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The Uncle Yuan that followed behind him reached out and turned on the light in the living room. Everyone's gazes were fixed on Tang You You.

The white robe was not properly worn, and more than half of it had slid off, revealing half of her snow-white shoulders. It gave off a very tempting feeling.

Actually, Tang You You did not mean to do that, she had fallen down at the foot of the stairs and became so virtuous after getting up.

However, the old lady said angrily, "You're still speaking up for her? Would the daughter of a good family go downstairs in the middle of the night to find a drink? "

Tang You You wanted to cry, but no tears came out. She was truly wronged, but it was true that she wanted to drink a cup of wine to improve the quality of her sleep.

Because she knew that Ji Xiao Han's grandfather's grandmother would come over tonight, and becausehe had rolled around in bed for a few hours with all sorts of thoughts and thoughts, she really couldn't sleep, so he thought about coming downstairs to find some wine to drink. Of course, she wouldn't get drunk just to adjust his mood.

However, who would have thought that the old lady would come in time?

The Uncle Yuan at the side trembled. It's over, why did I turn on the lights just now, and light the whole place up so brightly?

Would the Young Master blame him?

Tang You You's face turned red, she did not know how to explain.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin said: "Grandma, didn't you want to see a child? Let me help you upstairs. The two little fellows are asleep! "

The old lady's gaze was strict as she glared at Tang You You. She did not speak any further and headed upstairs.

Tang You You held onto a cup of wine, looking to be in a sorry state.

Uncle Yuan did not know what to do, but she gently said to her: "Miss Tang, you should also go up to rest!"

Tang You You could only nod her head, placed the alcohol on the side of the cabinet and quickly went upstairs.

Ji Xiao Han brought the old lady to push open the door and enter his room.

Under the gentle light, Tang Xiao Rui slept very soundly.

The old lady looked at the little fellow who was sleeping casually, her eyes filled with gentleness and love.

"You look just like you did when you were a kid!" The old lady whispered into Ji Xiao Han's ear with a hint of a smile.

Seeing that his grandmother had finally revealed a smile, Ji Xiao Han secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and purposely said: "It's all a loss, taking good care of the children. The two little fellows are very healthy, and also very understanding and courteous."

The old lady rolled her eyes at her grandson. He always spoke up for that woman, so it could be seen that he also liked her.

Ji Xiao Han ignored the whites of his eyes and continued to smile: "Grandma, Xiao Nai is sleeping over there. Why not, just watch it tomorrow?"

The old lady reluctantly looked at the little thing on the bed, her sleeping posture was very unrestrained, her wrinkled face was flashing with a happy smile. Looking at that cute little face, she knew that this really was her little great-grandson.

Because, when he slept, his cute face, which was like an angel's face, was exactly the same as Ji Xiao Han's when he was young. Even his slightly unhappy frown when he was disturbed was exactly the same.

"Alright!" When the old lady thought of the woman who had gone downstairs to get some wine in the middle of the night, she felt extremely stifled.

Ji Xiao Han was embarrassed by his grandmother's question, "Of course it's to sleep in a separate room, and I'm not married to Wandering!"

"But didn't you already have a public relationship? We already have children, how can we split rooms? " The old granny felt that her grandson was also an adult man. It had been a long time since he had looked for a woman, and the old granny was also very confident. It wasn't easy to get a girlfriend, and she even shared a room with him.

Ji Xiao Han's skin was unbeatable, but at this moment, his face was hot from what his grandmother had said, "Grandma, although I have dated Wandering, we have decided to wait until after we get married …"

"It's her that doesn't want to!" The old lady revealed the entire truth with a single sentence.

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

The old lady sighed, "You're keeping her at home now, how can she refuse you? Moreover, you have a body, a face, a face, and you're rich. Can she refuse you? "

Ji Xiao Han didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Grandmother, so in your eyes, I'm actually this charming."

"Alright, you go upstairs to sleep with the kids. I'll get the driver to drive me up. I'll be able to see my two grandchildren at the breakfast table tomorrow. I'm in quite a good mood!" The old lady immediately ended all the unhappy topics, and all she could do was wait to see her grandson in the morning.

Ji Xiao Han still affectionately sent Grandma out of the hall and personally opened the door for her. After which, he watched the old man's car drive away before turning around.

When he turned around, he saw Tang You You, who was standing in the middle of the stairs, stunned like a wooden chicken.

The two of them looked at each other across the large living room.

Tang You You nervously twisted his fingers, and asked softly: "Your grandmother left?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at this little girl who looked like she was frightened, and was unsure of whether he should blame her or comfort her properly.

So the bodyguard stepped forward, up the steps, and stood in front of her: "Going downstairs in the middle of the night to steal wine? Wandering, I've underestimated your ability. "

Tang You You was already extremely embarrassed, but now, she was even scolded by this man. She immediately raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction: "Who stole your wine? I did it openly. Besides, didn't I fail to drink it? There it is! "