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Lu Xuanchen did not expect that he would encounter a forced marriage, he could be angry and ridiculous, but after returning home, he did not mention this matter. Mao Rongrong is a female elite in the legal profession, a pair of beautiful eyes smart Still seeing something wrong when Lu Xuanchen returned. So she walked over and asked, "What's wrong? You seem to be attentive."

Lu Xuanchen shook her head and stared firmly at the beautiful woman in front of her. She could not help but reached out and hugged her, her thin lips pressed against her forehead and murmured: "It's all right!"

"If there is something, you can't hide it from me. The husband and wife are one, no matter what the difficulties, we must help and trust each other!" Mao Rongrong was a very real woman, so she would only say these real words. Lu Xuanchen laughed loudly and said, "Relax, I trust you very much. You must not question me. Since you decide to marry you, you will be loyal to this marriage." "

Well, I believe you! Mao Rongrong believed in his own vision, and he was not mistaken.

In the past, people asked her what kind of man she liked, what type and what kind of career was the best. She could n’t answer all of them, but now, after meeting Lu Xuanchen, she knew what kind of man she liked, as long as he was, Nothing matters.

"Let's go, my mother asked us to have dinner!" Mao Rongrong pulled his warm palm and walked towards the door.

Lu Xuanchen nodded, he kind of likes the family atmosphere of the Mao family, very warm. Even if you want to hide something, you may not be able to hide it, just like Lu Xuanchen said nothing all night, and the next morning, Mao Rongrong knew everything. because

Because she saw a poor girl with red and swollen eyes at the door of the company. When she saw her, she ran towards her and asked her: "Miss Mao, Miss Mao, please give me Xuan Chen. Well, I will die without him, please, I have loved him for many years, and I have reached the point where he can't live without him! "Mao Rongrong hung his eyes slightly, and looked through the bright lenses, only two years this year The girl in her early twenties has straight facial features, but her skin is a bit pale. From the perspective of her dress, she definitely does not look like a girl from an ordinary family. She must be rich and wealthy, and have no worries. "

Are you ill "Mao Rongrong is not a virgin who is bullied at will. When she hears this woman begging herself, her first reflection is that this woman's mentality is abnormal. Zhang Chenchen didn't expect the other person to speak for the first time. Zhang's face froze instantly.

"If you are not sick, don't block my way, I'm going to be late for work!" Mao Rongrong had a cheeky face. The strong woman's aura was not covered, even if the other party was a rich lady, at this moment Mao Rongrong was not afraid Fear, on the contrary, if the woman she feels is sick, she must go to cure it quickly. If she is not sick, she should blame her for beating her face. After all, she and Lu Xuanchen have sent their wedding stickers. There was no door for her to let her husband go. Zhang Chenchen didn't expect that she could be miserable. She immediately blamed Mao Rongrong: "What do you say, how can you swear? I just begged me, can't you talk well?" Mao Rongrong's hands Ringing around her chest, slightly lifting her chin, she stared sharply at her: "Why should I talk to you well, do I know you? Since you are a stranger, why do you ask me?"

Zhang Chenchen was about to be crying with anger. I did not expect that Lu Xuanchen would like such a strong style woman, she was not feminine, let alone the tenderness of women. "

I like Lu Xuanchen. I want to grab him as my husband. If you promise, I promise you everything. My family is rich and I can give you a lot of money! "Zhang Chenchen immediately stopped being pitiful, but talked with her quite rightly.

"I make money every day, but man, I only see Lu Xuanchen. Why should I give it to you? I have no water in my head. Besides, you have money to do with me!" Mao Rongrong She was so angry, she didn't expect that she was going to get married soon, and even this bloody marriage robbing incident would happen. This young girl is so young, how can she not take care of her face so much?

"If you really love him, you should give him to me. Only I can make his career red and purple, but you can't, don't you consider it for him?" Zhang Chenchen saw that negotiations failed and had to Changed the means of threat.

Mao Rongrong narrowed his eyes, and the girl thought that she had a good brain. If she could not move her, she would threaten her with Lu Xuanchen's career, and she deserves to be born in a mighty family and knows how to harm others.

"Even if he tells me not to work now, I can support him. Besides, when will it be his turn to take charge of his career, you should be the god above you, little girl, you are too tender, don't It's a shame here. Hurry home and let your parents spend your money on your education. "Mao Rongrong said, and walked around her. "

Mao Rongrong, Lu Xuanchen is blind, I will look after you. Maybe you are shameless in your bones. You must have fascinated him by any means. Otherwise, how might he like you without being a bit feminine? old woman! Zhang Chenchen was angry, and scolded loudly behind Mao Rongrong. Mao Rongrong took a few steps forward, and when she heard her words, he turned and walked towards her again: "Yes, I am a few years older than you But this doesn't seem to be your business either. Lu Xuanchen likes me but doesn't like you. This is the best proof! ""

You will definitely be separated, I'll wait, I will take him back. "Zhang Chenchen's face turned red, and she found that she was losing on her lips, and she was unwilling.

"A malicious person will not let her go to heaven, otherwise, we will wait and see!" After Mao Rongrong said, he walked away again, leaving Zhang Chenchen full of trembling. "

You ... I'm not finished with you, old woman! Zhang Chenchen said gritted teeth behind her.

Mao Rongrong entered the elevator, and her anger was not smooth. She really hated that she didn't play well. Otherwise, she really wanted to scold the woman who didn't know how to deal with it, cursing others for the bad life, would she be able to live well? ? Mao Rongrong returned to the office, her face was still cold, but she sat down, but found that she could not find the information at hand, so she took the mobile phone and dialed Lu Xuanchen's phone. Electricity

The words were connected, and there was a slightly panting voice from the man, as if running.

Listening to the heavy breath of the man, Mao Rongrong felt a little better.

"Rong Rong, what's wrong?" Lu Xuanchen stopped and asked her with concern. "

I ... I met a girl just now, and she said something that made me feel bored! Mao Rongrong said directly.

Lu Xuanchen's expression froze for a moment, and she whispered, "What did she tell you?"

Did you know about this long ago? Yesterday, you were unhappy because of this? Mao Rongrong finally found the reason.

Lu Xuanchen nodded and said slightly annoyed: "I was called by a guide to drink afternoon tea yesterday afternoon and met Zhang Chenchen's father and daughter. He wanted to marry my daughter and said that my next movie was him. Is it ridiculous that you invested? "

"I don't know. The hearts of these people I just think are too distorted. They knew we were going to get married. Why did they run out and step in, they took their feelings too seriously." Mao Rongrong couldn't bear it. Live angry.

"Don't worry, I rejected them yesterday, but I didn't expect Zhang Chenchen to come to you unwillingly, and I was thinking about not letting you know about it." Lu Xuanchen blame herself a little. "

I know you must be good for me, but now that we know it, let's face it together. The girl threatened me and said, "Are you afraid to move your career?" "Mao Rongrong was quite worried. After all, Lu Xuanchen managed to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

"Not afraid, because they have the money, they can do whatever they want, and some people will never see it." Lu Xuanchen disapproved. "

Xuan Chen, will you regret ... with me? "Mao Rongrong was originally unconfident. It was Lu Xuanchen who gave her courage and warmth. She was scolded by the girl just now. She immediately returned to her original form and asked him with some anxiety.

Of course not, never regretted it! Lu Xuanchen smiled and comforted her.