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C1667 dragon and Phoenix genes

Tang youyou faced the questions of the two little guys. At one time, he was a little bit big. However, seeing that they were full of expectations for the arrival of a new life made Tang youyou feel at ease. It's said that many children in many families now don't agree with their parents to have another child. They are used to the love of the only child. They are afraid that their brother and sister will come and separate their love. Tang youyou was worried at the beginning But fortunately, her two children are not exclusive. Instead, they hope to have more brothers and sisters to grow up with.

"Mommy, is that your brother or sister in your stomach?" Ji xiaonai is eating fruit, his eyes are fat.

Tang youyou is carrying a glass of water. Hearing her daughter's words, she can't help laughing: "xiaonai, do you want a younger brother or a younger sister?"

"I want my brother and my sister. Just like my brother and I, we can play together. How nice." Ji xiaonai is a little older now, and she thinks more comprehensively. Previously, she only wanted her sister, because her brother always didn't play with her, and thought she was stupid. Now, although his brother still dislikes her, he is always better than other children, at least he has his brother to protect himself.

"We can't be so greedy. It's enough for mommy to have another child." Tang youYou can't help crying and laughing when hearing her daughter's words. She can't bear another pair of twins.

"No, just two, two, OK, Mommy." Ji xiaonai immediately ran to Duqi and pleaded.

Tang youYou can't help kissing her daughter's little face twice. She defeated her innocence and said with a sullen smile, "you think your younger brother and sister bought it with money, just a few if you want."

"I'll let daddy kiss you again. I'll have two. If there's more, there won't be more. If there's less, there won't be much. Hum!" Ji xiaonai is now a little princess with a temper. She said that and turned away with a small mouth.

Looking at his daughter's IQ, Tang youyou has a headache. Who does her daughter look like? She was not so stupid when she was a child.

But it's not like Ji Xiaohan. His son is a copy of him. It can only be like her. She is speechless. She doesn't want to admit that it's her own.

When it's dark, Ji Xiaohan pushes a lot of work and comes back early. The old lady and LAN Yue come back. Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan also bring their lovely little daughter to dinner. There are many people in the manor. The old lady looks at them and is full of joy.

There are more children, more family activities, more children, more grandchildren and more blessings. It seems that she can really enjoy the blessings.

Uncle yuan is busy living a table full of dinner. Tang youyou begins to have a pregnancy sickness reaction. She and Bai Yiyan go out for a walk in the garden. Ji Yueze and Ji Xiaohan sit in the living room and take care of the three little guys.

"Uncle, sister, when can she talk?" Ji xiaonai lies on the sofa, looking at the white and fat little guy, with his chin on his little hand, asking Ji Yueze curiously.

Ji Yueze reached out to tease his daughter's little hand and said with a gentle smile, "it's a long time to wait. She's practicing how to turn over."

"Oh, when can my little sister grow up and play with me?" Ji xiaonai's face is sad.

Ji Xiaohan quickly sat down beside her daughter, reached out to touch her little head, and held her in his arms to appease her: "xiaonai, my sister is still young, we will wait, my sister can talk and walk, you can take her to play well as a sister?"

"Well, I'll play with her. I'll play with mommy's brother and sister." Ji xiaonai immediately beamed with delight.

"Brother and sister?" Ji Yueze looks surprised: "big brother, do you want to have a pair of twins?"

Ji Xiaohan's handsome face was also stunned. He looked down at his daughter with a smile, and then said, "don't listen to her. I haven't gone to the hospital to have an examination with you. I don't know whether it's one or two at present."

"If you have another pair of twins, you'll die of beauty." Ji Yueze looks at him with admiration.

"Maybe, you have the gene to give birth to dragon and Phoenix. If there is another pair, I will be very happy." Ji Xiaohan is full of expectation. He has agreed to have a doctor. He can go over tomorrow to have a detailed examination. Whether it's a baby or a baby with two treasures is really expected.

Ji Yueze is also happy for him: "then you can ask the doctor for a check-up as soon as possible."

"Tomorrow at noon, I will go with her." Ji Xiaohan also attaches great importance to this matter.

In the garden, Tang youyou and Bai Yiyan are walking slowly along the Shizi road. The scenery is quiet and the air is pleasant.

"Congratulations, sister-in-law. I'm going to welcome the arrival of little life." Bai Yiyan said with a smile.

"It's your big brother who is in a hurry to have children. In fact, I'm not in such a hurry. I want to play for a few more years." Tang youyou said with emotion.

"It's better to have a baby while young. When xiaonai grows up and you go out with her, others will surely think you are sisters. How happy you are." Bai Yiyan joked.

"It's also said that it's better to give birth earlier. Anyway, we have to hurry up when we decide to have a second child." Tang youyou has already figured out that as long as Ji Xiaohan is willing to have children again, she is not against it.

"I don't think about it now. Let's take the small one up first." Bai Yiyan sighed. She was just upgraded to a rookie Mommy. She was too busy to deal with a small one. She didn't dare to think about the second child at all.

"You must have plenty of milk. The little Mo Mo is very fat and white. It's so lovely." Tang youyou couldn't help laughing. The little guy looked very nutritious.

"I've had enough milk, but her father will add milk powder to her. I'm really defeated by him. I don't know where he came from, so I say that the child should be supplemented in many ways." When Bai Yiyan mentioned raising children, she couldn't help crying and laughing.

"Ji Yueze is very fond of his daughter. I'm afraid he's treated his little lover badly." Hearing this, Tang youyou finally burst out laughing.

"Sure, with the little lover, my position in his mind plummeted." Bai Yiyan immediately joked.

"No, Ji Yueze dare to do this to you? Then he's really impatient. Don't worry. He can't beat you. Sooner or later, he'll have to listen to you. " Don youyou follows the joke.

Bai Yiyan said with a complete silent smile: "sister in law, do you still expect me to fight with him? Of course, he won't be my opponent, but I have promised him not to bully him, but if he still dares to apologize to me, I promise that I can never move my hand or mouth, so that he will be convinced. "

Tang youyou now finds out that Bai Yiyan is indeed Ji Yueze's real daughter. She is not satisfied with all kinds of rules.

"It's OK. You'll give birth to a little lover for yourself in the next baby. In this way, you'll have your back. You won't be afraid of his disobedience." Tang youyou is really giving her a move.

"No, I have to give him a little sweetheart and kill him." Bai Yiyan is more ruthless.

Tang youyou's expression of admiration is also that Ji Yueze likes his daughter so much, and gives him more to spoil.

In fact, it can also be applied to Ji Xiaohan. He has no temper with his daughter, xiaonai. If he has another daughter, Ji Xiaohan must be a slave to her daughter. Then she will be free and easy. She will be wronged and her son will help her. Well, it will be very comfortable to think about this life.

Sitting in the living room, Ji Xiaohan felt a chill on his back. His eyes were slightly surprised. Did anyone speak ill of him behind his back?

The old lady and LAN Yue come down from the upstairs. After years of rigid relationship between her mother and daughter-in-law, they are now in the relationship of mother and daughter-in-law. LAN Yue takes good care of the old lady's daily life. The old lady is also very grateful to her and is fascinated by the loneliness of her wife's leaving.

"What are you talking about? So happy? " Seeing the smile on the faces of the two grandchildren, the old lady immediately asked curiously.

Ji Yueze immediately stood up and went to help the old lady to the sofa and sat down. Then he smiled and said, "I'm talking about the second child of my eldest brother."

"The second child is a big deal. When little Mo is older, you and little Yan need it quickly. My old lady can wait to see it." The old lady immediately began a new round of birth plan.

As soon as Ji Yueze's face stiffened, he said without a word: "grandma, what we don't talk about is elder brother. How can we talk about me again?"