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That night, Ji Xiao Han was pestered by his son to constantly ask him questions about the private jet.

"Daddy, did you buy the private jet?"

"No, but I will!" When Ji Xiao Han was facing his son, he had already reached the stage where he did not know shame. In any case, he felt that educating his son was already nothing more than playing around. Even if he was still young and didn't understand anything, he would understand everything in a few years.

"Son, this matter, even if you were beaten to death, you can't tell your Mummy, do you know?" Ji Xiao Han warned his son with incomparable seriousness.

"Why? This is such a great thing. If Mummy knew … "

"She'll beat me to death!" Ji Xiao Han instantly answered his question, and then patted his son's head. "Enough, don't ask anymore.

"Daddy, let me ask you one last question. Did you take any other women out on your private plane?" Tang Xiao Rui lied on his father's arms, looking as if he was about to sleep. However, the question he asked revealed his dark belly.

Ji Xiao Han narrowed his long and dark eyes. Was this little guy asking that woman for his secret again?

Alas, no matter how intimate his son was with her, in the end, all he did was kiss that woman.

"Of course not, your Mummy is the first, I promise you." How shrewd was Ji Xiao Han to think that his son could get information from him? It was absolutely impossible.

The little guy was also asking questions. Fortunately, Tang You You had the experience of dealing with his daughter, so after singing a lullaby to her, she immediately fell asleep.

The little guy fell asleep without pressure, but Tang You You was unable to sleep.

Ji Xiao Han had already expressed his feelings to her not only in words, but also in actions and actions.

Tang You You laughed bitterly. Actually, she seemed to have a lot of self-control, but her real self, was someone who only worked on the surface.

Her heart had long since been shattered by Ji Xiao Han's tenderness.

She had never been pursued so passionately by a man before. Of course, up until now, Ji Xiao Han had never seen how passionate he was.

But this was also the first time Tang You You had experienced this, and her kiss.

For the first time, Tang You You felt what it was like to be kissed by a man.

Although he forcefully kissed her every time, she was no wooden log. In fact, deep within her shriveled heart, she would feel even more sensitive and vulnerable due to the feeling he gave her.

Tang You You was very afraid, afraid that she would really sink in if she wasn't careful.

She wasn't satisfied, because he was Ji Xiao Han.

It was the child's father, with whom she was always tense and careful.

Children grow up, have ideas, can think, parents' every word and action, to their upbringing education is essential.

Tang You You didn't dare to fall into the gentle trap that Ji Xiao Han had set for her easily. It was because she wasn't only responsible for her own feelings, she was also responsible for her children.

The next morning!

When Tang You You went downstairs, Ji Xiao Han was leisurely eating breakfast with his son and the sunlight shone in from outside the window. The entire living room had a very warm and gentle light.

In the past, Tang You You was not in the mood to discover these things, she did not even realize that the huge crystal lamp hanging on the ceiling of the living room was not even aware that the furnishings in the dining hall were all exquisite and high-end. Even the tableware for eating was definitely luxurious and expensive.

She had been tensing up her nerves the entire time to go against Ji Xiao Han, but at this moment, inexplicably, she felt that her view of the world had changed.

She seemed to be able to see not only what her eyes could see, but also what was in her mind.

"Mummy, you came down. Dad and I are almost eating." Tang Xiao Rui smiled and greeted her.

Tang You You nodded slightly as she carried his daughter to her child's chair and sat down.

The little guy immediately called out sweetly, "Daddy!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter gently. In the meantime, he turned his gaze to Tang You You's face and spoke with a low voice: "Don't go to work yet, come with me to a place."

"Where to?" Tang You You instinctively asked.

"You'll know when you get there!" Ji Xiao Han didn't tell her for now, but kept his in suspense.

However, Tang Xiao Rui asked while grinning: "Daddy, are you going to start a date with Mummy now?"

When Tang You You heard his son's teasing, his face instantly turned hot and he immediately berated softly, "Don't speak nonsense, hurry up and eat your breakfast."

However, Ji Xiao Han pursed his lips, smiling with great satisfaction: "That's right, are you happy?"

Tang You You immediately glared at Ji Xiao Han. Why would this man say such words in front of a child?

He had clearly promised not to tell the child about the two of them.

Now, he actually told the children directly. This was too much!

"No, don't think too much. We're just talking about work." Tang You You didn't want his son to think too much. If her relationship with Ji Xiao Han was still very stiff in the future, wouldn't that mean that his son would be very hurt?

When Ji Xiao Han heard how the woman continuously tried to get rid of their relationship, he could only follow and say: "Yes, I'm looking for your Mummy for work, not a date."

"Daddy, then when will you start to date my Mummy?" Tang Xiao Rui sincerely hoped that the two of them could be together.

The color in Ji Xiao Han's eyes turned darker, and he looked at Tang You You again.

Tang You You's small face stiffened. She lowered her head and quickly ate, pretending as if she hadn't heard her son's question.

Ji Xiao Han knew that this woman was definitely a coward. Moreover, she had been very careful as if she was afraid that he would kidnap her.

"Son, we're not going to date for now, so don't think too much."