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Would the old lady despise her?

"Come with me to the company!" The man said in a domineering tone.

Tang You You looked at him strangely: "Why would I go to your company? I'm very busy at the moment! "

Tang You You looked at him with her beautiful eyes. Did men like women who were more obedient? However, she didn't want to be a good girl.

When Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han sat in their car and headed towards the Group Headquarters building, Ji Xiao Han's phone rang.

"It's my grandma!" Ji Xiao Han's eyes carried a smile as he looked at Tang You You, "She probably already knows about the child's matter."

Tang You You was slightly taken aback, but then she forcefully pushed him away: "Then why aren't you listening quickly?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at her coquettish eyes and immediately placed his phone next to his ear. "Grandmother …"

"You unfilial grandson, are you hiding something huge from me?" The tone of the old lady on the other side of the phone that was close to exploding made Ji Xiao Han shudder.

"Grandma, listen to my explanation …"

Ji Xiao Han's expression was a little stiff, and Tang You You had also been looking at his expression the entire time. Seeing his startled expression, she could not help but ask anxiously: "What did your grandmother say?"

"She told me to prepare for the flight!" Ji Xiao Han put down his phone, turned his head, and looked at Tang You You with a serious face: "My grandmother is a straightforward person, if she says something that you don't like, you can complain to me, but don't say anything against her in front of her, okay?"

Tang You You's little face froze. Hearing his words, she suddenly felt as if a great war was coming, that kind of fear and unease, was covering her entire body.

"Just tell me straight out that your grandmother might turn her back on me, and I might be more receptive." Tang You You crossed her arms in front of her chest with a calm expression.

"Don't worry, no matter how much my grandmother despises you, she can't do anything to you. Don't forget, you have two cute children." Ji Xiao Han smiled as he comforted her.

"What if your grandmother, like you before, only wants children and doesn't accept me? If your grandmother was like what you said before, if I still wanted to claim custody of you, then bring me to court. I will definitely lose, then what should I do? I might curse! " Tang You You still felt that if the Old Granny were to come, it would be a huge matter and she had to treat it seriously.

"Then scold me! Recently, my grandma's personality has been a bit straightforward. Maybe it's because she's been spoiled by my grandpa and me. " Ji Xiao Han's large hand reached over, wanting to grab her small hand, but Tang You You dodged it instantly.

"Is there any use in me scolding you? "Although my birth is not that good, I have never liked to be wronged since I was young!" Tang You You couldn't help but be angered by this man and laugh.

"I know, I won't let you suffer any grievances. I will definitely stand by your side and fight against my grandmother to the end." This time, Ji Xiao Han touched her small hand as he wished and tightly gripped it.

"How dare you disobey your grandmother's orders? The old man's body is rather weak. If you anger her to death, you'll definitely feel guilty and guilty, right? " Tang You You sighed. To be honest, what Ji Xiao Han had said just now was very pleasing to her ears.

However, she didn't know if it was because she had watched too many TV dramas, or because she had watched too many bloody scenes online, but she felt that the struggle between the elders and juniors would most likely end in tragedy. It would only end when the other party came to a compromise.

Ji Xiao Han looked into her eyes, and then sighed: "My fight against my grandmother, has never been won."

Tang You You's eyes darkened, after that, she retracted her hand from his big palm: "Then this time, you don't plan on winning, right?"

"Wandering …"

"Let me get off!" Tang You You's tone turned slightly colder.

"What hasn't happened yet? Why do we have to be so pessimistic about the results? Maybe my grandmother really likes you? " Ji Xiao Han grabbed her wrist once again, forcefully pulling her closer to him. "I feel that we don't need to be angry over this matter."

Only now did Tang You You realize that he had been too serious.

That's right, it was still unknown, so how could she be angry at him?

"Who asked you to say what I don't like to hear?" Tang You You glared at him in dissatisfaction.

"Then I'll say something nice to you now, do you want me to coax you?" The man's thin lips stuck to her ear as he spoke with a slightly sinister tone.

Tang You You's ears felt warm and itchy, she immediately blushed: "No!"

"I love you!" Ji Xiao Han whispered three words into her ear in a hoarse voice: "Tang You You, I love you. Do you know?"

Tang You You's body trembled, the man's words of love were so touching that it gave her goosebumps.

"Why do you say that? Don't be disrespectful! " Tang You You was really not a woman who liked to listen to sweet talk. She felt that if a person really loved her, then she would say less and do things that she liked.

When Ji Xiao Han saw her blushing face as he weakly scolded him, he knew that the anger in this woman's heart had already been extinguished.

The atmosphere in the carriage continued to grow stronger. Something was not right about Tang You You, she had a strange feeling that from the moment the man said that he loved her, it was quietly happening. It was like a seed that was about to sprout.

She was truly afraid that she would instantly become a towering tree that would occupy every inch of her heart.

Tang You You ruthlessly said to herself in her heart, don't let this kind of child absorb it and nourish it, don't water it, and don't let it see the sunlight, it should be able to grow a little slower.