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Yang Siyu's wrong attitude made Bai Yiyan feel reluctant to blame her. She reached out and hugged Yang Siyu. She smiled in her ear and said, "thank you for letting me know the gender of the child!"

"Alas, I can't give and receive the female clearly. Xiaoyan, you should let go quickly. Ji Yueze will see this. Can't eat my vinegar?" Yang Siyu immediately shouted nervously. Bai

Yi Yan just released her hand and looked at Yang Siyu's serious appearance. She laughed again: "am I afraid you will like me?" "

that's not necessarily true. I'm very playful. I have no resistance to beautiful women!" Yang Siyu said in a wild way.

"Then I have to record what you just said and let Jiajia listen to it!" Bai Yiyan said bad.

"Xiaoyan, I'm wrong. You can't betray me. If Jiajia listens, I have to give her a month's gift to coax her." Yang Siyu was really frightened. He asked her to forgive her. Bai Yiyan looked at her bright and lovely expression and sighed: "think, you know women's mind so well, generous and gentle. No wonder even women can't help falling in love with you." "

you mustn't be moved to me. I'm afraid Ji Yueze will cut me with a knife!" Yang Siyu proudly reminds her. In the twinkling of an eye, it was more than six o'clock in the evening. The snow stopped outside the window, but it was cold. Season

Yueze's straight black suit, sharp short hair and wild back combed, showing a deep face like a knife, axe and axe. It's hard to describe handsome as a gifted pose. The season star loved by thousands of girls can conquer men, women, children and old with one face, which shows how charming he is. He walked up the stairs with long straight legs and strong neck. When he pushed open the bedroom door, he saw Bai Yiyan, who was sitting on the sofa chatting with Yang Siyu. She was wearing a long beige skirt, which was decorated with bright rhinestones, bright and noble, and an angel like face, which was even more amazing. Season

as soon as Yueze came in, she heard Bai Yiyan's laughter. It can be seen that the conversation was very happy.

"I didn't see you smile so much when I chatted with you." Someone is jealous in a flash. Yang

thought quickly stood up: "Ji Yueze, I haven't seduced your baby woman. I'm just telling jokes to make her happy. I heard that pregnant women should keep in a good mood, and the babies born are smart."

"Si Yu, I really don't want to treat you as a rival in love, but I have to admit that you have a good way of dealing with women." Ji Yueze joked. "

of course, otherwise, how can Jiajia follow me wholeheartedly?" Yang Siyu is a little good. "

let's go, the car is downstairs!" Ji Yueze came home to pick them up.

"What about little star and lengfei? Did you really send them to help? " Bai Yiyan asked softly. "

of course, they are also my staff. Tonight's banquet is more grand than ever. They are short of staff. They are two people I trust. Of course, they should send them to help." Ji Yueze said with a smile. "You have to pay them twice as much," Yang nodded "

don't treat them badly, don't worry!" Ji Yueze is a generous person. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei have always been his trusted subordinates. Naturally, they will receive various rewards.

The car headed for Tianyu group.

There is a special banquet hall on the second floor of Tianyu group. At the moment, the lights are bright and the stars are shining. There is a long dragon in front of the door. It's like an exhibition of luxury cars. "

stop, I see Jiajia!" Yang Siyu's sharp eyes found that in the corridor not far away, Chen Jiajia was surrounded by several men, and she suddenly became jealous. "

it seems that Jiajia is very popular!" Bai Yiyan also saw it and couldn't help laughing. When the car stopped, Yang Siyu immediately pushed the door and ran down. Chen

Jiajia is wearing a set of retro national long dress, with long black hair hanging down on her shoulder and back. There is no particularly bright decoration on her body, but she stands there vividly, which is enough to amaze men's eyes.

She has a beautiful posture, standing straight, long skirt is very broad, but it can not cover up her female style. A few men nearby are trying to find a topic to talk with her. They see that she is coming alone. Besides, she doesn't look like a female star. She looks gentle. At first sight, she can marry a good and beautiful wife. Which man is willing to let go?

Chen Jiajia's beautiful face is already impatient. What are these men going to do?

"Jiajia!" Yang Siyu suddenly appeared from the side, and Chen Jiajia immediately showed joy. Around

several men around her saw a beautiful and sweet girl appear, and her face was startled.

Different from Chen Jiajia's cold and indifferent temperament like fireworks, Yang Siyu is definitely a fashion darling with bright colors.

"What are you going to do?" Yang Siyu slightly picks up the eyebrow and directly reaches for Chen Jiajia's hand.

Of course, those men didn't see what was wrong. One by one, they could hide the yearning color in their eyes and asked with a smile, "beauty, are you interested in being a friend?" Next, I took out business cards one by one. It seems that they are all the leaders of a company. However, in Yang Siyu's eyes, these men only have one label, the sex wolf! No, Yang Siyu turns around and kisses Chen Jiajia on his lips. The sudden sweetness stunned several men nearby. "

this is my girlfriend. You have no chance. Let's go!" Yang Siyu finishes, grabs Chen Jiajia's hand and walks to the entrance of the hall. Chen

Jiajia bowed her head and smiled shyly and sweetly: "thinking and talking, you are here in time. Those people are so tired that I follow them everywhere."

"Jiajia, that's because you are so beautiful. Men are like seeing flowers. They don't want to let go!" Yang Siyu also laughed and praised. "

I've worn a very simple dress!" Chen Jiajia pulled at her broad skirt.

"I know, but you have a kind of temperament of a good wife and a good mother. A man's eyes are burning. Looking at a woman with such a gentle temperament, he wants to marry home." Yang Siyu said with a resentful look.

"I've been with you all my life. If I want to marry you, I'll marry you too!" Chen Jiajia answers with a smile.

"I love that!" Yang Siyu looks happy. At the entrance of the hall, a black extended car stopped, the door opened, and Ji Yueze stooped out. The on-site media immediately exploded. He quickly raised the machine in his hand and shot.

Everyone is looking forward to Ji Yueze bringing a female partner to the party today. When they see Ji Yueze getting off the car, they bend down and stretch out their hand to hold a woman's hand. Everyone is looking forward to it. "

it's Bai Yiyan!"

"Why or her? Is she pregnant? "

"I think it's pregnant. It's all obvious!"

Everyone was shocked. A while ago, there was no scandal about Yueze after he had an affair with a rich woman. Everyone thought that he might have found his girlfriend in a low-key way, but now it seems that his low-key reason is that his love has never changed. White

Yiyan can't open her eyes because of the flashing lights on the scene. She can't help but raise her hand to block it.

Ji Yueze reached for her waist and strode into the hall under the escort of a group of bodyguards. Banquet

in the hall, there are new big stars in the entertainment circle. All the female stars are well dressed and dressed up, and all the male stars are also in high spirits. White

Feather group has brought a lot of new male and female stars this year. In this celebration, many female stars have an unrealistic idea that they hope to take this opportunity to attract the attention of Ji Yueze.

Everyone knows that Ji Yueze doesn't have a gossip girlfriend at present. His relationship with that big lady has ended without any problems. He should be in an empty window now, which is a good opportunity for all single female stars.

But when we saw a couple walking in hand outside the banquet hall, everyone's eyes were staring straight. They were the female stars, with unbelievable expressions on their faces. "

Bai Yiyan?"

"Why is it her again? Does Ji always associate with her? " "

doesn't it mean her mother is a murderer? And killed Ji's father? "

Everyone was shocked, because Bai Yiyan's mother's affair was not a secret for a long time. Bai

Yiyan was still a little scared. She paused and shivered.