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Behind him was the man's laughter, which made Pei Anxin blush. This was the most successful thing in Mu Shi's night. Pei

Anxin went to the playground, chose a seat and sat down. She looked at Nuo stadium. Her mind was full of memories. The boy with clean temperament was a mature and stable man now.

Mu shiye turns around and goes out of the school. He finds a yogurt that Pei Anxin used to drink in the shop. He holds it in his palm, hides it behind his back, and walks towards her step by step. "

alas, it's carrying my youth. I miss it so much!" The man sat beside her with emotion, and then magically changed the bottle of yogurt into Pei Anxin's face: "here you are, your favorite!"

Pei Anxin looked at the yoghurt and froze. "

take it, didn't you like it before?" Forcefully put the yoghurt in her hand, and then Mu shiye stared at the playground in front of her with a deep face, entranced and pretended to be a good force.

Pei Anxin tightly holds the bottle of yogurt, and tears appear in her eyes.

"How do you remember..." Over the past few years, she has not been the girl who loves to bite the straw and drink yogurt, so when she gets something that will appear in the memory, her mood will be so turbulent and difficult to calm. "

I remember everything about you. Besides, I still remember that we met for the first time on March 27, when you hit me. It was the time when class was just over. It should be around 4:30 p.m. as for what you said to be accurate to one minute and one second, I really can't say. I didn't have time to read my watch that day, I just had time to see you." Mu shiye Jun's face is full of laughter, but his voice is more and more low magnetic, moving and pleasant. Pei

Anxin only feels that her mind is shaking violently. She is actually trying to embarrass him today. She just wants to see his embarrassment in front of his good friends. Anyway, he has a thick skin, and there is always a way to solve it. But

unexpectedly, he still remembered the date and time.

"You bumped me, bowed your head and apologized to me, and helped me pick up the lost books. It's a very old-fashioned plot. It's like every youth movie, but it's not the same. It's our memory!" Mu shiye looks down and chuckles. In his mind, he still remembers Pei Anxin, a young girl at that time. His face is flustered and helpless. He has big bright eyes, and his skin is white and tender like tofu. In fact, the first thing he wants to do when he sees her is to knead her face, which is very tender and soft.

Pei Anxin opened his lips slightly. Obviously, he was moved by his words, and the whole person was stunned.

"You What are you talking about? You pinched my face then. " Pei Anxin did not dare to let this atmosphere continue. She was afraid that she could not help crying, which was really humiliating.

"Oh, I did?" Mu shiye's surprised expression: "I may have itched at that time, or I may have seen that you are too easy to bully, not to bully white or not to bully."

Pei Anxin was all moved, because his words were blown away by the wind in an instant. She took a straw and stabbed it heavily on the yogurt cup, then bowed her head and sucked it up.

Mu shiye looks at her sullen look, as lovely as she used to be.

"Oh, I found something else!" Mu night hands alternately in the back, head pillow, lazy mouth said.

"What did you find?" Pei Anxin couldn't help being driven by him, and asked with a pair of beautiful eyes.

"I found that when you grow up, your temper doesn't get better and better, but it gets bigger and bigger. How can I afford to go on like this? I remember that when you were talking, you were small and thin, like a mosquito calling. It's hard to bear the itch when you call me I can't stop talking and don't want to be beaten.

Pei Anxin directly punched him: "Yeah, I'm not very good tempered now. You can do it yourself." "

nothing, bad temper, I am used to it, I can bear it!" The man immediately smiles to please, this one sing and one make, also really have a little taste of first love.

Pei Anxin was too lazy to pay attention to his informal expression and pointed to a direction: "I was very impressed once. I handed you water and towel. You went to pick up the one sent by another girl on purpose. Do you know that I had an impulse to die at that time?" "

is this the case?" When Mu night all over a stretch, this time is to calculate the old account?

Can he run away at once?

Pei Anxin turned to him and stared at him bitterly: "don't you remember? There was a heavy rain that afternoon. I walked back alone in the rain. You really broke my heart that day. " "

ah, I I may have done it on purpose to attract your attention. I'm such an awkward person. You know now. " Mu shiye seems to be able to hear that she is not in a good mood, so she quickly explains gently.

"I don't know if you mean it or not, but at that time, I was very sad, maybe because I thought you were my world, but you abandoned me." Pei Anxin can still recall the desperate feeling of dying at that time. She bowed her head and laughed at herself: "Mu shiye, my whole youth is your shadow." When mu

was in the middle of the night, she held her hand and kissed her gently with her thin lips on her hair: "that's good, at least not the shadow of other men." "

What about you?" Pei Anxin looked up at him. It's also a surprise at night. As expected, there's something else. Alas, no matter when a woman's brain circuit is, he can't understand it very well. "

me? Of course At that time, I was rebellious in adolescence. You know, apart from playing, I was sleeping, playing football and pursuing you! " Mu shiye made a random answer. I don't know which one is his sincere words.

"Yes, you had a good family background at that time. You had a high face value and were arched in the middle every day. Of course, you would not notice me!" Pei Anxin cried out, a little frustrated.

"Fool, of course I noticed you. You were very special and lovely at that time!" Mu shiye couldn't find a word to describe her.

"Just notice how cute I am?" Pei Anxin blinked. "

in addition, you are very fond of crying. I really want to mention that when you cry, my head will grow big. I don't know where to provoke you!" Mu shiye is still afraid of her crying. It seems that this habit hasn't changed and has been preserved. Pei

Anxin laughed directly. Is this man really afraid of her crying? "

Mu shiye, you see, they are all going to get married. Then we Do you want to get married? It's not much money anyway. I'll treat you! " Pei Anxin suddenly joked. "

really? You want me to get married? Well, now, go get a card! " Mu shiye immediately hugged her from the chair and said to leave. Pei

Anxin: "..."