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However, if she doesn't leave, will she stay to see the love between the two men and women?

Want to wait for their wedding?

Think about it, she feels sick and nauseous.

So, the only thing she can do is to choose to leave, to leave these two terrible people.

Five years later! An international flight from F International Airport, first class.

A little red ball fell out of a beautiful and delicate boy's hand and rolled on the top carpet.

When the little boy saw it, his big black eyes were blinking, and he was about to run away from his favorite little ball. He looked over his little head at the sweet young woman sleeping next to him, secretly untied his seat belt, and two short legs jumped down in a flash.

Then he ran after the ball.

It wasn't long before the little boy ran away. Suddenly, an old lady pushed a big man who was sitting beside her, and reminded him loudly, "Sir, your son has run away. Take him back quickly. It's very dangerous to run around on the plane."

The man pushed by the old lady is tall, handsome and noble.

Jimucheng turned to his face, glanced at the old lady beside him with indifference, and a low and cold voice sounded: "he is not my son, you call him the wrong person!"

"Ah, isn't it?"

The old lady's expression of surprise: "but you are just like the big and small version. It's just a mold."

Jimucheng's sexy and beautiful lip corners smoked. He didn't even have a woman. Where's his son?


A childish voice came from a place far away. It seemed that it was to pick up his little ball, and where he hit it, the voice of adult concern immediately rang.

Then, a flight attendant came to help and brought the little boy who was holding the ball forward, caring about the situation of the children.

When the little boy shook his head and spoke English in a tender tone, he said he was OK.

The beautiful stewardess took the little boy's little hand and walked to the side of jimucheng, smiling and reminding: "Sir, please take good care of your son. Children can't run around on the plane."

Jimucheng looks up a little impatiently to explain the misunderstanding with the stewardess. Unexpectedly, he first sees a delicate and lovely face. The dark and thick sea covers his full forehead, a pair of beautiful big eyes, as if they are stars, shining, small, smart and pretty nose. The shape is perfect, and a pair of thin and bright red lips are slightly pursed It looks like four or five years old, but it gives jimucheng an amazing perfection.

"Please take care of your son, sir!"

The stewardess was also amazed by the beautiful face of Ji Mucheng. She blushed and whispered a warning.

"He's not my daddy. I don't have a daddy!"

The little guy took the lead in opening his mouth and solved the embarrassment.

When Ji Mucheng heard that he didn't have a father, he felt sorry for him.

It's a pity that such a lovely child doesn't have a father?

The stewardess and the kind-hearted old lady beside them all expressed surprise.

"Well, I'm sorry. I may have misunderstood him, sir. Isn't he really your son?

It looks like it! "

The stewardess explained with a smile.

Jimucheng has a good look on his brow. He knew that this kind of embarrassing thing would happen. He shouldn't have lent out his private plane. Now he's a little embarrassed.

The little boy turned around and jumped to his seat. His little hands quickly fastened their seatbelts and smiled at the stewardess: "sister, I'm ok!"

The stewardess made a scene of Wulong, also feel very embarrassed. After making sure that the little boy is wearing the seat belt, she asked a young woman sitting next to her at the window, who was sleeping loudly. She whispered, "is this your sister, little friend?"

The little boy's beautiful eyes flashed a smile, shook his head and said, "no, it's my mommy!"

Hearing the little boy's words, the man's deep eyes looked at the sweet woman sleeping on the back of the chair beside him.

The woman slept very well. She was wearing a black suspender skirt. Now she was covered with a blanket. Her long hair covered half of her face. She was a very young woman in her early twenties. I didn't expect that she would have such a big son.

"It's like, it's like, it's like being born!"

The old lady next to Timothy smiled and murmured.

Jimucheng didn't care, but when the old lady said a few words, his eyes fell on the little boy.

The little guy is wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of grey jeans shorts. He is very simple to dress up, but he looks very good with his delicate and picturesque face.

"Uncle, are you looking at my mommy?"

Xia Yuchen blinked his big eyes and asked with a slightly mischievous tone, smiling at the deep eyes of Mocheng, the necessities.

Jimucheng's expression was slightly stiff. He immediately took back his eyes and held back. He said lightly, "no!"

The little guy left his mouth. This uncle is really strange. He just peeped at mommy and didn't admit it.

When the plane slipped down and landed at the airport, Xia Xinnian, who had slept all the way, finally woke up.

She rubs her eyes, stretches her waist and sleeps on the plane. It's really not a comfortable thing. It's just the same with backache.

Xia Xinnian decides that he can't work all night for the next long journey, or he will be really tired! When the plane stopped, all the passengers were ready to get off the plane. Xia Xinnian was going to get up. Suddenly he was dragged by his son. The little guy whispered in her ear, "Mommy, this uncle next to you has been peeping at you!"

Xia Xinnian is stunned. The beautiful eyes like water look at the man next to him. He sees that the man does not want to get up and leave. Instead, he takes a sunglasses and puts them on his face, covering most of his facial features. But under the sunglasses, it's a beautiful male face.

"Don't talk nonsense. Get off the plane now. Mommy will take you to eat delicious food!"

Xia Xinnian urges her son. She hasn't returned to China for five years. She really miss the delicious food in China.

Just when Xia Xinnian was planning to get off the plane with her son, she suddenly stood up behind a tall figure.

With a pair of sunglasses, Ji Mucheng stands behind Xia Xinnian. Maybe because she is so young and has a son, Ji Mucheng rarely looks at her. Suddenly, his pupils shrink.

See the position of the left shoulder of a woman, unexpectedly have a heart-shaped birthmark.