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C1340. His bullying is only for her

Pei Anxin listened to her words, was stunned for a moment, thought carefully, shook his head: "as far as I know, it doesn't seem to be. What's the matter?"

Yang ChuChu just told Pei Anxin what Zhu Yuer had said to her.

"This woman is also too carrying it, even if the best friends of the opposite sex, will also take the initiative to stay away from each other's male and female friends, after all, the difference between love and friendship is still very big." Pei Anxin frowned in an instant, unable to understand.

Yang ChuChu stood on his chin and sighed: "I think so too. Forget it. Maybe I think too much. Isn't it a common fault of all female friends. I think my boyfriend is very good. Other women care about him a little, so they suspect that they have ghosts in their hearts? Sister Anxin, it's better for you and sister youyou. You have children, you can maintain the feelings of two people and get married again, but I still have no sense of security. "

"It's clear that brother Luo likes you so much. We can see that he loves you as a treasure in the palm of his hand. What's not enough for you? If some women who are not clear want to be mixed in, you can't give them a chance. There is no pure friendship between adult men and women. I'm sure that brother Luo can distinguish who is the important person." Pei Anxin gently persuaded her.

Yang ChuChu nodded, and her eyes turned to rain. Indeed, she should believe Luo Jin.

The guests are almost here. The two brothers of Luo Jinyu are standing on the stage with a glass of wine in their hands. They are saying thanks to the guests.

After finishing the speech on the spot, Luo Jinyu stepped off the stage, took Yang ChuChu's small hand, stepped on the stage again, and introduced to all the guests with a smile: "this is my girlfriend, Yang ChuChu, our wedding in the future, please come here!"

Yang ChuChu didn't expect Luo Jinyu to announce such a thing in public, as if he had already determined that she would be his wife.

There was continuous applause from the audience, and many people shouted that they would be there to send their blessings.

Zhu Yuer's face suddenly turned pale and ugly. Unexpectedly, when she came here for the first time, she was severely hit by this wave of dog food. She was angry and unwilling. Didn't she even have a chance to try?

Many women in the room clapped their hands falsely, because they were not willing to marry Luo Jinyu to the little star beside her. Marriage is not like love, it needs to be family to family. Yang's family background is obviously not worthy of Luo Jinyu.

Yang ChuChu didn't know how to step down from the stage. He felt that the whole person was dizzy until the man whispered: "ChuChu, is he drunk?"

Yang ChuChu found that she had drunk a little too much accidentally just now, so she had to lean lazily on his shoulder: "Luo Jinyu, thank you for what you said just now. I'm very relieved!"

Luo Jinyu gently put out his hand to hug her slender shoulder and kiss her forehead with thin lips: "I just hope you can be happy. Are you under great psychological pressure when you come here?"

"No, I have no psychological pressure!" Yang ChuChu immediately denied it, but those big eyes, which flickered with panic, betrayed her. In fact, before coming to the banquet, she did a lot of psychological construction. This banquet, not a grand ceremony in the entertainment circle, has nothing to do with her work. All of them are friends from Luo Jinyu's side, which means that we need to officially admit this relationship.

She is afraid of other people's strange eyes!

"Be clear, don't be afraid of other people's eyes, you just have to be yourself." Luo Jinyu still loves her uneasy expression. The girl who was full of self-confidence and fearless grew up and became more and more sensible, but he was so sensible.

"Good!" Yang ChuChu nodded, and there was nothing more reassuring than that.

I wish yu'er to stand and chat with some friends. These people were all playmates together in the past. Now they have become elite figures in their own industry. When they get together, they are all in high spirits and chatting about their career.

"Yuer, you had a good time with Jinyu. Do you want to go to the sea to do business? Don't stay in the government department. It's too much to bury your beautiful appearance! " A man suggested to her.

Zhu yu'er, however, bowed his head and laughed at himself: "don't make fun of me. I'm suitable to stay in my present position. Business and politics are not separate. In the future, we will work hard in our respective fields and get together again when we are old. This is the boundless scenery!"

"Yu'er, women still don't have to work hard. Look at Yang ChuChu. At a young age, she will plan for her future. No matter how much money Jin Yu makes, she will score half in the future. She is a winner in life!" There is a married woman next to her, she said sourly.

Zhu yu'er's face slightly changed. Indeed, she also realized how important it was to choose a mate. There are so many examples around her, but she didn't care. Until now, when she saw Yang ChuChu, the heroine in her avatar, Zhu yu'er found that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't marry Luo Jin Yu, who is worth ten billion yuan.

"Yuer, when I remember reading, it came out that Luo Jinyu wrote you a love letter. Is that the case?" A gossip woman immediately lowered her voice and asked her.

"No, don't talk about it!" Wish rain son's face instantly red.

"Yu'er, to be honest, I think you and Jin Yu are very well matched. I don't know. Have you ever considered having results with him?" The woman smiled at her and asked.

Zhu Yuer's heart pounded. She bit her lips subconsciously. If she hadn't thought about Luo Jinyu before, it was because she thought she was good enough, and because Luo Jinyu ran counter to her dream. He wanted to become an entrepreneur, and her goal was to have a seat in politics. Now, she finds that her dream doesn't hinder her from finding one A good husband, perhaps, behind the dependence, women's career will be more developed.

Maybe tonight's atmosphere is too ambiguous, maybe the man in the distance is too unattractive and handsome. Anyway, I wish yu'er a sense of crazy jumping that he has never felt before, as if his eyes could absorb her soul.

This may be the feeling of heart. I wish yu'er a pleasant surprise. Even vice president Ling Mo Feng sat in front of her. She didn't have such a palpitation. She felt that Ling Mo Feng was too fierce and dignified. She didn't have the ability to control him at all. Luo Jin Yu was different. They were classmates for six years. He was calm and introverted, with a strong sense of responsibility. He was definitely a good man to rely on , she couldn't help trying.

Zhu yu'er poured all the wine in the cup into her mouth, and her eyes began to get confused. Through the intoxicating hazy feeling, she saw the slightly raised corners of the man's mouth and smiled very charming.

Yang ChuChu is a little drunk. First, she is happy. Second, too many people have come to toast her. After all, she is young and doesn't know how to refuse. There are too many things. Once she goes back and forth, she is drunk.

Luo Jinyu looked at her face, pink, and his eyes were floating. He could not help sighing and laughing. He had to hold her by himself and walked towards the door of the banquet hall.

"Where are you taking me?" After Yang ChuChu got drunk, his voice became soft and waxy.

When the man was shocked, he couldn't bear the whisper of her voice. He bent down and hugged her. The low voice rang in her ear: "take you to rest."

"I'm not drunk, you let me down!" The body soars, let Yang ChuChu some panic, two small hands instinctively hook on his neck strength, to prevent will fall.

"Be clear, don't try to be brave. I don't like to let other men appreciate you!" Luo Jinyu said very domineering.

"What happened to me like this? Is that not right? " Yang ChuChu blinked, feeling as if he was not drunk to the point of disgrace.

"Yes, I can only see it!" Luo Jinyu holds her into the elevator and puts her down gently. Yang ChuChu leans back against the elevator wall and looks up at him with a smile.

"What a bully you are!" The girl shook her head and leaned against him.

Luo Jinyu didn't realize that his behavior was too much, but he said in a soft voice: "be clear, don't be unhappy, OK? Your dress is wrong. If you want to talk about it again, I won't let you go out again! "

Is Yang ChuChu stunned?