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Tang youyou stayed in the bedroom until the children came back from school. Two little guys pushed open the door and ran in. Tang youyou put down his paintbrush and looked at two lovely faces. His mood was much better in an instant.

"Mommy, there's an uncle downstairs. He just gave us toys!" Tang xiaonai said with a happy face.

Tang youyou frowned: "what gift did he give you?"

"There are many toys and some delicious ones for us. Great grandmother said that he is our uncle, but isn't there only one uncle?" Tang xiaonai blinked and asked curiously.

Tang Xiaorui turned his mouth aside: "he's daddy's cousin, of course we call him uncle!"

Tang youyou didn't expect that Ji Shangqing even thought of the gifts for his two children. It seems that he is really prepared to come.

"Xiaonai, Xiaorui, listen to Mommy carefully. If that uncle asks you something, you must not talk about it, you know? Don't say anything to your father! " Tang youyou is really afraid of children's innocence. When people are curious, they tell them everything.

Tang Xiaorui two small arms to the chest a ring, light tone said: "Mommy, this uncle will not come with Daddy rob property."

Tang youyou was shocked by her son's words, and then she shook her head: "I don't know what he came for, but you don't want to get close to him in the future."

"Well, now that mummy has said that, we won't talk to him." Tang Xiaorui answers like a little adult.

Tang xiaonai also nodded: "Mommy, don't worry, I won't say anything to him."

Tang youyou found that the two children really grew up a lot, not only in height, but also in their smart little brains.

It's over five o'clock. It's a bit boring to stay in the cold season, so I went for a walk towards the garden alone.

He knew that Ji Xiaohan had built a green corridor in his manor. There were many beautiful things in it. He wanted to go there alone, but he didn't want to. When he got to the corridor, he heard several gardeners sitting on the ground chatting.

Ji Shangqing just heard Tang youyou's name.

He immediately sidestepped and hid behind the green plants nearby.

"Did you see the man who came last time? I heard Miss Tang call for her father, but how did her father show up with Mr. Ji's mother? "

"It's not clear. They look very close."

"This relationship is too messy. Mr. Ji wants to marry Miss Tang, but his mother is with Miss Tang's father. It seems immoral."

"Don't be a liar. Be careful to let the housekeeper listen and deduct your salary."

When several gardeners heard that they were going to deduct their wages, they quickly shut up, finished drinking tea, and began to work again.

Ji Shangqing came out from behind the plants and looked at the scattered gardener. His eyes flashed smart light.

It seems that this trip is still very valuable. As expected, Ji's family also hides various secrets.

Which man will LAN Yue show up with? Chaveen?

What happened to Ji's family in those days, although Ji Shangqing was young, he also remembered clearly that Lan Yue, regardless of her children, resolutely married into Xia's family and became Xia Weiwen's wife.

But I just heard that the gardener mentioned that Tang youyou called that man's father. Is that man Xia Weiwen?

Ji Shangqing frowns. It's hard to understand. Tang youyou's surname is Tang. How can he relate to Xia Weiwen?

It seems that it is necessary to further investigate this matter.

It's more than seven o'clock when Ji Xiaohan returns to Ji's house. His tall body steps in and is full of the superior's powerful deterrent force. As soon as he steps in, Ji Shangqing, who is sitting on the sofa, feels very stressed.

Today, he wandered in Jijia for most of the day, always in a relaxed mood. He always wanted to find various opportunities to chat with Tang youyou again. However, this woman has been hiding in the room and never came out, which made his wish fail.

But at this moment, Ji Xiaohan comes back, Ji Shangqing's nerves are instantly stretched, and he dare not relax for a moment.

"Big brother, you are back!" Ji Shangqing immediately stood up and greeted with a smile.

"Well, why didn't you tell me in advance when you returned to China, so that I could have someone pick you up at the airport." Season owl cold face is light, not cold nor hot, but also gives a deep sense of speculation.

Ji Shangqing immediately shook his head and laughed: "no, I just came to see my grandparents. I've been busy working recently. I've come to see them for a while. If I don't come back home, my grandparents will blame me for my disobedience."

"I really want to scold you," the old lady said with a smile as she sat by. "If I don't come to see us for such a long time, I'll just focus on my work."

"Why didn't uncle come back together?" Season owl cold languidly sits down to the sofa, the voice indifferently inquires.

Ji Shangqing immediately smiled awkwardly: "my father just came out, he was not very adapted to the external environment for a while, and after a period of time, he will return to China. In fact, my father also asked me to apologize to my elder brother. In those years, I was really sorry."

When I mentioned that year, the old lady's face also changed.

The season owl cold but lightly snorted: "that year's matter, a sorry calculate to finish?"

Ji Shangqing's expression is stiff. He doesn't know how to answer for a while.

When the old lady saw that the atmosphere was frozen again, she quickly said, "well, today I will not talk about the old things. Let's have a good family reunion."

When Ji Xiaohan saw that his grandmother was unwilling to mention what happened in those years, he stopped mentioning it, and Ji Shangqing was even more afraid to mention it. The dinner was very well prepared. It can be seen from jixiaohan that his grandparents were still in love with jishangqing. In those days, although jishangqing gave up the company's equity because of Jilin, jixiaohan knew that he had invested more than five billion yuan behind his grandfather's back to let him invest. Now, it's said that he still

churned out a listed company. It seems that his ability is very good He found that Ji Shangqing had become more smooth and introverted. He was Ji Lin's most powerful assistant. He should not be underestimated.

During the dinner, Tang youyou was specially responsible for taking care of the two little guys, and Ji Xiaohan became silent. Only the old man asked Ji Shangqing about it from time to time.

After dinner, Ji Shangqing offered to go to the old man's room to play chess with him. Of course, the old man was very happy.

Tang youyou asked the two children to play in the toy room for an hour and then take a bath. The two kids ran away.

Ji Xiaohan unties his suit and jacket, pulls his tie, and his gloomy face is not soft until he enters the bedroom. "During the dinner, he seems to have been peeping at you!" The man's voice was a touch of vinegar. Next second, he put his long arm in his arm and gently encircled the woman. His thin lips were on her shoulders: "don't look at him!"