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C501. It's time to tell the truth

Ji Xiaohan understands grandma's character. She can't decide anything easily. However, when she decides something, it will never change again. Is it true that there is no possibility for him and youyou?

"Grandma, can I talk to her about it?" After a long silence, Ji Xiaohan opened his mouth.

The old lady snorted coldly, "if you voluntarily confess all this to her, then I will not interfere. If you can't tell her clearly, then I will definitely talk to her again."

"I will soon..."

"Today, I can't stand another day's delay. At the thought of Tang youyou's blood running through Xia's blood, I'm not comfortable all over. You have to make an end with her as soon as possible." The old lady was so angry at the moment that she said too much.

"Grandma, have you forgotten that xiaonai and Xiaorui are also in the blood of Xia's family? Do you want to take these two children..."

"Children must stay at Ji's house. I don't care whose blood is flowing in their bodies. They are all the seeds of Ji's house. If Tang youyou has conscience, she shouldn't compete with us for children!" The old lady has put Tang youyou in the position of debtor.

Ji Xiaohan kept a different view, he whispered: "grandma, we have to discuss the matter of children, this child is a long life, if there is no child, she will certainly not live."

"Oh, she seems to be aggrieved. Isn't what you gave her enough to mend all this? In short, I don't care. I must have children. Even if they go to court, they must be Ji's children. " The old lady is full of courage.

Ji Xiaohan knew that the old lady had already had a very deep relationship with the two children. For a while, he could not persuade his grandmother, so he had to give up.

"Then I'll talk to her about it now, grandma. I hope you know that you are innocent. Don't count your fault on her. I can not marry her, but please give her the least respect, OK?" Season owl cold low voice pleads.

The old lady was stunned. Then she sneered at herself in a cold voice: "it's also true that Tang youyou is innocent. I won't put the old account on her head. I just hope that she can leave here later. Don't let me see her again. Otherwise, I'm not comfortable all over."

Ji Xiaohan looks at Grandma's haggard appearance and knows that she hates her mother and Xia Weiwen's actions after her father died. He can understand grandma's mood, so he can only make a decision and confess all this to Tang youyou.

After leaving the villa on the hillside, Ji Xiaohan went directly to the company. He called Tang youyou and asked her to come to the company. He had an important thing to tell her.

In fact, Tang youyou has something to ask him, so after packing up the two little guys, she drives directly to the company to find Ji Xiaohan.

When taking the elevator to go upstairs, she only felt a sense of panic. She couldn't tell what happened. She felt as if something was going wrong.

Arrived at the door of Ji Xiaohan's office, two assistants immediately came to greet her warmly: "Mrs. Ji, have you come to find Ji Zong?"

Mrs. Ji?

The weight of these three words makes Tang youyou feel more at ease.

Now everyone seems to love to call her that, as if she was Ji Xiaohan's wife.

Yes, their wedding invitations have been sent out. Next, it's their wedding. She has become the rightful Mrs. Ji.

At the thought of this place, Tang youyou felt happy, as if happiness had just arrived. She could relax but enjoy her beautiful life.

Tang youyou politely smiles at each other and knocks on the door of Ji Xiaohan's office.

With the man's permission, she pushes the door in and walks up to him in the office chair with a smile on her face.

However, when she came to the middle of the time, the footsteps suddenly a meal, beautiful eyes surprised opened.

Because she saw two things on the table of Ji Xiaohan.

That's the jade and gold inlaid jade pendant she lost. It's not only her piece, but also the one in the museum. The two jade pendants are placed together, supporting a ring.

Look, it's a couple!

"Season owl cold What does that mean? " Tang youyou walked quickly and picked up his jade plate. Mei Mou was puzzled and looked at the man sitting in front of him.

Ji Xiaohan's expression was a little stiff, but he didn't answer her immediately.

Tang youyou is more unbelievable and more incomprehensible. His voice trembles: "why is my lost jade plate here? Is it true that This jade pendant is not really lost. Did you take it? "

Ji Xiaohan's eyes fell gently on her face. Then, the thin lips opened and the words he said were a little colder: "yes, I took your jade plate and the one stored in the museum. I also paid for it."

Tang youyou's heart shook fiercely and asked in a painful voice, "why do you do this? Why do you want to take my jade plate? You lied to me that it was stolen by a servant? What do you want to do? "

To be cheated is really an irritating thing. To be cheated by the one you love is a painful and desperate thing.

At the moment, Tang youyou is angry, puzzled and miserable. Season owl cold sneered at himself: "do you want to know why? You see, these two jade pendants are a pair. The other one was donated to the museum by Xia Weiwen's father. Do you know why he donated it? Because the whole Xia family will feel sad when they see this jade pendant. The jade pendant originally belonged to a little boy. Unfortunately, the little boy didn't live long before he died. The Xia family donated it so that they didn't want to block things and think about people. Do you know? When the little boy was born, he also had a sibling sister. The jade pendant in your hand was Xia's daughter, and you

were Xia's lost daughter. "

Tang youyou keeps shaking her head, because she really can't understand Ji Xiaohan's words. What Xia family? She has never heard of any dragon or Phoenix. She only knows that Ji Xiaohan's tone is a trace of sneer and anger when he speaks these words.

But what does this have to do with her? She doesn't know anything at all. "So you lied to me about one more thing, didn't you?" Tang youyou was shocked, with a smile on his face, but tears in his eyes: "you lied to me that my parents are not alive. Now, how can I become the daughter of Xia family?"