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You're the one who's afraid if you don't love me

The arrival of happiness was too sudden, Ji Xiao Han was still a little dazed, but the temperature of the two small hands that the woman was entangling around his neck was extremely pleasing to the ear, something that he could not ignore even if he wanted to.

Her legs were spread wide apart as she kept rubbing against his waist, as if she wanted to directly sit on him.

"Alright!" The man's voice was slightly hoarse.

Although he said good words, why were his steps so slow?

"Aren't you afraid?" Tang You You closed her eyes tightly, her face was buried in Yun Che's shoulders, both her legs were by Yun Che's waist, and she was hanging onto Yun Che's body, as she asked Yun Che gloomily.

"No!" The man threw out the word in a low and forceful voice.

"You're not even afraid of death?" Tang You You felt that this man was simply a wondrous weirdo.

"I'm more afraid that you won't love me!" The man suddenly joked.

Tang You You was instantly left speechless, when she realised what she was doing on his body, her entire body shivered.

"Put me down …" I... I'm not afraid either! " After going through Ji Xiao Han's poking and poking, Tang You You seemed to have found a way to overcome his fear in an instant.

Yes, was she afraid of death? She was more afraid of the safety of her children and the health of her children.

Ji Xiao Han had not enjoyed his journey for very long before he felt the woman twisting her waist, as if she was determined to come down.

"Wandering, are you really not afraid?" Ji Xiao Han was extremely surprised, how could this woman overcome her fear in such a short time?

"Yes, I'm not afraid anymore!" Tang You You had already fallen off his sturdy body. After both of her legs landed on the ground, she curled her lips a little: "I still have to thank you for the reminder, you're right, this is just an artificially created fear scene, even if this is as terrifying as hell, it's not worse than the fear in my heart."

"What are you afraid of?" Ji Xiao Han could not help but ask.

Tang You You thought back to the joke he said a moment ago, and she also replied on the way: "I was also afraid that I would fall in love with you."

"What did you say?" Ji Xiao Han's expression instantly froze.

Seeing that he had become anxious, Tang You You spoke boldly and confidently: "For a lover like you, falling in love with you must be a very tragic thing. I saw it all just now and you are right.

"I forbid you to think so!" Suddenly, the man took a step forward and blocked her path with his domineering voice.

Tang You You was startled, suddenly she felt something touching her hand, so she raised her hand and slapped it hard!

"What do I want to think? That's my freedom. You can't interfere with me!" After Tang You You slapped the thing away, he walked forward.

Ji Xiao Han was getting more and more anxious, suddenly, he extended his hand, and pulled the lady into his embrace.

In the next second, his thin lips quickly sucked her lips forcefully!

"Ugh …" Tang You You didn't expect that Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran would have the mood to kiss her in this kind of place.

Ji Xiao Han fiercely stroked her waist a few times before finally releasing her. "Let's go, don't let the children worry about us."

Tang You You's head was spinning from his kiss, and in the next second, she felt the man's hand on her shoulder. He held her and quickly walked through the dark hallway in front of them.

Although there were still many scenes that made Tang You You feel afraid, inexplicably, she was not afraid at all while leaning on this man's arm.

When they were almost at the end of the line, Tang You You hurriedly twisted her shoulders and quickly escaped from the man's embrace.

"Wow, Mummy, you came out earlier than dad. Daddy, did you pee your pants?" When Tang Xiao Nai saw Mummy, he immediately ran over and asked curiously.

When Ji Xiao Han heard that his daughter had shocked him like this, his handsome face grew dark.

When he came out, Tang Xiao Nai looked at his pants with her big eyes.

"Your Mummy …"

"You're not allowed to speak!" When Tang You You heard what Ji Xiao Han wanted to say, no matter what he said, she would not allow him to say it.

"What happened to Mummy?" Tang Xiao Rui asked curiously. He felt that his father must have put on a good show somewhere inside.

Ji Xiao Han spread out his hands: "Your Mummy doesn't allow you to say it, I'm sorry!"

Tang Xiao Nai immediately went to Mummy's side and asked, "Mummy, are you crying from fright? That's why I feel ashamed and won't let dad say it. "

Tang You You hurriedly squatted and patted her daughter's cheeks: "Look carefully, does Mummy look like she's been crying?"

Tang Xiao Nai opened her eyes wide and really wanted to look for tears in Mummy's eyes. She shook her head: "I'm not, Mummy isn't crying from fear!"

"Daddy, how about … You should go to the roller coaster with Mummy later. Tang Xiao Rui suddenly suggested again.

"I... I can't do it, I can't do it! " Tang You You immediately objected.

"Life is always worth a try, isn't it?" Ji Xiao Han curled his lips and decided to give it a try.

When Tang You You heard the screams, she immediately became terrified and quickly shook her head. "I'm not going anyway, I'm afraid of heights!"

Ji Xiao Han was startled, and only then did he remember the woman's previous dizziness when she was in his office building. He immediately turned to look at Lu Qing: "Then why don't you sit with me for a while!"

Lu Qing, "..." What does this have to do with him?

Young Master, please let me go!