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C727: heart beat after comparison

However, this group of rich women didn't see the scorn on the corners of men's mouths. They still talked about the places they had been to recently. They also went there to have fun. They encouraged Ji Shangqing to play when he was free. Moreover, they secretly showed that she could be a guide. Although Ji Shangqing's identity was lost at the beginning, because they wanted to marry Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze. At present, Ji Yueze has a stable girlfriend, but the relationship between Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou is not clear. I thought Ji Xiaohan would have a better chance,

now, after talking and laughing with Ji Shangqing, I found that Ji Shangqing is the same A mature and steady man seems to be able to rely on him as a husband.

"I prefer work to travel!" Ji Shangqing said quietly. The other side immediately lost his face, and then Ji Shangqing asked: "you have money that can't be spent since you were born. Have you ever thought that the money will be used up one day? Besides, your parents have earned all the money you spent so much. You have never tried to earn a cent in the past, but here you talk about all kinds of play skills, If you marry someone later and regard your husband as your wallet, is it your natural obligation to give you money as your husband? "

Those girls were asked speechless, their expressions were very strange and shocked. Obviously, Ji Shangqing didn't expect to destroy the atmosphere and ask such a disappointing topic. Then, there was a woman who answered with a slightly clear answer: "Mr. Ji, you are too stingy to say that. Men make money, women spend money, and it's natural. If you ask that, you will certainly not be generous to your wife in the future. From another point of view, your ability to make money is not good, right?" Ji Shangqing even used some words to satirize and counterattack him when he saw the other side. He was not angry and still smiled: "this lady, do you know that when a man loves a woman, he can even give her life, let alone the money of something outside? I don't mean to ridicule you for not making money. I just feel that if you think you can make a man want to give up, you are really wrong. "

This group of women listen to, the face is more pale, it is obvious that the first time I met a man who said this kind of words, one by one gaped, don't know how to answer the words, just think in my heart, this man really does not understand the amorous feelings.

"Young master Ji, don't you still want to find a woman who shares weal and woe with you to fight for a career?"

"Then you may find the wrong person. My parents don't allow me to do such hard things."

"Yes, when we were born, we didn't do anything but play. My father said that he would support me all my life."

Ji Shangqing nodded: "then I wish you find your right man as soon as possible!"

Finish saying, he stood up, a group of female popularity of a pretty face green red indeterminate.

Ji Shangqing, after fighting with Qunfang, pushed out the door with cold face. He hated these rich women more and more. "How could there be such a man? It's mean. I don't have any manners. "

"That's right. When the old lady asked Ji Xiaohan to come to dinner with us, they all went to pay the bill and never talked twice."

"There is no harm without comparison. The men of Ji family, as expected, do it day by day."

"Oh, he despises our idleness, doesn't he? But we are born like this. He is in charge of it! "

This group of women sent a dissatisfaction, and they all left. When they went downstairs, they saw Ji Shangqing. He was standing next to a top sports car and was on the phone.

A few women thought he had no money just now, but now, one by one, they opened their eyes again.

Some people don't admit it, but they cry out in their hearts. After all, Ji Shangqing, a pragmatic man, is definitely a reliable man. If he can become the woman he loves in his heart, he may be able to continue to live such a idle life. "Mr. Ji, I think about it carefully. What you said just now is quite reasonable. People can't live without success, but I haven't been in touch with the company's affairs before. I don't know if you have time in the future. You can ask for advice. We can communicate together!" A female

is faster than other women. When Ji Shangqing ends the call and plans to get into the car, she smiles and blocks him, then asks earnestly.

As soon as her woman saw it, she stamped her feet and hated that she hadn't rushed to talk earlier.

In fact, monk Qing is also in the spirit of communication. Since the other party is so sincere about contact information, he directly throws out his business card: "contact when you are free!"

The woman who got his business card happily put it in front of her chest, turned around and looked at the rest of the women proudly.

The rest of the women who didn't have the chance to get the business card stared at her angrily.

Ji Shangqing looks at the group of jealous women behind him, and his thin lips make a sneer.

Inexplicably, Tang youyou's face appeared in his mind. I don't know why. He really can't imagine that these women's snobbish expressions will appear on Tang youyou's face.

She gives people the feeling of low-key, polite, gentle as water, even when angry frown, are full of a touch of people want to cherish the style.

Ji Shangqing suddenly felt his chest hot, and inexplicably wanted to see Tang youyou again.

Unfortunately, he moved out of Jijia now. He was afraid to see her again. He could only find excuses to go back to Jijia for dinner.

I learned about Tang youyou from the side. I knew that she had been working for a design company under Ji's banner. Every day she went to work conscientiously, but there was little news about her eating, drinking and playing.

Ji Shangqing's mother, once such an independent and gentle woman, died two years ago.

But a good idea for Ji Shangqing is that women are gentle, progressive, and work hard. It's a shining virtue, which makes him feel excited and like inexplicably.

In fact, this kind of woman is all over the street, but Ji Shangqing knows that he will not be moved, because, in his heart, there has been a vague shadow, more and more clear.

The cell phone rings suddenly, Ji Shangqing takes a look. It's grandma.

"Why did you leave all of a sudden? How did you talk to those people? "

"Grandma, I took a step in advance, driving!" When the old lady heard him driving, she didn't ask again, but she hoped that her grandson's marriage would be successful.