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C1725. He's the only protagonist

In the early hours of the morning, the whole mountain village was dark. Everyone fell into a dream. It rained. The sky was full of dark clouds, which made the night more pressing.

Ling wennuan is gently placed in the passenger seat by Mu Weicheng, who ties her seat belt. Mu Weicheng sits in the driver's seat. In the back seat, she lies quietly in the dark. Her eyes are worried about Ling wennuan. It seems that he also knows that the hostess is ill. He wants to be a good dog and never fill in any trouble for her.

"Warm. I have hot water here. Have a drink."

When Mu Weicheng came, he also filled his thermos with hot water.

Ling wennuan reaches for it, holds it and drinks it for two, feeling a little better.

"I'm sorry to wake you up so late."

Ling warm felt very guilty.

Mu Weicheng reached over, touched her long hair, and said gently, "if you want to be polite to me, I will be really angry. Who had the courage to say that I would not marry?"

Ling warm was turned over the old account, can't help blushing.

"I said it, but I'm afraid you won't marry me. Later, I have no face to say such a big story."

Ling wennuan feels embarrassed. Unexpectedly, Mu Weicheng still remembers it. It's a shame.

"You gave me the courage to face my heart."

After Mu Weicheng finished, he started the car. The aggressive off-road vehicle skidded on the muddy road and sped out of the mud.

Ling wennuan knows that driving in the dark requires concentration, so she doesn't continue to talk. She just rests quietly on the position, at first, she can stare at the road ahead together, see that the dark night is torn by the car's strong lights, see that many small moths are closely following the lights on both sides, as if they are not afraid of death, pull them out and rush over.

But slowly, her eyelids could not stand, unconsciously, she fell asleep again.

When she woke up, she found that she had arrived at the clinic of the base, and the light was very bright. She was still carried in by Mu Weicheng and placed on the bed. Mu Weicheng asked the emergency doctor anxiously, "is she OK? Is there any other situation?"

The doctor was checking Ling wennuan. When he took out his thermometer, he shrugged his shoulders: "the high fever is 39 degrees, which is unbearable for ordinary people. We have to first reduce the fever, and then inject and take medicine."


Said Mu Weicheng in a low voice.

"It's very kind of the major to see your girlfriend. It's rare."

The doctor is also a bit naughty, because everyone suspects that Mu Weicheng has a girlfriend, but he hasn't seen the real person yet. At this moment, he finally saw that he was so young and beautiful. He looked like a college student. He had baby fat on his face and was naive.

Mu Weicheng's face blushed a little, his thin lips raised a smile, and then he sat on the chair beside him.

Ling warm blinked, eyes no longer clear black, but because of the rest is not good, dyed some red silk, Mu Weicheng looked at, is very sad.

The doctor prescribes the antipyretic medicine. Mu Weicheng takes the medicine and feeds it to Ling wennuan.

Ling wennuan can't be coquettish now. Although she doesn't like taking medicine, she has to take it.

"Don't worry, your cold will get better soon."

Mu Weicheng comforted her immediately for fear of her suffering.

Ling warm nodded, listless, lovable.

When a nurse came to give her an injection, Ling wennuan suddenly thought of something. She said, "I've come to the moon. It won't affect the injection."

The nurse froze for a moment and shook her head: "I don't know. I need to ask the doctor."

Mu Wei Cheng immediately stood up and said, "I'll ask."

Ling wennuan's pretty face is ashamed. I don't think so. How difficult it is for him to ask.

After a while, Mu Weicheng came back with a red face and a low voice said, "the doctor said it's OK to have an injection."

The nurse sniggered, for it was really hard for her to see that major Mu blushed.

Ling wennuan is even more ashamed. He wants to dig a hole in the ground and hide.

"The blood vessels are too thin."

When the nurse was giving Ling warm infusion, she found that her arm was too thin, the blood vessels on her back were difficult to find for a while, and her forehead was sweating.

"Change hands."

The nurse was nervous, too, because Mu stood by and stared at her, with an expression that he would try to hurt his girlfriend.

Ling wennuan was pampered since childhood, so the skin on her hand was delicate. Fortunately, the nurse had stabbed the blood vessel with a single needle. Ling wennuan trembled all over and bit her lower lip before she could not help crying out.

Such a big man, if he still cries after an injection, he will be really disgraced.

Mu Weicheng's tense nerves were also relieved. Thanks to the nurse, he sat down next to her, pulled the quilt over, tucked her in, and put her little hand that stretched out for injection into the quilt.

"Do you want to go out to sleep? This bottle of water must take more than half an hour."

Ling warms his heart, so he doesn't want to be here with him.

"It's OK. If you're tired, go to sleep. I'll watch."

Mu Weicheng is sleeping somewhere. He will stare at her bottle of water with his eyes open until he finishes the last drop.

Ling wennuan is really tired. When she hears that a man is willing to guard herself, she completely relaxes her heart and closes her eyes. When she's tired to the extreme, she can't care about anything. Let's go to sleep.

As soon as Ling wennuan sleeps, it's after daybreak. The infusion needle in her hand has been pulled. Ling wennuan is a little impressed. It seems that a warm big hand has been pressing the position of her pinhole. But at that time, she slept too hard to open her eyes to see him.

"Mu Weicheng, do you want to work later?"

Ling wennuan asked him.

"Well, there's going to be a meeting."

Mu Weicheng nodded.

"Then you go to the meeting. I'm fine now."

Ling Nuan doesn't want to disturb him any more.

Mu Wei Cheng took a look at the time: "I'll have breakfast delivered to you. When you have breakfast, you can walk outside. When I have a meeting, I'll come."

"Well, go ahead."

Ling warms his hand to him.

After Mu Weicheng left, Ling wennuan got out of bed. She blushed and asked her sister for a sanitary product. Fortunately, the nurse was very kind and gave her some for a while.

Someone sent her breakfast, Ling wennuan finished eating in the ward and walked out. She had been here before, but every time she came here, she felt that life here was really hard. It was not what people thought, but because of these lovely people, the country had such a stable situation.

Today, the sun finally showed its face, Ling warm stood in the sun, looked up, squinted at the black clouds being blown away, I hope it will be sunny next.

After circling around, Ling found that she didn't seem to have called Cheng. She rushed back to the ward, took out her cell phone, called Cheng, and called the principal for a day off.

At about 10:30 in the morning, Mu Weicheng came back. After watching her all night, the handsome man was still tired.

"The doctor said he'd have another injection this afternoon."

Ling said.

"Well, come to my room with me now. You have a cold. Don't blow outside."

Mu Weicheng advised her in a low voice.


Ling warm like a good obedient child, he said what is what.

Mu Weicheng leads her back to her room.

"I'll lie down for a while. Would you like to lie down together?"

Mu Weicheng still needs a rest, because he has important training in the afternoon.

Ling wennuan, of course, couldn't help it. Lying down on the man's back, she immediately went to his side like a kitten. Her long black hair was still wet with cold sweat and stuck on her white face. She looked pitiful and lovely.

Mu Weicheng reached out to open it for her, and then held out a hand to serve as a pillow for her.

Ling wennuan chuckled twice.

"What are you laughing at?"

Mu Weicheng is actually a little nervous, because he feels like he is committing a crime.

"I feel like we are in my dream every day."

Lingnuan doesn't mind saying it.

"Is it?

What do you dream every day? "

The curiosity of Mu Weicheng.

"Just have some strange dreams. Sometimes, you are the main character. Sometimes when you are not there, I will be the main character myself."

Ling warm smile of answer him.

"Besides me, have other men ever played the leading role in your dream?"

Someone suddenly has vinegar. It's inexplicable.

Ling wennuan immediately tooted his mouth: "of course not, you are the only one."

The man seemed to be comforted. He patted her on the face: "OK, go to sleep."

Ling wennuan looks at him strangely. He only sees his strong and handsome side face, which is exciting.