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C1526 Ling Mo Feng's bad deeds

LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng are standing by, and dare not disturb them. When the lawyer nearby has dealt with everything, LAN Laozi just raises his head and waves to the two people standing by: "come here, sign and press a fingerprint."

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi look at each other and express their helplessness.

Several lawyers present, seeing Ling Mo Feng, were all in awe, bowed their heads and said hello.

Lingmo Feng is still very intimidating in the eyes of outsiders. Unfortunately, all the rooms are people he dare not offend. He does not dare to put on any airs. He has to sign when he wants to sign, press his fingerprint when he wants to sign, and sit as a pine when he wants to sit. He is straight and smart. The elders did not ask, nor dare to say anything.

LAN Yanxi is the same.

Finally, the dowry and dowry were handled in duplicate, one for each.

"Do you want two young people to have a look?" Lingfu asked with a smile.

"Blue words Xi Li immediately shook hands:" uncle, I will not see, everything depends on Grandpa

The blue old man nodded: "it's OK. She's young. She can't understand it after reading. I'm in charge."

Ling Mo Feng can understand it, but he doesn't need to. Anyway, he has discussed with his family. LAN Yanxi married him. The dowry is hers and her dowry belongs to her.

Of course, lanyanxi doesn't know about this at the moment, because she thinks the dowry is for grandpa and the dowry is for Ling's family. Anyway, it's a good distinction.

Just as we were going to have dinner, the uncles, aunts, cousins and cousins of the blue family came together.

This meal was quite enjoyable. The second uncle and the third uncle of the blue family, LAN Bai and LAN Chen, were not happy, but their Kung Fu was very helpful.

They are not happy because they always think that the old blue man will leave them a fortune, which turns out to be lanyanxi's dowry. They want to send it to Ling's family. Who can be happy.

However, they actually asked the old man for advice, but the old man had a black face on the spot, and they would never dare to mention it again. In case the old man was upset and left the company to lanyanxi, they would have to go to drink in the future, and they could only bear to be unhappy.

On the table, LAN Xianxian is absent-minded. She looks at Ling Mo Feng with sad eyes. LAN Yanxi is arranged to sit beside him. The picture of them sitting together hurts her eyes.

She really wants to say something, but she can only be mute, a word can not be said, Dad warned her eyes, so that blue fiber can only deep feelings in the heart, dare not say.

However, after dinner, LAN Xianxian immediately said to LAN Yanxi, "there is a former friend over there. Do you want to go and sit down?"

Lanyanxi didn't expect that lanxianxian would invite her to her home. Although there is only a wall and a garden path, lanyanxi hasn't been there for a long time.

Ling Mo Feng was standing not far behind him. When he heard the blue fiber, he looked a little heavy.

"What friend? I don't have time to see you now." LAN Yan hopes to turn his mouth, but he doesn't think so.

"Don't want to see, or dare not? Yan Xi, you are going to get married. People are sad. They have to come to me to see you for the last time. You can't really be so cruel. At least there has been one before. " LAN Xianxian deliberately lowered her voice, because she only wanted LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng to hear, not the elders sitting on the sofa in the distance.

"What are you talking about?" LAN Yanxi's face changed immediately, and he stared at her angrily.

She knew that blue microfiber was not dead to Ling Mo Feng, so she was still very disgusted to hear that she even said this kind of misleading words at the moment.

"Oh, LAN Yanxi, if you dare not see me, I will go first." LAN Xianxian finished, turned around and left. When she left, she gave LAN Yanxi a contemptuous look, asking her to realize it. LAN Yanxi is so angry. Who else is she afraid to see?

Ling Mo Feng had been paying attention to blue Yanxi. Now when he heard the words of blue fiber, his handsome face became tense.

"Who did she ask you to meet?" Although Ling Mo Feng is a man, he is sensitive about the woman he loves. He immediately comes to ask her.

"I don't know. She must have had another idea." LAN Yan hopes to turn his mouth away, but he doesn't think so. "Let's go. I'll go with you to see you." Ling Mo Feng suddenly grabbed her arm and forced her out of the door.

Blue words and beautiful eyes opened in an instant, unbelievable: "Ling Mo Feng, what are you doing? I don't want to go to her house, and I don't want to see anyone."

"Yan Xi, if there is any misunderstanding, it's better to solve it on the spot, so as not to have trouble in the future." The man's voice is low, and he can't hear his anger, but Obviously.

"There's no misunderstanding. What you said is too serious." LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry, and she's not stupid. She knows that those understatement words of LAN Xianxian have aroused Ling Mo Feng's mood. She can't help biting her teeth in her heart. LAN Xianxian, you dare to shade me, wait, and I'll redouble my offer in the future.

"Well, don't talk about me. I'll go by myself." LAN Yanxi found that the man had used so much strength, she immediately wronged patted his palm.

Lingmo Feng found that he pinched and hurt her. He released his hand and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention to discretion for the moment."

"You just want to see who I dare not see. You don't think it's the man I used to like, do you? Ha ha, Ling Mo Feng, are you jealous? " Lanyanxi immediately made fun of him when he reflected.

"I didn't." Men don't admit it when they die.

"Oh, I haven't been dragged to death yet. It's obviously." LAN Yanxi's chin was raised, and he was determined to have it.

Ling Mo Feng's face flushed a little: "I just want to know what kind of man you have made friends with before."

"Don't worry. It's just a friend. I promise I've held hands at most once." Blue words is to raise a hand and swear to heaven.

"What? How dare you hold hands? " Ling Mo Feng's tone froze for a moment, and then his eyes stared at her dangerously.

"Hand in hand Should it be ok? It's just For example, when I cross a ditch, I'm afraid. The other side reaches for me and drags me. Isn't it It's not going to work like that. " Lanyanxi didn't expect that he was really angry. She frowned bitterly and explained with a guilty face.

Ling Mo Feng really wants to shout back to her. No, but what qualification does he have to ask for her previous behaviors?

"That's fine." The man finally answered rationally.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "don't worry, I didn't do anything sorry to you, but you Hey, hey. "

"What happened to me?" Ling Mo Feng saw her smile in a bad way. He was strong and nervous.

"Have you ever done anything sorry to me? That's hard to say. " LAN Yanxi asked him in a low voice.

"I didn't." Ling Mo Feng replied immediately.

"Really? Alas, God is really unfair to our women. Are we innocent? At least we can prove it. But you guys are different. You guys can't prove it. " LAN Yanxi shook his head and sighed with a look of injustice.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her small, pretentious expression. He suddenly pulled her gently on a fake rock nearby, and the two figures hid in.

"Hey, don't come here. There are bugs here. I'm afraid." Lanyanxi is very clear about all the plants and trees in his family, so he shakes all over and beats his chest with his small hand to let him back.

"Yan Xi, do you really want to hear what I have done to you?" Men don't know if it's because they just had a drink at the table. At this moment, the voice sounds so charming and intoxicating. LAN Yanxi's face was dazzled. Just now, his two small hands were rejected. He felt that the voice of the man was whispered in her ear: "sometimes, because I miss you so much, I will do it by myself when I take a bath."

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi listened to his words and pushed him out in a flash. The man's center of gravity was unstable and almost fell down. Fortunately, he quickly stabilized his center of gravity, which did not lose his elegant and noble image.

"What are you telling me about this? I hate it." LAN Yanxi blushed directly, turned around and covered his face, then walked forward quickly.

Behind him, the man seemed to have won something. He kept laughing.

LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to drive. He couldn't stop.

Stepping into the garden of the blue fiber home, blue Yanxi's mood sank instantly.

Ling Mo Feng followed her and came in. He found that the style of the blue fiber family was different from that of the old man. All his designs here were very modern, and the charm of money appeared everywhere.