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LAN Yanxi only explained that he had eaten a few chocolates he had brought because he was hungry, which convinced Yang He. Yang He, as an old staff member, could not help but scold her for following the rules and regulations and being a good example. LAN Yanxi bowed his head and replied with all strength.

After work, it was 9:30, two people walked out of the office building, Yang he suddenly stopped for a moment, and then, with shame on his face, said: "Yan Xi, can you take me home? So late, I dare not ride back alone, I live in the street there are many small gangsters, I'm afraid it's not safe. "

"Yes, let's go. It's not safe for you to go home late alone as a beautiful girl!" Lanyanxi is very happy to help her. "

really? Thank you so much! " Yang he didn't expect her to be so cheerful. He thanked her with a happy face. "

do me a favor. Besides, we are colleagues, so don't be so polite!" LAN Yanxi smiled and drove her little red sports car. It's really small. It's not that cool and dazzling sports car, or that small two seater sports car.

"Yanxi, did you buy this car yourself?" Yang He sat in and found that the decoration in the car was also very beautiful. It looked like a girl driving it.

"No, it's from my grandfather. I haven't started to make money myself. I'm so embarrassed to ask my family for food and clothing." LAN Yanran, to be honest, to work in the general office is her first job in her life, and the salary will not be paid until the end of next month. Yang

the envious color on his face was hard to hide, and he couldn't help sighing: "it's nice to have money at home, unlike me, the conditions at home are not good, and my salary should be half subsidized every month."

LAN Yanxi sees his words make Yang he sad. He stops talking about them and says with a smile: "you will certainly have a good life in the future. I should learn from you and make money by myself." "

Yan Xi, your personality is very good. You are a lady. There must be many people pursuing you." Yang He's envious of her real name system. "

If I say Not much. Do you think I'm lying? But in fact, it's not much! " When it comes to the pursuer, it's her sad thing. She was chased by some people in school before, but later, I don't know why, those men are more and more far away from her. Vaguely, they hear that she has no interest, is rigid, and won't withdraw her Jiao and so on.

Later, lanyanxi's pursuit of men had a shadow. As soon as a man approached her, she hid far away from her, and no longer let men speak ill of her. As time passed, all the men who knew her knew that she was not easy to get along with, did not know her, and only blinked at her in a hurry disappeared in the vast sea of people.

"Don't be modest. I think you are very likable. When I come to the office, everyone can become friends with you. How like me? I have worked here for more than half a year, and few people really make friends with me. You are the only one who doesn't dislike being friends with me." Yang he laughed at himself. LAN

Yan xileng for a moment, think carefully, it seems that Yang He is not very popular in the office, which may have something to do with her personality.

"As long as you treat people sincerely, someone will like you naturally. Don't worry." LAN Yanxi's car has left the City Avenue, she asked, "where do you live?" "

turn left on the street ahead. After two traffic lights, it's almost there!" Yang he quickly points the way.

LAN Yanxi started her car in the area she said, only to find that there is an old urban area here, which has not been demolished for a long time, and the whole street is very messy. "

my house is right in front of me. Just let me down on the side of the road!" Yang He also felt very shameless. She never let people know where she lived. But now, LAN Yanxi saw her.

Lanyanxi stopped the car, and when she got out of the car, she said, "there are a lot of broken street lights here. Be careful yourself!"

"I will. Hurry back!" Yang he closed the door, raised his hand to her, and turned to the path.

LAN Yanxi transferred a car's head and was ready to return. Suddenly, she saw several social people riding several locomotives in front of her, looking at her askew and smiling.

LAN Yanxi frowned. No wonder Yang he didn't dare to come back so late. It looks like it's really a place where people and fish mingle. It's a girl's family. It's really disturbing.

LAN Yanxi stepped on the bottom of the gas pedal, and the locomotives turned a corner and ran after her for a long time, which just scattered. "

What do you want these bastards to do!" LAN Yanxi gnawed his teeth angrily.

Fortunately, she runs fast. Otherwise, they won't really do anything to her, will they? LAN

Yan Xi suddenly feels that Yang He is really poor. Living in this insecure street, she is not only the one who lives in it, but also many people who are influenced by these social people.

"As a good citizen, I have the right to mention it to the vice president."

Lanyanxi drove back home quickly. Now, it's eleven o'clock in the evening. In the living room, the lights are bright. As soon as her sports car goes out, she saw a big body and stepped out of the living room quickly. "

LAN Yanxi, where have you been?" Ling Mo Feng, however, counted her time to go home. Unexpectedly, she came back more than half an hour late.

"I sent a colleague home. Why are you waiting here? Worried about me LAN Yanxi put a small hand on the door, with a cynical look. If she can still have a grass in her mouth at the moment, I'm afraid she will be accused of molesting a beautiful man of a good family. "

don't run around outside in the future, you know?" Ling Mo Feng is really lost by her playful smile. Her heart is inexplicably like being electrified by her eyes. "

don't worry, I won't run around. I know the way home!" LAN Yanxi's face was quite unconcerned, and she dragged her petite body to the living room. "

at present, no one knows your relationship with me, but sooner or later, this matter will be made public. I am strict with you, not to worry about you, but about your safety!" Ling Mo Feng was afraid that she would hate to be talkative, so he explained in a low voice. "

I know, my vice president, is there any water? Hot! " LAN Yanxi smiled and leaned on the sofa and asked. Ling

Mo Feng turns around and pours her a glass of water, then walks to her side: "does the leg still hurt? I'll knead it for you! "

"It hurts, but are you really willing to do this for me?" LAN Yanxi asked, looking at him with his eyes as he drank water. "

why not? Didn't you say it was for me that you went to work? Since you are for me, I should do something for you. " Ling Mo Feng's thin lips made a light mockery.

"You Did you hear the rumors? I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to pass it on. I just casually mentioned it to a colleague. I didn't expect that the whole office was asking me. " For the first time, lanyanxi felt the power of public opinion, which was terrible.

"I don't blame you!" Ling Mo Feng apologized to her and replied softly. "

really? Don't you blame me for being talkative? " LAN Yanxi is a little happy. Ling

Mo Feng said with a helpless smile: "what do you want to say about your freedom? Besides, you said that you didn't mean it, how can I blame you?"

"By the way, I'd like to tell you one thing, that is, when I just sent my colleagues home, I was almost chased by several men on motorcycles. That street is not peaceful at first sight. Can you find a way to manage it?" LAN Yanxi asked seriously.

"Which street?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed and the danger passed by. Did anyone want to chase her car?

"I think it's Dongyang road. I don't remember which one, but it's still an old city. It's not big, but it's gloomy." LAN Yanxi recalled.

"I know what you're talking about, but no one is willing to develop that area. Just in time, I'm also consulting your grandfather about this matter. It's a huge expense to demolish that old city, but it's also a chance to make contributions. If I can handle it well, it will help my reputation!" When Ling Mo Feng heard her, he knew where it was, and he was thinking about it.