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C1351 introduction to boyfriend

Liu Xiaoxing is also cheeky enough to plead with Lu Qing to stay for dinner. Unexpectedly, he finally agreed. Liu Xiaoxing's shining eyes made a happy smile. She didn't know why. There was an unspeakable feeling to Lu Qing. It seemed that she was bullying this man, and it became natural.

The reason for all this may be that after the first two people collided, she deliberately stepped on his glasses and began to tie up the edge at that moment. It's conceivable how important glasses are to the nearsighted people, but Lu Qing didn't scold her, just went to pick up his glasses with a helpless face. Even if we meet again later, Lu Qing's performance is gentle and steady.

Maybe it's a very easy thing. Liu xiaoxingjue's Lu Qing is a very good person. He wants to know more about him and find out more excellent things about him. Once a person has an obsession with someone, he will go deep.

Lu Qing turned to look at Liu Xiaoxing, only to see her smiling at himself, his heart trembling, nervous.

Why does this woman always give him a feeling of indecision? Even looking at his face is bad, as if he is a woman. Lu Qing thought of this, trembled all over, and quickly straightened himself up. He can't lose to her in momentum. No, it will be very miserable later.

"Come in!" Liu Xiaoxing greeted him.

Lu Qing reached out and pulled at the hem of the suit to make himself look straight.

Lu Qing went to the table and sat down. Liu Xiaoxing went into the kitchen and brought him a bowl of white rice. Then he handed him a pair of chopsticks: "eat it!"

Lu Qing reached for it, said a thank you in a low voice, then buried himself in a big mouthful of white rice and stretched out his chopsticks to pick up the vegetables.

There are only two bowls of dishes. They are very homely, but they smell good.

Liu Xiaoxing took a bowl of rice and sat opposite him. She looked at Lu Qing with big eyes. Then she couldn't help laughing. She gently picked up the white rice in the bowl with chopsticks and asked him, "is it delicious?"

"And Not bad! " Lu Qing has never seen a woman more daring than her. How could she be unfamiliar and stare at others without blinking?

If other women stare at Lu Qing like this, Lu Qing only needs to push his glasses and ignore them.

But this woman always gives him a strong sense of existence that can not be ignored.

"Then you should eat more!" Liu Xiaoxing stretched out his chopsticks and sandwiched him a piece of chicken. Lu Qing didn't slow down for a long time, because no one has ever been so gentle and considerate to him. He was used to doing anything by himself. The sudden care made him feel a bit confused.

"What are you doing? Eat it! " Liu Xiaoxing, who knew that Lu Qing would be moved to a fool's eye, immediately urged him with a smile.

"Liu Xiaoxing, do you like me?" Lu Qing suddenly put down the dishes and chopsticks in his hands, rubbed the trousers on his thighs nervously, and summoned up the courage to ask her.

Liu Xiaoxing was stunned. Then she burst into laughter: "if I don't like you, how can I let you stay for dinner?"

"We only met a few times. How could you like me?" Lu Qing looks surprised.

"I don't know. Anyway, it's good to see you bully. You know, it's not easy to find a man I want to bully. I only met you when I was 25 years old. Of course, I won't let you go!" Liu Xiaoxing looked at him with a smile and said half jokingly.

"Then why don't you ask me if you like you, too?" Lu qingjue's opposite party is very wonderful, but her forthrightness is strong, but she does not dislike, but has a willing to be abused mentality.

"My intuition tells me that you don't hate me!" Liu Xiaoxing is also a little embarrassed.

Lu Qing breathed a sigh of relief at the bottom of his heart. Then he said seriously, "you don't know me. You don't know what kind of person I am. You like me. You are irresponsible to yourself!"

"No, don't you know that a woman's sixth sense is the most accurate?" Liu Xiaoxing opened her eyes slightly and answered him with a confident smile.

Lu Qing: "..."

"Liu Xiaoxing, I have never seen a person like you!" Lu Qing also laughed and said frankly.

"How am I? Am I strange? " Liu Xiaoxing was hit by his words and immediately bowed his head in some grievances.

"No, you are warm and sincere. I like you as a simple girl!" Lu Qing summoned up courage to express his inner thoughts. He finally knew why he had a special feeling for Liu Xiaoxing. It turned out that it was her personality charm that made him feel good.

"Do you mean to say that I am a person with developed limbs and simple mind?" Liu Xiaoxing's pretty face has changed color, waiting for his answer, thinking about whether to be angry.

For the first time, Lu Qing lost his image and laughed. He didn't want to hold it, but he wanted to laugh from his heart.

"Lu Qing, do you want to be with me? I've been thinking about this for a while, and if you think it's OK, we're starting to get to know each other. " Liu Xiaoxing is also a person who likes simple, too complex intrigue, she really can't deal with it, even if it's emotion, she also likes to be bold and direct.

"Well, I'll invite you to dinner tomorrow afternoon. Are you free?" Liu Xiaoxing's easygoing nature makes Lu Qing feel relaxed and happy. Since she asked, he naturally replied.

"Really?" Liu Xiaoxing's eyes brightened instantly. It's nice to be invited by others.

"Well!" Lu Qing nods and looks sincere.

"Then I'll ask Ji er for a holiday." Liu Xiaoxing immediately nodded his head and agreed, as if the stars had fallen from his eyes, which was brilliant and incomparable.

Lu Qing looks at each other and loses his mind. Liu Xiaoxing is cute and playful. He has short hair over his shoulder and is very fluffy. With a beautiful face, he shows two dimples with a smile. She is absolutely a comfortable girl.

"Eat!" Liu Xiaoxing is in a good mood and immediately greets Lu Qing.

Lu Qing just picked up the chopsticks again and ate silently, but in his heart he felt the joy that he had never felt before. It turned out that it would be so good to be watched by a person.

In a flash, it's the third day. LAN Yanxi's cold is half cured and doesn't get hot, but he still has a runny nose and a cough!

It's too annoying. Lanyanxi has to prepare paper towels everywhere. This illness makes her decide that she must exercise her body and strengthen her resistance in the future. She will never let history repeat itself again. After others' training, she will be well. She is ill alone.

"Tomorrow, he's coming!" LAN Yanxi took a bath, lay on the bed, and secretly hid in the quilt. These two days passed quickly. Because of her study, she didn't feel much suffering until the day when he came.

Cheng Yuan is also happy for her. Of course, she also has expectations. However, she can't be as generous as LAN Yanxi. She can only be happy in her heart silently.

"Cheng Yuan, do you have a boyfriend?" After taking a bath, LAN Yanxi relaxed and began to gossip. The first question was to ask Cheng Yuan silly.

"No No, what's the matter? " Cheng Yuan smiled twice.

"Nothing. I just want to introduce my boyfriend to you." LAN Yan's bad nature appeared again. As soon as she got familiar with it, she would not regard herself as an outsider.

Cheng Yuan's face turned white with fright: "Yan Xi, I'm busy with my work now, and I don't want to find a boyfriend!"

"Is it? Love business is not wrong, find a boyfriend first, and then get married when the business is successful! " LAN Yanxi is gossiping. In fact, she hasn't understood the meaning of marriage, but she feels that it's good to have a boyfriend doting on her.

"I really don't want to Yan Xi, thank you for your concern! " Cheng Yuan's heart is full of people, so she naturally doesn't want to accept anyone.

"Well, that's all right. I was trying to introduce Deputy Chu to you!" LAN Yanxi said, pulling the quilt and going to sleep.

"Wait, Yanxi, what did you just say?" Cheng Yuan is folding her clothes. Suddenly, hearing her murmur, she stands up with a shudder, and all the folded clothes on her knees fall on the carpet.

"Ah? Did I say anything? " LAN Yanxi was shocked by her sudden rise, and immediately forgot what she had just said.

"You said you were going to introduce my boyfriend!" Cheng Yuan's ears are sharp. Hearing this, she immediately blushes and asks her.