cost of betraying her is too high. He Jiaxuan is so smart that he dare not bet on his future.

When she arrived at the restaurant, Xia shuran got off the bus and deliberately crooked her feet. Then she squatted on the ground, her eyes red with grievance: "Jiaxuan, I can't walk. Can you take me in?"

He Jiaxuan's face is stiff for a moment. He doesn't know whether Xia shuran intentionally sprained his foot or not. But he is really embarrassed to ask him to take her in at the moment.

If it's the first month of marriage, it's fresh. With that passion, he will carry her in.

But now, he Jiaxuan is already an old husband and wife. He Jiaxuan refuses to hold her like this in public.

"Jiaxuan, don't you want to?

But my feet really hurt. "

Xia shuran blinked her beautiful eyes and looked pitiful.

"Of course not, I will!"

He Jiaxuan struggled in the bottom of his heart. At last, he decided to meet Xia shuran's delicate wish.

As soon as Xia shuran is happy, she knows that he Jiaxuan still loves her and will not leave her alone.