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The man's kiss, with strength and warning, naturally Bai Yiyan will not be wrong about the meaning of his kiss.

After a few seconds of brain blank, Bai Yiyan breathed twice: "I won't say anything!"

Looking at her like a obedient baby, Ji Yueze's heart is a little calmer now. Once again, her thin lips make a charming smile. Her fingers gently touch some red and swollen lips she was kissed. Low judo said: "you've been obedient more and more recently."

Bai Yiyan's eyes trembled slightly, but she asked for him. Can she not obey him?

"Don't you like my obedience?" At the same time, Bai Yiyan was shocked. It was said that men don't like women who are too tame and have no desire to conquer, so she was a little uneasy.

"Like it!" Ji Yueze's answer dispelled Bai Yiyan's worry. Then, Ji Yueze touched her white forehead and murmured, "you are obedient to your mouth, but not necessarily your heart!"

Bai Yiyan shakes and is really told by this man. Alas, she has been deliberately gentle recently, but her temperament is still stubborn.

"Go home!" Ji Yueze felt like a fire because of the kiss just now, so he decided to take her home.

When they got home, the door opened. Before they could take off their coats, the man pressed her on the wall.

Bai Yiyan's expression was slightly dazed. She raised her beautiful eyes and saw his intention from the man's dark eyes.

She didn't resist anything, just let him do it.

An hour later, Bai Yiyan was lying on the bed, hugging the quilt tightly, dizzy and sleepy.

"I've learned a new skill of frying steak. It's OK to eat steak at night!" The man coming out of the bathroom, with water dripping on his short hair and a long grey robe, makes his tall and solid figure more straight and charming.

Wild extremely, let the body pan body acid white Yiyan, and can not help shaking twice.

It has to be said that she really underestimated the physical strength of this man. Every time, she would be tossed by him to the point where he was weak and limp, so she wanted to escape.

"No, can you fry it?" Bai Yiyan wants to escape, but she can't help smiling.

Is it true that the sun is coming out to the west, and Ji Yueze is going to make dinner?

"How do you know if you don't try?" Ji Yueze picked up a handsome eyebrow, and felt that it was a very angry thing to be questioned. Bai Yiyan changed a more comfortable position and continued to lie down, showing only her beautiful face and long black and thick hair. She laid them on the white pillow, and her skin was white, bright and tender. Looking at such a beautiful picture, Ji Yueze's eyebrows slightly jumped, and she had another impulse to bully her.

"Well, if you can't do it, call me again!" Bai Yiyan smiles and nods.

Ji Yueze didn't like to be underestimated. He snorted and walked out with great momentum.

Bai Yiyan wanted to be lazy for a while, so she couldn't rest assured after he went out for a few minutes. She quickly got up and went out wearing a white nightgown.

In the kitchen, Bai Yiyan's beautiful face was surprised to hear the sound of oil being burned.

Won't it? Did Ji Yueze do it?

"Ouch!" When Bai Yiyan decided to investigate, she heard a man's low curse: "Damn it!"

Bai Yiyan put out her hand to cover her mouth and restrained the impulse to burst into laughter.

Just now it must have been oil splashing all over the man's arm, so he snorted.

I think it's really happy. It's not so happy that Ji Yueze can cook for himself.

If you take a picture of him and upload it to the Internet, I'm afraid there will be another wave. When Bai Yiyan was thinking of being a little reporter, she wanted to capture all kinds of gossip materials of the stars every day. In order to shoot a star, she would squat for several hours until her legs were numb and her hands were soft, but there would be no result. When she went back, she would be scolded all the time. Although she felt young and confident at that time, she would get scolded every time Scold, she will secretly wipe the tears behind her back, and then make up her mind to do well next time.

But next time, next time, no one can really get the boss's appreciation.


Another low mantra pulled back Bai Yiyan's mood. She looked over half of her head and saw the man with a shovel in his hand and a hand in his waist. At the same time, she endured the pain of being splashed and turned over the two steaks fried in the pot.

Bai Yiyan finally understood why he asked her to cover two steaks in the early morning. She was ready to cook them by herself.

"Cough How is it fried? " Bai Yiyan didn't want him to feel embarrassed. She coughed and reminded him to go in and watch.

"Stay outside, don't come in!" Ji Yueze thought that he had been splashed with oil several times. Once again, if she was also splashed, she must have a red spot.

"Can you do it yourself?" Bai Yiyan still can't bear to let him fight alone.

"Nothing I can't do!" Ji Yueze's eyebrows are full of conceit.

Bai Yiyan had to smile twice. Well, if someone is willing to make food for her, she should be satisfied.

Ten minutes later, Bai Yiyan saw that the man had brought out two steaks and mixed a plate of spaghetti with all kinds of sauces on it. Although it was a bit sad, it was also appetizing.

Bai Yiyan sees Ji Yueze turn around and take a bottle of red wine.

"Pay for the taste!" Ji Yueze said in a low voice as he poured the wine.

Bai Yiyan takes the chopsticks and sends them to her mouth in a round of dough. After paying for it, the taste is really good.

It may be the contribution of sauce, but Bai Yiyan is very moved anyway.

"It's delicious!" Bai Yiyan tells the truth.

When Ji Yueze heard this, he suddenly felt that the place where the oil just splashed didn't hurt so much.

"Is it?" The thin lips of a man raised an unidentified smile: "like you, it's delicious, too?"

Bai Yiyan seriously commented on the food, but did not expect that the opposite man looked at her with a sinister face, and she was instantly ashamed of a big red face, and stared at him angrily: "when eating, can you stop like this?"

Ji Yueze picked up eyebrows and said, "I just like it!"

I don't know what he likes. Bai Yiyan's face is redder.

"Have a drink!" Ji Yueze hands over the red wine.

Today's mood is very good. Bai Yiyan doesn't refuse. She takes a sip of the wine and tastes dry and sweet. Bai Yiyan compensates for the steak he fried. The taste is not bad. It's delicious.