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Seeing that he was wronged and pitiful, Cheng Yue suddenly turned around and held him in his arms. Wang Cheng was sitting. Now Cheng Yue held him tightly, and his face was buried in the softest part of the woman. He was shocked and his eyes widened beyond belief.

Cheng Yue bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead: "in the last few days, I was struggling in my heart, but I can think about it. I'm afraid it's hard to meet a man who is full of heart and eyes. Although you're small, I don't care."

Wang orange's brain is blank. She kissed him on her own initiative just now, isn't it an illusion?

Seeing his silly face, Cheng Yue couldn't help laughing: "I'll take you home to see my parents tomorrow. As long as you can pass their level, I'll marry you."

"Really?" Joy comes so suddenly that Wang Cheng's troubles have disappeared.

"Well." Cheng Yue also took a breath of relief. In fact, her parents strongly wanted her to come back this time. The purpose was nothing else. She was old and had to find a good wife to marry. At that time, Cheng Yue also thought about it. However, after meeting several blind dates, she found out that she was not compatible with their so-called elite talents. Their chatting profession was like listening to Tianshu I Like, and then asked about her career, the first response of the man is, afraid of her domestic violence.

At that time, Cheng Yue couldn't laugh or cry. Now, those men just don't love themselves. If they really love each other, they can't think of fighting at the first time.

At present, although the man is younger and weaker than himself, he seems to be not afraid of being beaten. One day, he will grow into a man of steel. Moreover, in those days abroad, she also saw Wang Cheng's professional ability, which is really great, just like a genius.

"Sister, you are so soft." Wang Cheng is young and full of blood. He leans on Cheng Yue's arms. Now he is a little impatient. He can't help sighing.

Cheng Yue's face turned red and pushed him away: "don't think about it. Have a rest earlier."

"Sister, are you going home?" Wang orange stood up, his eyes reluctant to give up.

Cheng Yuebai glanced at him and said, "of course, my home is not far from here. By the way, you'd better call me Cheng Yue, sister. I'm afraid I want to hit you again."

"Why hit me?" Wang Cheng is wrong.

"It's natural that sister beat brother." Cheng Yue immediately answers.

"But I want to marry you and be your husband. You can't beat me." Wang Cheng said in a forthright voice.

"Yes, so let me call you my name. I can always remember that you are my boyfriend." Cheng Yue is amused by his loveliness, grabs the bag, walks out and closes the door.

"Boyfriend?" Wang Cheng becomes silly and talks to himself.

In the next room, the atmosphere has increased. Although it's already early in the morning, bonding has been driving for another afternoon, but now she is still full of energy. Ji Tingyan climbs his tall body and buries her head on his shoulder. The whole person is a little dizzy. She seems to understand why women love men with good figure. Thinking of these, she can't be ashamed.

"I'm exhausted." Ji Tingyan complains in a low voice.

"What are you tired of?" Tie Ting looks at her with eyes doting and smiles.

"My tired body and waist are going to fall apart." Ji Tingyan is so spoiled by him, and her heart is sweet and warm.

"If it's tiring just to move your mouth and shout, am I not like an ox?" Tie Ting teases her.

"What do you say?" Ji Tingyan rushes to cover his mouth. God, don't mention it. She's going to drill a hole.

The man opens his mouth, bites her finger, scares her and quickly retracts. The man pulls her over again and kisses her with a thin lips.

Ji Tingyan lies lazily in his arms, enjoying the sweet time of this moment.

One night later, Ji Tingyan slept surprisingly steadily, probably because there was a big warm palm covering her waist and abdomen, and her back was close to his healthy chest, warmer than the quilt. In this winter, she warmed her heart.

At the breakfast table, tie ting and Ji Tingyan both found that Wang Cheng was in a better mood. As expected, communication was the best way to solve all misunderstandings.

"Wang Cheng, did Cheng Yue promise to be your girlfriend?" Ji Tingyan asked with a smile.

"Yes, that's what she said last night." Wang Cheng scratched the back of his head shyly.

Tie Ting suddenly into the arms, took a card, put in front of Wang Cheng: "take it to chase her."

"Boss, I have saved a sum of money by myself. I don't need you to give it to me..." Wang Cheng is flattered, but in the next second, he shakes his hand quickly and dare not take it.

"This is the bonus I gave you. You have made a lot of contribution in this revenge. I gave you the extra bonus for this money. If you don't take it, I won't let you work under my hand." Tie Ting said with a serious face. "Well, I'll take it. Thank you, boss." Wang Cheng accepted it gratefully.

Ji Tingyan takes a white look at the man. Tie Ting is intentional. What's the excuse? He's a straight guy. He can't even say a few nice words.

In the eyes of tieting, things between men are often handled simply and roughly, with the same purpose.

After breakfast, Cheng Yue also came here. She did not wear the previous professional clothes, but wore a beige skirt. Although it was short hair, it had a different style.

A group of four people came directly to the hospital. There were three patients living in the ward of the hospital. Among them, father Cheng lived in the innermost bed. His expression was not good. It was obviously because of the injury.

Cheng Yue brings his friends here, and Cheng's father is forced to be happy. Cheng Yue doesn't dare to introduce the real identities of Ji Tingyan and Fu ting. He just says that they are friends. Looking at the friends his daughter has made, Cheng's father is very good at temperament. He is also very pleased. He immediately says, "ah, this Mr. Fu is an excellent person at first sight. If Xiao Yue has such talents as him these days when he is dating someone, it would be great "

"A blind date?" Wang Cheng's eyes widened to Cheng Yue.

Cheng Yue quickly said, "Dad, why do you mention these things? Don't you like them all?"

"That's when you don't like people." Cheng's father glared at her angrily.

"I'm afraid of domestic violence." Cheng Yue is in a hurry.

"Who asked you to cut off your long hair? If you are as gentle as Miss Ji, people will worry about it?" Cheng said.

"I like short hair and better care. What does that have to do with my personality?"

The scene of the quarrel between father and daughter makes people want to laugh. The smiling eyes of both tie ting and Ji Tingyan touch each other, and they see a deep feeling in each other's eyes. Subconsciously, they hold hands tightly.